The Half Term Holiday

It’s been a while. Which is something I am working on. But in my defense. The last few weeks have been busy, I have some amazing news which I will reveal soon and I think we are set to get busier. So I have taken to recording our little adventures (which are mostly from the sofa)

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Today Boo Is Two!

I cannot believe it was two years ago today. I keep looking at the time and thinking about being in the hospital, waiting and laughing. Thinking about the exact time she was born, those first moments, the smells and the fear.

Now she is a whole two years, she’s much less a baby these days, which is amazing. I love watching her grow and learn, albeit  mostly naughty stuff, but thats okay. But then that brings in a new feeling. The feeling of loosing those little baby days, those little cries and the long nights full of bottle feeds.

I know I will never be physically able to have that again, but it doesn’t make me miss it any less. I know I have babied Boo far too much, but then again, they are only young once and time just passes so quickly these days.

So today we have spent the day as a family. Playing inside, eating cake and generally just being together. I love days like these, but I am looking forward to the party at the weekend.

Not sure there are many two year olds who are as excited as Boo about having a disco? That girls has some moves!

So, we closed another chapter in the book and now starts a new one, full of potty training and play school and lots of visits to the naughty step, with Boo its inevitable! 

boo is two

Now you can’t tell me you don’t want a go on that! 

Happy Birthday Boo, Love you x

Today I Became A Whole Different Number.

Yup today, I became a whole year older, a different number, the ripe old age of 24!


My Husband even made me a cake 🙂

my cake


He did it all himself, true blood sweat and tears made this cake, plus two trips to the shops as he forgot stuff! However it was yummy.

Truth be told I feel no different, same as I do every other day really.

Its funny really, if I had been turning 6, I would have been up at the crack of dawn however when you get older, like me, you look to be getting up as late as you possibly can. That says something I feel.

I was even treated to a new hot water bottle, now that is love 🙂

Now I intend to watch my new DVD in bed with my new hot water bottle, that to me is an amazing night  in!!!

Ever Feel Like Pressing Pause, Stopping…

Do you ever feel like stopping time and everything that is going on around you?  Like your walking slowly whilst the whole world runs rings around you?

Today, that is just how I feel and I am not even sure why…

I feel a little lost, again, no real idea why.

I hate feeling so shitty, especially when I have no reason to be. I know the mixture of drugs I take on a daily basis are not helping, add to that the Copaxone, which causes the depression to deepen, makes for a pretty nasty cocktail. 

Not really sure if it means, all I know is that one the inside, I feel like I am drowning and have no answers. 

Hubby has been off this week, which of course called for the family to get a really vile cold, always fun!

Tomorrow is the girls birthday party, many children and people I haven’t seen for a while, also a family member that has not even bothered to come and meet Beboo yet, if you can afford to get overly drunk every weekend, you can afford to get on the train and come 20 odd miles. 

Today was a day of cake making with the sister, without whom I would not be able to give the girls this party. She is amazing.

I want to write something witty and deep, but right now, I feel so shockingly odd, I just can’t quite find the words today, I think I will quit whilst I am ahead and call it day…

Feel free to await the post birthday party rant.