Every Vote Counts!

I am not going to beg, I swear. But I would, like really love a few votes for the MAD blog awards. You can click on the lovely badge over there in my sidebar <<<< Only if you want too though…

You could even click on the badge below…

I am not one for awards. I usually just quietly sit there and cheer on everyone else from the sidelines. I am not amazing, I may not even be that interesting, but I do love what I do and I work hard to keep my blog alive.

I have tried to write as openly and honestly as I can without making you throw up a little. I want to bring to light just what it feels like to have a degenerative chronic illness like MS. And although you can’t feel it, like in real terms, you can have a glimpse of what its like for us,even just for a second. 

Personally, more recently especially it has been so hard for me to even write up a sentence. With the MS drumming on as usual, it got on top of me. The realisation of the rest of my life, and what it has in store for me, hit. It hit me hard. 

But now I am coming through the other side and this would just be a fantastic thing to have to look forward to, a goal. I like goals, it gives you something to focus on. Whats life without a teeny bit of focus, right?

Can’t hurt to add a touch of cute/guilt into this, right?! 😛


 Now if you can ignore that face and her amazing ability to write that sign, your dead inside. 

Good luck everyone 🙂

Just Steph

So, I went to London and had a great time, something which I will cover over a few blog posts, London is far too big to cover in one blog post, but firstly I wanted to talk about Steph.

Steph was my roomie, we took on London together, got lost a few times but still, we did it.

Now meeting someone online can be an odd thing, we have been friends for a while now and we talk most days, however talking to someone online and spending time with someone face to face are two completely different things.

To be honest, it didn’t occur to me until I was sat waiting in the posh hotel, that we could possibly be in for the most uncomfortable and silent 24 hours ever.

We might not click?

It would mean one of us would have to make some insane excuse as to why we cannot do the other over night events together that we have planned.


me and steph


Thank GOD that didn’t happen!!

We clicked and it was such a massive relief! 

In-fact we over shared and laughed far too much.

Me have MS is always a worry for me, in the way other people often don’t know what to say or how to ‘treat’ me. Some fuss far too much and that really grates on my nerves, but Steph was not that person.

She didn’t fuss once, but she always made sure I was okay, by a look or simply doing something without asking. She is one of those people who does all the fussing on the inside.

I had the “shut up” and “don’t be stupid” when I was assuring her I could hold the masses of stuff. She either just grabbed it and walked on or suggested an alternative.

It was lovely.

I didn’t need to ask to stop or for help when I was feeling it, because she knew.

Without being soppy, I know I have made a friend for life, thanks to this here blog 🙂


#S2S2D Blog Hop!

So today is my turn to host the #S2S2D blog hop, a hop designed to bring a smile to the lovely Emma who blogs at Crazy with twins . The lovely Emma has undergone some nasty radiotherapy after having surgery for her cancer. This left Emma incredibly radioactive, meaning she was kept in isolation and away from her family. 

She faced a really long time in isolation, even when home she would have been unable to hold her young children, unable to give them a much needed squeeze due to the amount of radiation she emitted. However this woman ridded her body MEGA quicky from this hideous treatment, meaning she was able to give the girls a cuddle way before she planned.

A mega proud moment.

For now Emma can rest and this hop is designed to bring a smile to her face and her lovely family.

Let me start by saying how amazing Emma is, not just fr this reason but because she is an amazing wife, mother and friend and has always been there to listen to my constant complaining!

For the amazing Emma, today I have a picture Pop’s drew of me, I thought it would make her smile due to the fact she has drawn me with a beard! Yes, I kid you not!

my drawing


See beard AND belly button, what more could you need?!

I hope it brings a smile to your face chicky!!!

Please join in and link up with the #S2S2D hop and cheer this lovely family up 🙂


Brands, We Need YOU!

Yep, I wasn’t going to write this, ever. I wasn’t even going to go, but I realised that I could learn so much and it could take me further in this crazy blogging world. So here I am, writing a post I never set out to write. I am looking for a brand/company to sponsor me to attend this years Britmums Live! On June the 21st. Where hundreds of bloggers and brands come together to chat, eat cake, be merry and learn alot. However for this to become a reality I need the help of one lovely brand/company. I would be looking for:

  • someone to cover the cost of my Britmums ticket which I purchased for £80,
  • The train faire which would be around £70
  • The cost of my one nights hotel stay which I have pre-booked.

In return I would:

  • Offer 12 months free advertising in my right hand sidebar, over there ——–>
  • Have your logo printed on the back of my business cards
  • Host reviews and comps for your company/brand
  • Post 3 blog posts within 12 months of your current offers/promotions
  • Tweet one a week about any offers/promotions you may have
  • I will also wear a t-shirt to Britmums live with your logo on!

What credentials does this blog have?!

  • I have 3200+ twitter followers
  • 1200+ facebook fans
  • I am on the top 10 most engaged women on linkedin list
  • I have been featured in a popular magazine, my local paper and I have three other interviews lined up, that I know of! 
  • I have worked with many other companies, all of which I am proud to have good relationships with.

If you decide you want to be the company to work with me then send me an email to msmummyoftwo@gmail.com thank you for reading, now I have to go and take a big deep breath.  P

Now if you are still not convinced, then look at this face……



Sometimes I Wonder…

I do, I am one of those deep thinking types, I wonder about alot of shit.

Okay, maybe I am not a “deep thinker” just humour me.

These past few days have been interesting to say the least, my lovely blog is moving hosts as my old host really pissed me off! No warning or help offered, no that would be to hard. No explanation of why they has taken it down, I am telling you now, that company must be run by a man why else would it be so flipping awkward!?

I am not going to apologise for that either, because I am simply not in the mood.

Please bear with the blog, it will all be well again soon I promise. Or heads will roll.

On a better note, we had a photo shoot yesterday with the lovely Emma from snowing indoors. She was my first twitter meet, scary I know, its okay though she was lovely and we are all still alive.

It was lovely to be together, plus the fact it was in park. Pops was her normal uncompromising self, refusing to play ball, or run around the tree in this instance. We did some good old “parent manipulation” and she soon did it without realising.

Good times.

We also feed the ducks the the obligatory “beef holahoops” Yes I am aware that’s not the norm, however it is what I found in the bag. Feel free to blame me for all the cow eating ducks, okay?! 

We are really excited about the photos coming, finally have some with all of us that are not taken on a webcam or by a camera with mummy guessing where to point it.

I hope to be back on top form next week, but right now I am tired and cannot be arsed! 

Oh, one more thing, tummy injections hurt. Alot. If you don’t need to don’t do it. Ever.