The Power of Politics

I started blogging was because of my MS. I needed somewhere to document and let go. Somewhere I knew it would always remain.

Before starting my blog, I read about how free and honest you can be. Its basically your place to do and say whatever the hell you like! 

No rules or people dictating what you can and cannot do.

No cliques or ‘school like’ mentality.

This was a lie.

Although what you post is still entirely up to you, the politics is really amazing.

People seem to define themselves on traffic and back-links, like having more followers makes you better and higher than someone else.

This just is not true, other things need to be taken into account, like content and how long the blog has been running, just because someone has high stats doesn’t give them the right to judge another blog or whether or not they should be doing product reviews and such like.

I like belonging to a community, I love the friends I have made and the people I have met and I refuse to let ‘stats’ define me or my blog in anyway.

People need to loosen up and let others do what they do, we are all different after all.

I know a ‘big’ blogger in real life, we don’t get on, we are simply both to blame and when I started this blog she tried to scare me away. Our views and opinions of each other should make no difference to other people. I do not wish to be judged just because some lady from the other side of town doesn’t see eye to eye with me.

That would be bias and childish.

I sometimes think people let their blog, start to define who they are, we should all relax and get back to doing what we love. Writing what we choose to write about.

One of my very close friends writes a blog and I love how it has not changed who she really is, I admire this.

I hate that sometimes, it feels like one big popularity contest.

I am done ranting, all views are welcome.