The littlest, my MS baby

Beboo is my four and a half month old daughter! Whilst pregnant with this little lady I found out I had MS. 

She was there with me during the eye exams, the news it looked like it could be MS, my very odd MRI scan (try doing that at 28 weeks pregnant!) a very painful and long lumbar puncture (which all I wanted to do throughout was fart!) my VEP test and the normal usual thousands of blood tests they do to try and diagnose such things!

Thing is and at times I feel awful for saying it, but I feel like she is the closest person too me, although she was unaware she was the one I felt kicking during my MRI, when I was feeling so alone and scared all that kept me going was her little kicks and punches, I knew I was not alone. She was there through the tears I cried, everytime I fell, everytime I felt like giving up Beboo was there!

Now dont get me wrong I do not have a favorite, I just somehow feel closer to her, I feel like she gets me and what I went through to get this far! For this i feel its why she has turned out a complete mummys girl! Sometimes I feel like she was my miracle baby!

I guess I no i love my girlys the same, but I find the fact that Beboo was there all the time such a comforting feeling, like I have her to thank for keeping me going through all the vile times, when I was massive and just wanted the whole thing over with! Am I wrong? Are you all sitting there and judging me? I hope not! 🙂