Time To Out The Twitter Bullies?!

So with Twitter being in the news for not doing more for those who have fallen victim to online bullying, I have had some emails pop into my inbox about how we should start outing these twitter bullies and pull the rug from beneath them in a sense.

Is it really time to name and shame?

A huge, big-ass part of me says yes, its time to put a stop to these people who assume they have all the power, people who think its okay to belittle people and cause upset.

I think it would certainly make them and those around the think twice before they start the onslaught of abuse. Often those hiding behind computer screens, don’t use names and hide behind ‘anon’ making it so much harder for people to point the finger.

In-fact, I think in these circumstances, they will often have a heard of people ready to pounce of you for speaking out of turn, no matter how much evidence you have to back up your claims. They will start picking and pulling you apart and threatening ‘slander’ when you finally find the courage to face your demons and name and shame the person responsible.

I think they use this to there advantage, to keep bitching and belittling, seeing it as some sort of power?

When really, its there own insecurities they are portraying.

This is what makes the idea of naming and shaming seem a little bit off to me. The fact they always have some sort of excuse and claim “it wasn’t me” when both they and people around them know full well it was.

They don’t seem to be adult enough to stand up and be honest. That’s where the idea of being whoever you want to be online comes into play.

As someone who regularly gets bashed on twitter ‘anonymously’  by the same idiotic, childish creature. I for one will take into consideration the fact that I can name and shame.

I think if more people had the courage and strength to stand up and tell the world who their bully is, there would be a whole lot less bullying going on, because they would know it would have repercussions and would not go unnoticed.

After all, twitter or any kind of online bulling doesn’t affect just one person, it affects everyone in their life. it has a massive ripple affect within families and sometimes, can have drastic implications.

Where do you stand on outing these people who choose to use the online world as a platform for just being vile?!

Now Lets Clear A Few Things Up…

Now a few weeks back I was subject to some vile, uncalled for bullying  I know who my bully is and to be honest, I cannot but feel sorry for this person. The fact they could be so childish and vindictive is seriously beyond me. 

Now since writing that post, I was left alone, until this weekend, where I was once again subject to bullying.

Publicly being called “sicko in the head” which apart from being just plain illiterate, is just plain rude. 

As well as a few other things, I have decided that enough is enough, I am going to stop this and let the authorities deal with it. My MS nurse was due today (I forgot) she talked me through it, she gave me the support I needed and a very welcome hug.

I want to take this opportunity to speak out and show I have a voice and I am going to keep using it.

I do not write my blog to “seek attention” like the person so eloquently put it, I write it because it helps me let go of, it has helped me turn a corner. It has also reached others who are in a similar situation. I am trying to help people understand this disease and just what people who have it, go through. 

My bully thinks its okay to treat me this way because she has friends in blogging land, she has tarnished their views on me, these views are untrue and down right rude. I wish people had the integrity to make up their own minds, however as usual, the pack mentality is rife. 

I no longer care about their views, I thought I did, however on reflection I realised I don’t need to, they are no-one special and certainly not worth my time.

For someone like me, who questions their existence on a daily basis, this bully has hurt me in ways they will never truly understand, they might sit back and smile, but personally, I would be ashamed. 

I will continue my writing and as ever, fighting with my MS, however I am too tired, too depressed and too disheartened to take it any more. 

Enough is enough.