Who doesn’t love a toy that talks?!


And even better a toy that repeats what you say?!


Okay, so us as adults may not always love these talking toys, but the kids really do. They love something they can interact with and something that has a lot to offer.

This is where the new Brightlings toy really excel.


These adorable Brightlings are soft and cuddly but the face has a sort of “interactive interface” style where it lights up and creates shadows around the mouth so she looks like she is actually talking.

Now with toys like these, it can get a little samey. Kids can grow a little tired of the same phrases and or songs.

However, with Brightlings, this isn’t an issue. They can actually say over 100 things, sing songs and even repeat what you say. I don’t know about you but for us, this means hours of fun.


Like literally hours. By holding her ear, she can record and play back what you say, she literally has no filter! Something us adults have had far too much fun playing with.

As well as all that she encourages movement, by walking with her or spinning her around she talks even more and sings some rather catchy tunes. This is great for getting little ones to get up and actually play with the toy.

Making her the first thing they gravitate toy from the toy box.

I think she’s even started singing to daddy when he is downstairs at night time. Something I am sure he loves very much 😉

Overall Brightlings as a toy is fabulous. Fully interactive, colourful and everything the girls need for playing games and having fun. And recording mummy and daddy when they aren’t looking, of course.

Brightlings retail for around the £30 mark and they will be a firm favorite toy for Christmas this year.