Something Special Twitter Party!

Time to have some fun and celebrate Mr Tumble, the star of the fab kids TV show Something Special, where children laugh, interact and even learn sign language in this fun filled show. Both of the Girls have grown up with Justin and Mr Tumble so when we heard about the twitter party, even they were excited!

Yes, we will be one of the hosts to the fab Something Special Twitter party on the 12th of September 4pm-6pm. Where we will play games, have on the spot competitions and have loads of Something Special fun with fans from all round!

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So pop the date on the calendar or in the diary and get inviting some friends round for some real fun, even for the adults too! Remember to use the #SomethingSpecialParty hashtag on the day, so you can keep up with the fun!

I know we have got lots of Beboo and Pop’s friends coming round, to make a mess and eat cake, whilst mummy takes care of all the computer stuff.

So, we will see you on the 12th of Septemeber 4-6pm for all the Something Special fun 🙂


Now if you are a parent and you tell me you don’t ever feel like all you ever say is NO then I simply do not believe you. In fact, I will most probably pull and a face and leave.

These days, with both the girls walking around, pushing, pulling and jumping on each other, the only word I seem to shriek say is NO. And as much I would like to say I have the patience of a saint, I simply don’t and the whole thing is driving me insane.

I could literally climb the walls some days.

Truth is, I have no idea how to deal with it, I know people will say it and I know its true, the whole ‘they grow out of it’ thing, but right now THAT DOES NOT HELP.

Also, my girls are fairly robust and they don’t like to disappoint, so my bet is they simply will not stop.

Partly because the enjoy taunting me. Well, okay mostly for this reason.

I wonder if they are the only children who truly enjoy annoying the shit out of each other? Is it just my odd yet masterful children?!

Is it?!

Some days I literally dread the screams, lets face it girl screams are the worst. They seem to want to start from the get go, or the ‘get up’ in there case. Then the hair pulling and toy stealing begins. Pop’s looking out the corner of her eye to see if you are looking and Beboo doing it regardless because she simply could not care less if you saw. There is simply no way to discipline a one year old, all they are interested in is pooing and finding some old manky hidden food to eat.

Yeh, Beboo tends to laugh when I tell her no, so that is no use. But I know behind those eyes she is plotting her next attack, whether it be to me or her sister is another matter, she delivers no warning. She has learnt the art of stealth and she knows she is way to cute to be guilty.

I genuinely believe she will think her and Pop’s name is NO.

Right Beboo is frowning at me so I must get ready for the next barrage of abuse.

If you can’t be bothered to send help, send cake at least!!!!

I Have An Announcement To Make!

Yep, I have an exciting announcement to make…..


Yup, MS week, a chance to raise awareness and money for the amazing charities that do amazing things for people like me and show our appreciation to the fantastic MS nurses out there (especially mine *waves*)

This last year half we have had one massive shit sandwich thrown at us, a proper life changing one.

I don’t think  will ever see this disease in a positive way, but I am starting to live each day and let go of the past. I won’t always be able to walk and maybe one day even unable to talk. Everyday hurts even more than the last, but I am determined to live it for me.

My mind still works okay, its my body that won’t do as its told. 

I will be taking part in a local Cake Break and you can also help people affected by MS by visiting your local Cake Break or even holding your own? Lets face it, we all know someone affected by this disease.


I really want to do what I can to raise more awareness of the disease and what it means for the people living it, day in, day out.

I would be SO grateful if you could use the nifty buttons below and share this post, who knows, maybe it will inspire someone to raise money?!