Cbeebies sweet dreams with squidge


£20.00 for ages 10m+

We had the opportunity to review the Cbeebies squidge the lovely able Cbeebies character sweet dreams toy. This was a hit as Cbeebies is on a little in our house to say the least. This is a great toy for getting the children into their bedtime routine, so they understand when bedtime starts and they also have some comfort while they are getting to sleep in their own bed.

He plays the Cbeebies bedtime hour tune by pressing his tummy, press it again and he will stop straightway, he also glows in different colours when you give him a gentle squeeze as the tune plays this will help any little clam down ready for bed. He is also very soft and huggable which will make him a great favourite bedtime toy. The tune and the lights do not last for very long which is also a great idea for the little ones that go to sleep quickly and it has an on off switch too!!!!! You can all sing along with the song as the words are printed on the back of the box so the is no excuse for nanny and grandpa not to join in!!!!

Boo has loved playing with the squidge and now gets even more excited when she sees them on the TV, she is a huge Cbeebies fan, so her “squidger” was a welcome addition to the toy box. For me, it’s a massive bonus it helps at bedtime. Now she is getting older she is becoming like her sister at bedtime, wanting the light on, with her squidge gives him a cuddle and is usually asleep by the time he turns off!

He does need 3 x AAA batteries but these are supplied with squidge when you by him

There are also other Cbeebies toys available from Chatty Bugbies to a wooded sorting puzzle

Abney And Teal Toys

We where sent a bundle of Abney and Teal toys to have a play with.

Its about two friends, Abney and Teal, who live on an island in the middle of a lake We were sent a little bin a park surround by the fast moving big city. The friends discover and explore the island with other friends, neep, bop and poc-pocs. They all live happily together on the island.

Abey and Teal is designed to develop childrens imagination and discover new ways of looking at the world, all the time learning new skills.

24 Piece Puzzle:

IMG_0081 IMG_0085 IMG_0088

This giant puzzle is double sided, one side is a the usual puzzle picture and the other side can be coloured in, which is great for good creative fun.

The puzzle is fantastic quality, big and easy for the children to hold and piece together. Also the box is a great and will last the constant opening and climbing on. It would make a really great gift for 3+. The giant 24 piece puzzle retails at around £12.

Abney and Teal soft toys:

These two little characters are a great size for small hands, well made and very much like the characters on the TV. They are beanie toys, which make them cuddley, washable and great collectables.

IMG_0078 IMG_0080 IMG_0079

These lovely dolls retail at around £14.99 for the two, the girls will be having lovely adventures with these toys 🙂



Mr Tumble’s Tablet

IMGP0272 IMGP0274


We having been putting the new MR Tumble’s tablet through its paces.

Mr Tumble is a character from the Cbeebies hit show Something Special, which teaches children about signing as well as all about the fun life of Mr Tumble.

The tablet is a colourful, touch activated learning tablet. It has six games involving colour, number and objects, all the things little people need to learn.

In the Find/quiz games Justin asks you to find objects or colours. Then in the colour game he asks for objects and numbers in the relevant colours, you get three attempts and then Justin will reveal the answer. The next game is challenge, Justin gives you a riddle, then you need to find the item or the person to go into Mr Tumble’s spotty bag. The last one is follow me in which you have to find an object for Justin as fast as you can.

All the above games are really interactive and have kept both of the girls busy for ages. They have really loved the interaction and ease of use of the tablet.

IMGP0289 IMGP0292


Personally, I will reveal that all the adults have had great fun playing the tablet, even my brother-in-law can quickly become engrossed. I think this said a lot about the product itself and holds plenty of entertainment  value for both old and young.

Justin Fletcher, who also stars in Something special is the voice on the tablet and sounds very realistic indeed. Pop’s knew straight away who it was, bringing some familiarity to the product and helping with their concentration.

As well as the above games, you can also hear funny sounds at anytime by pressing the corresponding buttons, as well as touching the picture buttons, where Justin will tell you about each picture and what is going on.

The on/off button is clear and easy for small hands, but if your child is like mine, they will always leave it on, however Mr Tumble’s tablet will automatically turn itself off which is a great battery saver.

The sounds, colours and lights all make a really great product, something where children can both learn and have fun at the same time.

Mr Tumbles tablet retails at around £55 and would make a great gift for 3+ years.

Tree Fu Tom Jammies!

So, Boo loves Tree Fu Tom, like literally she stops whatever she is doing whenever he is on the TV or if I start randomly singing, as you do 😛

So when the chance came for her to own some Tree Fu Tom Jammies, I knew the perfect person to give them a run for there money!

The Pyjamas themselves are fantastic quality as far as PJ’s go, they have already been through the wash many, many MANY times and are still just as vibrant as the day we got them. They are also super soft ad the Tree Fu Tom image, on the top is actually part of it, instead of having an image printed on, which makes it far more comfortable. 

tree fu tom 1 tree fu tom 2 tree fu tom 3Although I know they were more designed for boys, she loves them and loves running around the front room tormenting us when she is meant to be asleep!!!!

These Tree Fu Tom pyjamas retail at £8 and are well worth every penny, especially as they survived the Beboo test.

Woolly And Tig DVD Review And Comp!

wooly and tig DVD


We are really REALLY big woolly and Tig fans in this house, even my sister likes it! So when the chance came to review the DVD, we were more than excited.

Woolly and Tig is about a little girl (Tig) and her toy spider (woolly) that goes everywhere with her. Each episode Tig faces a new challenge, whether its Nanny saying no or getting a hair cut, when Tig gets frightened or unsure Woolly magically comes alive and gives her some great advice.

It really does teach little ones how to deal with certain situations and explains things like sharing in terms they will understand.

This DVD contains 15 whole episodes and even comes with a free reward and sticker chart and retails for around £6.50.

If like us, you seem to watch nothing but Cbeebies and you also have a love for the funky little spider, then this DVD is perfect for you your little ones!

Also, I am pleased to bring you the chance to win one of 5 copies of this great DVD, simply follow the instructions below.

UK only.

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