Bags For Summer With Babymel

Babymel Satchel jumbo dot bag



This is a really trendy range of changing bags. It was thought up by Suzie and her 2 children as she need a bag big enough to take all the things you need for the children; bottles, nappies, wipes change of clothes along with all the things that she need keys, phone and purse and they came up with the Babymel London bags.

They also do a range of children’s lunch bags too

BabyMel do a great range of bags for everyone’s tastes and occasions. From plain and stripy to spotty flowery! The bag I had was the Satchel jumbo dot bag at £42.00 and there is free standard delivery which is always a bonus!!

It doesn’t look like a changing bag from the outside. The quality is amazing they are so well made. The whole bag is wipe clean including the inside, It comes with a changing mat which is a good size and can be folded about and doesn’t take up to much space when not being used. The bag is insulated to keep those bottles warm.

babay mel

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There are loads of pockets to keep everything organised and easy to find. The strap on the bag is great it’s a long one so it can go over your shoulder or the strap as Velcro on each end so you can attach it you pushchair and it will not get stolen easily.


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The bag itself is lightweight so it doesn’t feel heavy to start with, meaning you can carry around everything you need for two under six!

Overall the Babymel satchel is fantastic. The beautiful design, compartments, changing mat and the waterproof fabric make it a perfect bag for the summer, especially in those summer showers.