Blogging Hierarchy

I kid you not, here in the land of “UK parent blogs” there is an underhanded bout of “I am bigger and better than you”

I know, I literally feel like I am back in school.

I will say however, most are very supportive and willing to offer advice and not jump on you for asking a simple question, or asking for support. I have met some immense people recently. 

However today has well and truly ticked me right off!

This land of blogging is far vaster than the few hundred here in the UK, you might be “known” here, however is does not deem you important enough to act like a spoilt child and throw your toys out of the pram in order to get your own way!

In-fact if you see yourself as a “big voice” what use is that voice if you use it for nothing more than putting people down and dictating what people can and cannot do? Surely a big voice should be used to encourage and help people?


There are thousands of groups on-line where bloggers come together to support each other, to RT someone or give them a +K on Klout or like a Facebook page, this is not illegal, it is seen as supportive and a way of reaching new people. 

However people who deem themselves higher up, like to take it upon themselves to shoot people down and make things seem underhanded, when in-fact, they were far from it.

I for one am sick of listening to it, I am going to carry on my blog, for me and the people I reach. I won’t be getting involved with these people any longer and I don’t intend to listen to a word they say. 

If they find it in themselves to start bitching and bad mouthing me, then shame on them, they really need to get a life and stop this play ground madness.

No-one has the right to say what a blogger can or can’t do, its my blog and I will do whatever the hell I like with it, if I want to write about the seeds in jam or what colour socks I wore I will! 

Rant over 🙂