Would I Let My 16 Year Old Marry A 21 Year Old?

So I read an article at the weekend in the daily fail, as you do. It was about a 16 year old who had met and fallen for a 21 year old man whilst on holiday in Turkey with her family. She is now heading back to Turkey to marry said man, and obviously the trolls are out in force.

The headline was: So, would you let YOUR 16-year-old marry the barman she met on holiday? These parents did… and it’s tearing their family apart’

So naturally, loads of parents were saying how awful it is and how they would never let their daughter anywhere near the bloke in the first place, let alone marry him. Fair enough.

This would be great if teenage girls actually did as they were told. But lets face it, some just don’t. I was once 16, I did good things and I also did things I was told not to do, I think its just something young girls need to do.

I think when you ask someone of that age, boy or girl, not to do something, they then go above and beyond to try and do that very thing.

So for me, I think in this case, I would stand by my daughter. I would support her choices, however stupid. Because the more parents push them one way, the more they lean towards another.

Especially with matters of the heart.

So the more you dig your heels in, the further they run. And I for one wouldn’t want to see my child running away and getting married without me being their to catch her when she inevitably falls. Because chances are, she will.

That way I can still be there for her when she needs me. Instead of having chased her away with my views and opinions.

Granted being married at 16 is not what I want for either of my children, especially to such an older man. It is a young age to be married and they do still have their whole lives ahead of them.

But you do only live once. And marriage CAN be undone. Divorced by 17 may not be the best thing in the world, but there are far worse things to have to your name. 

Sometimes all we can do is watch them make mistakes, supporting a choice like this may not be ideal, but it will keep them close.

Parenting is not cut and dry. Mainly because children are not either.

So I ask you, what would you do?

Snowflake The White Gorilla



Anything that contains snow counts as a Christmas film for me! SO this came at the perfect time as we are Christmas bound.

Snowflake the white gorilla the about Snowflake, who funnily enough, is a white gorilla.

Snowflake is sent to live with a family before going off the live at the zoo and at her time with the family, she makes friends with the lively Wendy, who gives her the name Snowflake.

When she goes to live at the Zoo, she soon becomes the star attraction, however that does not go down very well with the other gorillas, who are not afraid to share their feelings.

Snowflake decides she has had enough of being different so decides to sneak out of the zoo with the help of her friend Aliur, to find the witch who she heard, can make her ‘normal’

Of course they have some obstacles along the way as someone is trying to capture Snowflake, who belives her white fur will bring him bad luck.

I wont give anything else away as you need to watch the film to find out.

For me personally, I love family films like this and I believe it carries a good message for the little’uns, lets face it, the perception of ‘normal’ is different for everyone and that is okay.

Pops enjoyed watching and even managed the mild peril without shrieking, however Beboo is still a little young, but she will grow into it.

Snowflake was released on 7th October 2013 and retails for around £6.


Rosebud London, Tulip Tote Bag

I am a sucker for a new bag, so getting the chance to put this amazing bag through its paces was well received.

DSCN0384 DSCN0383


Rosebud London is a company set up by Mother of three when they were all under six years old and she used the experiences of having three under six to design an attractive and functional changing bag, which is also highly affordable. And this bag was just that, it was the perfect size and had everything a Mum would need when on an excursion with the little ones.

The bag we had was the Tulip Tote, I really love the design on this bag, its both attractive and unique, which is a massive plus. Also,its a fun design, which is fairly rare as far as changing bags go.

On the inside of the changing bag is the printed ‘Rosebud London’ logo, giving it a more expensive feel. The lining is fully waterproof, which is really important when you are throwing drinks, bottles and whatever else in and out the bag. Inside is also one zip pocket, two bottle pockets and a few other little pockets for all the essentials. keeping everything safe and in the same place, which saves the embarrassment of routing around in your bag for ten minutes trying to find your debit card!


This bag also has a zip pocket on the front, for all those quickly needed items, ie the house or car keys!

The Tulip Tote also comes with a padded, waterproof changing mat, which matches the bag and also fits snuggly inside. It also has a dummy fob and pen loop. Both of these items are important for me and its really nice to have them to hand when I am juggling two small children also.

The strap is fully adjustable making it easy to wear over the shoulders or on the buggy.

Rosebud London have done a fantastic job with this changing bag, giving you as a Mother everything you need at a really amazing £44.99 I am more than impressed with it and we will be using it for many years to come.

They have a fabulous range of bags, head over to there website and take a look!


GTA5 Is Not For Children.

Its been discussed time and time again, yet parents still think its okay to let there children play GTA5. A game that has been rated 18+

Some might wonder why it matters? Its only a game, right? Yes, it is. However it has that rating for a reason.

Children are just that, children. They are impressionable and always learning, the never miss a thing and they take in every little ounce of life.

I am not against the game if its played by the right person, who is the right age. In-fact I love games, although this one is not one I personally would play, there is just so much going on that I simply couldn’t keep up.

See, it takes concentration. It works every part of the mind and requires the person who plays it to follow the story, much like a film. So letting someone as young as 5 play this game, is just not responsible…

This is me and Pop’s learning her words…



And here is me showing Pop’s how we must be kind to the puppies and all animals…



We teach our children everything. From how to sleep and eat, to reading and treating other people or animals in the right way.

I intend to do what I can to keep my children as children for as long as I can, so I struggle to see why there are so many parents out there letting there children play games like these?

Hubby told me about a young boy who was 8. He hung himself after being bullied. Personally, when I was 8 I knew nothing about suicide or how to go about it, and I cannot for life of me see how someone so young came about this?

We really have to remember children learn from doing, they sometimes struggle to separate real life from play, which is why games like these, should be kept for adults.

They should also be kept out of the eye line of children in toy shops…

Picture From: My Life, My Son, My Way.

It sends out the wrong image. A catalogue for games with adult ratings would suffice.

Personally, I would not like my child to think its okay going around beating up prostitutes and belittling women. Or that stealing and taking drugs is ‘normal’ This game gives a frightening view on life and thanks to amazing computer imagery, it looks so very real. 

Now, if you are a parent and you let your underage child play these games and think nothing of it, watch these videos and them tell me its okay…

What To Do About The Flu?!

So I read something today about a new vaccine being available for children, the flu vaccine. However this is in nasal spray form and can be given from 2 years up.

Just one simple spray.

Now, I personally get them on the NHS for myself because my MS means I have a low immune system and if I got the flu, I could even die. So I try and make sure I have it (last year I forgot, I blame my MS for that!) So for myself, its a given, there is no way I am letting the flu take me out!

Its also something my husband gets because he works in the heath sector, that also means he won’t bring it home which is nice, but now I have the children to consider as well?!

Beboo is too young, so that’s that choice made, however for Pop’s, I am considering it.

I would have to pay as it’s only available at certain pharmacies, however I paid for myself to have it before my MS so that’s nothing new.

I hate having to give them extra things like this, however I think its important for her to stay healthy and I would rather that than she get the flu and become really poorly.

Aside from the thought of having a really poorly child, I would still have to deal with my own stupid disease, so I don’t cope well with extra stress, and I am not the super Mum most Mums become when they have a poorly child. As much as I wish I could be.

I fail in that department.

I hate flu season, it is by far the worst season, so I like to be two steps ahead of it and have my vaccine hat on, if there is such a thing?! 

So, will you be paying for the spray? Or fighting the fight alone?!