We Made An Awesome Easter Egg!

So, in the run up to Easter we have had the chance to take part in a great competition run by HRS, they even sent a fabulous chocolate kit to make our creation truly amazing! I don’t think the girls were expecting anything as thick with quite so many sweets, so they were more than pleasantly surprised by what arrived!





So firstly we did some brain storming, followed by some rather sneaky eating of the materials. Not in the original plan I can assure you. My sister and Pops decided on a path with some lovely pinks chicks in bonnets, these pink chicks would be taking a walk down the smartie path and everyone around them is obviously watching. She had so much fun stick everything down and using chocolate as glue. Far better than a glue stick. Pops even tried her hand at making a marshmallow tree and a pond using the jazzies. All look very beautiful and very yummy.



I think you will agree, the final outcome is amazing!

We had a fabulous time making our own chocolate egg, hope everyone has a fantastic Easter.

MS Mummy Of Two’s Easter Eggstravaganza!

With the Easter bunny well on his way, I have lined up some fabulous products to show. From the yummy Easter egg to something that little bit different to help you find that perfect Easter gift.

easter 6

Firstly we have the Easter bunny story book. This book is great, tells the story of the Easter bunny on a fabulous adventure and even has the added magic of having your little one’s name included in the book.

Yep, you can personalise it to say any name you want! That way even Boo and Pops can go along for the adventure too.

You can even have a personal message at the beginning! This personalised book retails for around £9.99

Easter 2Next is something I have always wanted, and the fact it now comes in an egg shape is even better. This set is great for someone who can’t have chocolate. They get all the fun off the egg without the food.

This aqua dragons set comes with everything you need to grow your own real live aqua dragons. This easy is probably one of the easiest pets to keep, it rarely needs feeding, but when it does, its only a tiny amount of its special food.

It can take a  little bit of time to start seeing movement as the aqua dragons are so tiny to being with. But they will soon keep you entertained for ages.  This set retails for around £12 and its perfect for any child, no matter how old!

easter 3


What gift guide doesn’t need a puzzle? WasGij is a different kind of puzzle because your not actually making the picture on the box. Nope, with a Wasgij you need to read what it says on the back an on our box it was what do you think happens next.

So you use the picture on the front and all the goings on to predict what will happen next and you then have to put that picture together! Clever huh?

This mystery puzzle is great for something to do as a family and I know it will forever keep my lot entertained.

This kind of Wasgij retails for around £10.

easter 4Next is a little bit of luxury in the shape of an egg. Some Godiva Eggs. 

These truly eggsquisite eggs are far too yummy for my little people. Definitely an adult treat if you ask me. This little foil wrapped pack retails for around £10, but they are truly worth it.

Godiva have a really great easter range the year, from bunnies to beaded eggs they have something for every taste. Perfect if your like me and don’t want to eat too much chocolate this year, something small and special like this can go a long way. Especially if I hide them really well. 

Now its just up to me to think of somewhere they won’t look, because there is no way I am sharing these!

easter 5


Both the girl’s love to read, especially before bed. So Hattie peck was a really fab addition to the bookshelf. Hattie Peck is written by Emma Levey, who is a fantastic writer of childrens books.

This book is all about Hattie Peck and her love for eggs. Big and small she really does love them all. One day Hattie decides to go off into the world to find as many different eggs as possible, but poor Hattie does face some trials and tribulations on her adventures. But nothing she can’t handle!

This book is a really great read, for me and the girls. The illustrations really make the book come alive and I can see it becoming a firm favourite. Hattie peck retails for around £7 and is a must read this Easter.

easter 15

Asda, now they offer something for everyone all under one roof. From chicky bags to bunny ears, a bunny face chocolate lolly to Lambie from Doc McStuffins, they have the perfect Easter gift for every age. Edible or otherwise.

Both girls had loads of fun using their little bags for an egg hunt we had last week and I myself had even more fun wearing the fluffy bunny ears and eating all the Easter nests.

Couple that with a game of find the plastic egg in our own garden and you have the perfect mix. The plastic eggs are especially useful for hiding little bits and bobs in.

And great for keepsakes and crafts at a later date.

Of course Asda also have a vast variety of chocolate eggs etc to keep any chocolate lover happy. Thats especially true for my husband, who is a chocolate fiend.

Asda have pushed the boat out this year with decorations, toys, DVDs and the ever faithful Easter egg. So in this case there is something for every budget, whether you’re young or old, they will surely have something you love.

You would think I would have my work cut out with all those Easter nests, but thats nothing I can’t handle. Promise.

Next on the agenda and also something you might find in a supermarket is a new kind of Easter egg. Some wonderful person has gone and turned some of our favourite ice lollies into Easter eggs. Amazing.

easter 8

Yep Magnum, Mini Milks and Cornetto have been turned into Easter eggs. The Magnum eggs are made using the Magnum chocolate, and trust me, there is plenty to go round. Also In the box comes three Magnum chocolate bars each with their own Magnum middles in side, vanilla truffle which really does taste like a real Magnum, just without the ice cream!

Then the mini milks. Each box has a yummy chocolate egg and four chocolate mini milk lollipops, all packaged in a lovely mini milk ice cream van, perfect!

Then its the Cornetto. Each box contains a lovely thick chocolate egg and four vanilla chocolate cones. Each cone has the signature wafer, yummy chocolate ad now a new creamy chocolatey centre. YUM!

These eggs retails from £6 to £8 and are a really wonderful addition to the Easter egg family.

easter 10

This next treat is fab. Something for the small people, a really great BUT YUMMY dough for them to make some really amazing creations with.

Yes this little kit comes with everything you need to make some lovely cookies. With cutters and some mix to make the dough, which is edible both before and after baking. You can knead it and shape it until your hearts content.

I dont know about you but my children like to put everything in their mouths, and with Yummy dough that is just not a problem anymore.

They offer a variety of different size packages which all include everything you need to have a great time with the dough and something yummy to eat at the end of it.

Easter 11

Next are some lovely books from the Whimsy wood series by Sarah Hill. These books join Posie Pixie and her friends on some great adventures. These books really capture the imagination and the illustrations keep the little ones entertained throughout.

Pops is starting to want to read more, and be read to of course. But not in the form of “baby books” as she calls them. So the Whimsy wood books were great for taking the next step into the bigger books.

These books retail for around £5 and they are well worth it. Even I enjoy reading them.

Easter 1


How did I not know about Elizabeth Shaw luxury chocolates? These two eggs have something for everyone.

The large flute selection egg has a lovely milk chocolate egg along with two boxes of dark chocolate orange and milk amaretto flutes.

The the large crisp egg has a lovely milk chocolate egg with a selection of twenty four of the brands most loved chocolates, this is also available with dark chocolate and a selection of mint crisps. Perfect.  Especially if you are looking for an egg to show off with!

The range retails between £6 and £10. A great price for something so yummy!

easter 9

The old favourite Guylian. These easter eggs are really fab. Not only do they come with a yummy chocolate egg, but also a box of their finest belgian chocolate truffles.

With something to suit a variety of budgets Guylian has this wonderful larger egg with selection box of truffles and a small version. Both would make anyone happy I’m sure.

Popping a new little bit of loveliness in here with the new Maynards discovery patch sweets. These new sweets bring learning and sweeties together. With packs of animals, body bits and myths and monsters to choose from, every day you could be discovering something new.

From hearts to dragons, each pack holds some lovely goodies and they really keep the kids entertained, which is a massive plus! easter 13

Then there is a great new kind of sweet from Goody Good Stuff. These sweets are gluten, lactose and gelatin free and they are made with natural colours and flavours.

They really do take the guilt out of sweets. They come in a really vast variety of different flavours and types. The small packs are perfect for little hands and the bigger packs are just right for daddy to keep in the car.

I really was not sure how the kids would take to these, sometimes when things seem to good to be true they usually are, but these sweets still taste yummy and they go down a treat with the girls. Fantastic.

I love  good pudding and with Easter dinner such  big part of the day, the perfect pudding is a must. Coppenrath & Wise do some really beautiful cheesecakes. Not only do they comes in several flavours, but they are also available from most major supermarkets.

They can be kept in the freezer, so they last much longer than other. They retail between £1-£2

bunny beigeI wanted to give a special mention to a great online company. The lovely people over at Cobwebknits hand make so many beautiful pieces. This bunny ear hat is amazing and something I know the girls would love, especially at Easter.

With a wide range of things to choose from, you won’t be let wondering for that special gift. They have everything from blankets to aprons and everything is made to order.

I was blown away with the customer service, it was personal and top notch. Cobwebknits are a real gem of the internet.

Next is something that would fit perfectly in an Easter Hamper. Beeches new range of chocolate bars that retails for just £1.50.  They would bring something different to anyone’s Easter, with a really different new range of flavours. From fragranced with natural ginger to chilli and lime. There is something for everyone’s taste.

Beeches have been perfecting the art of chocolate making since 1920 and they now have a vast collection to choose from.


So last but not least I have an amazing selection of goodies from Aldi. Aldi do their own version of nearly everything and everything they do make is really lovely. Including their fabulous Easter range.

easter 7

Everything from chocolate bunnies and lollies to bunny shaped marshmallows. Large Easter eggs with some tasty little surprises inside and really funky rabbit shaped Easter eggs made with really yummy chocolate.

Aldi really do have something for everyone in this seasons Easter range and of course something for every pocket. Even little Easter coins which Boo loves, perfect for the many Easter egg hunts we have had!

So that concludes my Easter Eggstravaganza! I hope you find something in here to make your Easter perfect!

Happy Easter From everyone at MS Mummy Of Two!



Chocolate Picture Maker

We have been given the opportunity to try out these amazing new sets. The Chocolate Picture making sets from The In Thing and they did not disappoint.

I had a chocolate making kit when I was younger, however it was far more complicated and didn’t do the amazing pictures possible with these amazing sets. All you need is the lovely Belgian chocolate which is provided, some warm tap water and a good squeezing hand!

.chocolate 1

I have a few photos below to show how this works…

doing a choclate picture

After choosing a photo and following all the lines, you can then fill in the spaces with white chocolate, then cover  with milk chocolate, pop in the fridge and your done! Its amazing, even Pop’s was able to do it and there are so many different pictures to choose from.

After doing the above you can then pop it out and do the best bit, the eating.

chocolate finsihed

So if you are looking for a unique gift, or even just a way to make some unique gifts, then the chocolate picture maker is the perfect way to do so. With several different sets to choose from, there is something to suit every budget and tummy, what more could you need?!

Day One Away From Home!

So this week sees the start of kitchen gate, I sat on twitter watched as the man ripped apart the kitchen. We have come home to my mums as there really is no room in the house right now, the ‘white goods’ have all wondered there way into my front room. I ask you?! 

So this week I have decided to follow my week in photos, partly because I need to catch up on other blog stuff and to finish the first two chapters of my book and get them off to the appropriate people, I doubt I will get either of these things done, I can but hope!

So here goes…..

daddy driving pops and pop road to pebworth nannys house freedom at nannys off down the nursery pops and leafs leaf sniffing bunch of flowers eating the cone ice cream face mush face here comes chocolate beboo cone choc sauce


Well, that was the first day 🙂