Mi-Mic Microphone

The Mi-Mic great Christmas present for any young girl or boy that likes to sing and perform either in front of the family or in their rooms, however, if they are anything like Eve, they will need a captive audience.

With different colors available to suit all tastes, you will find the perfect partner for your little one. 

With the Mi-Mic Bluetooth karaoke speaker you are able to sing along to any song direct from your device. You can add extra effects to the vocals by using the echo dial. The mic has 7 coloured lights that add to the performance!! And will flash along to the beat.

The Mi-Mic is Bluetooth compatible which is easy to pair with a device and with 2,5 hours of charging time via a usb connection with a lithium battery and up to 4 hours playing. You can be up to 10 meters away from device giving it a great range. It has full controls on the side within easy reach while singing you can pause, fast forward and rewind and of course the all-important volume control. The mic also has an sd card reader for music. The Mi-Mic will give you hours of fun as a great gift or even for some fun at a party.

Evie has had great fun with the freedom this Mic gives. I don’t think you can quite appreciate it until you have had on it on full run, on full blast, in the house, for several, long, loud hours. But let me promise you, this is the mic that can keep up the pace and have you all belting out tunes until the sun comes up. Or until mummy has heard its raining tacos for the 52nd time today and she just needs to hear something else.

The Mi-Mic is a love it hate it kind of toy. I love hearing the girls sing the sweet songs and belting out my own on the odd occasion, but I wish the girls didn’t know how to operate the volume!!!!!!



Who doesn’t love a toy that talks?!


And even better a toy that repeats what you say?!


Okay, so us as adults may not always love these talking toys, but the kids really do. They love something they can interact with and something that has a lot to offer.

This is where the new Brightlings toy really excel.


These adorable Brightlings are soft and cuddly but the face has a sort of “interactive interface” style where it lights up and creates shadows around the mouth so she looks like she is actually talking.

Now with toys like these, it can get a little samey. Kids can grow a little tired of the same phrases and or songs.

However, with Brightlings, this isn’t an issue. They can actually say over 100 things, sing songs and even repeat what you say. I don’t know about you but for us, this means hours of fun.


Like literally hours. By holding her ear, she can record and play back what you say, she literally has no filter! Something us adults have had far too much fun playing with.

As well as all that she encourages movement, by walking with her or spinning her around she talks even more and sings some rather catchy tunes. This is great for getting little ones to get up and actually play with the toy.

Making her the first thing they gravitate toy from the toy box.

I think she’s even started singing to daddy when he is downstairs at night time. Something I am sure he loves very much 😉

Overall Brightlings as a toy is fabulous. Fully interactive, colourful and everything the girls need for playing games and having fun. And recording mummy and daddy when they aren’t looking, of course.

Brightlings retail for around the £30 mark and they will be a firm favorite toy for Christmas this year.

My Little Pony Style & Groom Rainbow Dash

My little pony

My little pony has been around forever I used to be a big fan of them when I was little. Brushing their hair and creating adventures for them to have and they have made a come back today, my 2 love My Little Ponies there are so many different sorts to collect from blind bags and dolls to teddies and castles.

For anyone who is not ofay with My Little Ponies they are plastic ponies with a main and tail that can be brushed and plaited all the ponies have their own colours and cute marks with is a pattern related to their name on there behind names like Apple Jack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie to name but a few,

When we had the chance to review the Style & Groom Rainbow Dash, rainbow dash is a huge favorite in our house along with Fluttershy.  This is a large pony with rainbow hair on a plinth so that your little one is able to brush and style the ponies hair. On the plinth there is space for 30 accessories to be stored.

They can decorate Rainbow Dash with  her own hair brush, stickers, stick on jewels hair clips and accessories to make your pony look amazing. This can be done over and over again so there are many hours of fun to be had. It also includes a charm with Rainbow Dash’s cutie mark.  This is a great gift for ages 3+ and from around £24.99 you will make any little My Little Pony loves Christmas.

Give The Woman In Your Life The Perfect Christmas Gift


Next we have the ladies gifts. Read on and find the perfect gift…

Peters Yard & Stag

stag and peters yard

Peter’s Yard is a lovely range of crisp breads that are great for a special occasion or as present in a hamper or some who just likes the finer things in life. They are crisp breads made from naturally fermented sourdough organic flour and the best natural ingredients that they could find. They are made from traditional Swedish recipes From water biscuits to artisan crispbread spelt and fig. They also do a line in pasties.There is something a little different their website also gives great recipe ideas and ways to make that special occasions a little more special. Available online.

Baru Chocolates


This is a small company that makes small batches of handmade chocolates using premium ingredients and the Belgian expertise to the best flavour. They use a deep aromatic blend of cocoa powder, to make a range of cute tiny Belgian chocolate animals with marshmallows or chai spicas so they really did put a smile on my face when i opened them and saw the dreamy chocolate hippos with a caramel center they really were lovely and the marshmallow was light and fluffy. There is a range of different flavours and pack ideas another great gift from starting around £3,75 they also do a lovely chai flavoured hot chocolate, latte and more.



No Christmas is complete without your pickles, chutneys and preserves. Opies are an old family favorite with your cocktail cherries and pickled walnuts they have been in business since 1880  and use the best ingredients, they can be used to go with everyday meals or to help that Christmas dinner party along. They are always coming up with new lines to keep up to date with people’s changing tastes like their chili sauce. The website has some great recipe ideas too to help your dinner party go with a bang.


Good Boy

good boy

Because we love them! Don’t forget the pets at Christmas. These days there are so many Christmas treats and toys available for our furry friends, we love to spoil the dogs and let them have something to open on Christmas morning too. With Good Boy products, there is a huge range available from succulent festive bangers to a soft Christmas pudding all in festive packets or with festive tags just as our Christmas favourites are. Some to suit all pockets. All made for your pets so that you know they are ok for them. As we know that we shouldn’t give dogs out chocolate and it’s not fair even they like chocolate at Christmas.

Nelsons Natural world 


These products can either help you get through Christmas or great as a stocking filler or gift for someone that like the homeopathy things. From their Rescue Remedy, which is great to keeping you calm if you have the many people over at Christmas! They do a huge range of products from something to help the littles with teething, skin care, supplements and much more. The products are all made use natural products.



Babycham is one thing that means Christmas!……. But it is great all year round and giving your party or occasion a little something extra and always is a talking point. It’s been on the market since 1953 in the bristol area, a family had a mineral water and cider making business and were looking for something different, they had the idea of improving the cider and came up with the idea of using perry made from pears. This is how Babycham was born. This retro drink is still going strong today and had 2 new flavours still keep the retro theme of Cherry soda and Cream soda. This can make great gifts too along with the iconic Babycham glass. Gifts sets are also available.


slender tox tea

Something a little different as a gift or after all the food and drink eaten at Christmas and you want a detox. The range of teas, shakes and patches made to help with this. You can detox your body with an organic tea blend and from natural herbs and plants, they help you cleanse your colon, increase energy and helps assist weight loss and increase your metabolism. From around £19.99



Great high quality products for personal care and beauty products. From Shampoos and body products to tanning creams and cosmetics. Great range available for all pockets and great for gift ideas to whether it’s for your own hamper or a gift set then Creighton’s is a great place to look. Starting from round £2.99. The Frizz no more range is amazing, it really does a fabulous job at taming frizz and keeping your hair looking fabulous. 

Lumie Clock

lumie clock

This is a good gift for someone who has everything. This is a bodyclock alarm that wakes you up naturally. The light will gradually get brighter, helping you wake up better and feel alert, energised and refreshed. It helps with beating the winter blues and aids early mornings as the light helps your body produce more cortisol. It has a 30 min sunrise and sunset options, snooze function and a dimmable bedside light. The light bulb is included. From around £59.99

Echo Falls

echo falls

Echo Falls is from sunny California and have been an old favorite for many years. Using the best ingredients. They make a range from wines white, red and rosa. They have brought out a new range using natural fruit flavours to create their new fruit fusions a new cocktail series like Mojito inspired lime and mint. There is also something for someone who doesn’t want a drink and still wants something nice they so a 0% sparkling infusion. These are great to get any party off to a great start.

Eden Project Shop

eden project shop

We love being out in the garden and watching nature, bird spotting, watching the butterflies and collection caterpillars was a favorite this summer.  The Eden Project shop have some great ideas for the garden and make some great Christmas gifts ideas, and can be ordered online and delivered to your door. They have good quality well-made things to suit everyone. From food. cheese making kits and good old fudge, things for the home clocks, books and clothing to bird boxes and butterfly feeders to ornaments for the garden. Prices start from around £2.50

Adult Coloring books

xmas books

These are great all year round, come on who doesn’t like coloring in. I know when the girls are doing some we are always grabbing a colour and colouring in their books, I even find myself doing them when they have gone to bed. So when we got the chance to review the adult ones I was very please. There is a huge range available with all different styles and themes. From Christmas to a mindfulness Dairy, for men and women. They are slightly more completed than the little ones but they kept us quiet for hours. They make great gifts for everyone. They range from around £2

Doll White Teeth whitening strips

doll white

With all the Christmas parties coming up and catching up with family you was to look your best and making your smile look that little bit better is something you can do at home and not for a lot money. No expensive trips to the dentist or teeth whitening gels or expensive cleaning fees . These Doll White Teeth stips are only £18.99 and they will give you whiter teeth with 14 days. The strips are easy to use and will not damage your gums either. It removed a lot of the stains and made it feel like I had been and had my teeth cleaned properly with that lovely fresh feeling.

Paul Mitchell

Paul m

These are are a great gift idea for someone who loves their hair. Paul Mitchell has a large range of high-quality professional hair care. They were also the first professional beauty company to stand up against animal testing. They produce everything and more you can possible need for caring for your hair, from shampoo to hair spray to great repair products. With gift packs available from around £18.99. This will be a great gift or just a little treat for yourself with all the parties coming up, knowing you will be using professional hair care products and affordable prices.



Christmas is a time for getting together, go places seeing santa, christmas lights and having fun and making memories. We all love taking pictures or making videos whether is be on a phone or camera. We need somewhere to store the data and transfer it to the computer or a social network site for all to see. Or even have the pictures printed out and to do this easily you can store them on a usb stick PNY have a large range available to suit everyone’s needs and pockets. These also make great gift for people who are at school, college or just use them. The other great product available is a power pack to keep your phone up and running from taking all the photos!! Prices start from around £7.49



If its pens to write your Christmas cards or tape to wrap the presents. Or as gifts great stocking fillers who doesn’t love stationery!! With the different things, you can get post it notes and correction pens something for everyone and makes a great secret Santa present for the office. For the little ones they have a great selection of colours. When you see the Bic name you know it’s simple and reliable and great value for money. There are is also something for the men in our lives with the range of razors.



Streaming has become so popular. I rarely watch anything “live” on the TV anymore. The ROKU stick is perfect for those who love to stream movies, tv and even youtube! Now I own the apple TV and I find it very limited, especially on the app front. ROKU is far better in my personal opinion, it has some much to offer and has a perfectly size remote to go with. The perfect gift for any avid watcher.

Kenneth turner candle.

kenneth turner

Candles are becoming a must in the home. My own home is scattered with quite a few. But nothing quite like the Kenneth Turner candle. Now this candle doesn’t just come in a beautiful presentation box and optional wrapping, it also looks so fabulous and smells even better. You can’t quite compare this candle to any other. It is simply stunning. I will be decking out my own home with these and buying some for a few important people.

Blackspade nightwear 


Everyone loves nightwear for Christmas. Whether its a present on Christmas day or something to wear before hand, it is a firm favorite. BlackSpade from Patricia eve are perfect for anyone. Especially if you have someone hard to buy for. Some luxurious nightwear will be the perfect gift for anyone. BlackSpade also stock a really fabulous range of shapewear, underwear and swimwear also, all made to the very best standards.

Lifemax far infrared heated blanket

infra red

With Christmas being the season for spending time with family, it is also the season of cold weather. Keeping warm is a must for all, with temperatures plunging all over. I know for myself heat helps with the pain that MS brings. Fro my knees to my neck, having some heat added can relieve that pain and keep me warm at the same time. So the far infrared heated blanket from lifemax would make a great gift for those heat lovers. Perfect for snuggling up on a cold winters night.

Crystals with a twist. 


Crystals with a twist were launched this year. Everyone loves to add a little something special to an outfit, be it to the straps of your dress or even your party sandals, crystals with a twist is perfect for this. With party season looming, this will be the perfect gift for any fashion lover. They have a range with something to suit everyone and for all budgets. Perfect for any fashionista!

Label M

label m

Label M are a beautiful luxury haircare brand. So it’s only right they bring out some amazing gift sets for the festive season. I for one love their products and would be over the moon to receive something from the range. With something for every hair type and even those in-between, Label M are the perfect brand for those loved ones or for those who are hard to buy for. Who doesn’t love amazing hair care?! So head over their website, I’ll be right behind you 😉

Sensai cosmetics 


Sensai are a truly luxurious cosmetics brand. They offer something special with an amazing range to choose from. I love getting cosmetics for Christmas and even though I have sent my husband huge hints. I still don’t think he gets it. So, any men out there looking for that perfect gift, you are welcome. Any girl would be over the moon to get something from Sensai under the tree of even in their stocking?! They are a stunning brand who deliver on every product.

Sockshop beauty feet


Having nice feet at party season is a big must. Getting those perfectly smooth feet, however can be tricky. With beautyfeet from sockshop, they help to smooth and perfect your heals with pads filled with natural ingredients to smooth your feet whilst you go about your daily life. Super easy to use, these will make the perfect gift this Christmas. I know my mum will LOVE these. Anything to help with footcare is always welcomed and these beautyfeet from Sockshop are perfect.



Stocking fillers. For the ladies in your life this can be hard. They have everything they need. They don’t need anymore deodorant because they still have several of the ones you brought them last year. So what bits do you buy? Well these wipes from Femfresh would be great. Not only do they look awesome, but they are also perfectly sized to pop in a handbag for on the go. So, when you are shopping for stocking fillers, look out for these wipes from Femfresh.

Argon oil from Nair


Nair are a trusted and well known brand when it comes to hair removal. This range of Nair hair removal infused with Argon oil is there next offering. From wax strips to depilatory cream, Nair have something for each type of hair removal process and now they have it infused with Argon oil. I was a little sceptical, however these keep your skin feeling and looking fab whilst still removing hair in the usual way. Personally, I found it’s especially good for use on the face and bikini area. Where hair is most delicate. These separate or together would make great little gifts!

Opi Fifty shades of grey


So from the hit book and movie Fifty Shades of grey, the fabulous brand Opi have released a Fifty Shades Of Grey giftset. This set is simply stunning, with all the grey/black sexy tones you would expect of such a set. This Opi set can be purchased from Just My Look, a really fantastic and affordable website that stocks all your favourite beauty products in one place. This stunning gift contains 6 perfect mini shades and will be a hit under the Christmas tree this Christmas.

Angel face blemish balm

angel face

The Angel face blemish balm from mememe cosmetics would make the perfect stocking filler this Christmas. This lightweight BB cream gives a wonderful illuminating look to the skin, whilst fighting those pesky blemishes underneath. The BB cream is super soft and lightweight whilst giving a beautiful even coverage. Perfect for the dewy look going into the winter months. The Angel Face blemish balm is a must have this Christmas.

BT 8500 Advance call blocker


What better gift this Christmas than a phone that screens calls for you. I know, but this is real. BT have made a phone that actually screens your calls for you. When someone calls your phone they are asked to give their name. The phone then rings through and tells you who is on the line. You can then choose to take the call or block it. It’s that simple. You can even add safe numbers, so it knows which number not to screen. This phone is amazing. It will take away all the stress of nuisance calls, so you can sit back and relax. Along with the call blocker, the BT 8500 also has many other features. From text messaging and answer phone, to a easy to use phone book and complete personalisation of the features. This is the next step when it comes to home phones. A real must have.

Braun epilator


Great reliable products to suit all people and all pockets. From a razor for dad to a hair dryer for nan. With Braun you know that the products you get will be great and do the job they are brought to do. No one would be disappointed with a present from Braun.  The Silk epil 9 epilator will remove hairs from the root with comfort and speed. Finding the perfect epilator can be hard, but the silk epil 9 is perfect for getting fast and long lasting results.  



I love personalised gifts as you can always find something for someone especially for someone who has everything!! This website has a huge range of products which you can give the personalised touch too by engraving to personalised and also unusual gifts From clocks and photo frames to whisky glasses and teddies. Something for everyone and every occasion. The website is easy to use and gives you great ideas if you’re a little stuck. We had a lovely Christmas tree decoration a glass bauble with an engraved Christmas tree in a lovely gift box sent to us the quality was great with a ribbon to hang it on the tree, all for £15.99. Prices to suit all pockets

Beanies Coffee


Coffee is big business these days, and i’m always trying to find some good flavoured coffee to have at home and when i tried Beanies instant, yes instant flavoured coffees i was very happy. They had a great coffee taste accompanied by some great flavors like amaretto almond, chocolate orange, mint chocolate and very vanilla the list is endless. These make great gifts for coffee lovers with section packs, interval jars,  with mugs and bags. These are also a great addition to a homemade hamper or a secret santa gift starting at £2.50. Beanies also do a Premium Roast range with exciting flavours like orange brandy and chocolate cherry from around £4.50 they also do a decaf range to still with great flavours

Merumaya Beauty Oil


Merumaya are a top luxury brand. All their products perform amazingly and they really do what they say on the bottle. This beauty oil would make a truly wonderful stocking filler. Simply ass a few drops to your usual moisturiser and apply to the body. This beauty oil glides onto the skin and keeps it looking young and fresh. This oil can be used anywhere on the body, on the nails after a manicure or even on the scalp for a really great deep treatment. This is a truly stunning product, a real must have.