Back To School With Clarks

Back to school is here. Shops are filled with stationary, parents are rushing to get the basics, then rushing back to gather all the things they forgot.


There is one shop however that makes the whole back to school process a little more, well, streamlined.

Clarks. It’s almost like an institution, I remember going there as a child and now I am taking my own child.

I feel old. 

That aside, we went to Clarks to get Liv some new school shoes. She’s starting a new school, so we have had a complete uniform overhaul, and that includes the very best school shoes.

The process at Clarks is easy. Take a number, take a seat, wait for your number and the assistant takes over. Its moved into the “modern age” so seamlessly.

Clarks 3 clarks 2

The range of shoes on offer were fabulous. All ones I would even wear myself! Liv chose this style and then went to work on making sure they were the perfect pair.


By making sure they are easy to dance, jump and run in. But most importantly the jumping part. They couldn’t be too heavy, that made jumping impossible.

So we settled on the above pair.

The shoes were a perfect fit, wide enough to fit her feet comfortably, yet long enough for some growing room. Which is very important when you are 6!

Having the right shoes for school is a must. The cheaper shoes can often look appealing, however they are almost always quick to fall apart, with little to no support for growing feet.

Clarks shoes have always been second to none for growing feet. They have the perfect fit as they take into account the width as well as length. As both my girls have wider feet, its an important aspect. They also have the perfect support for arches inside the shoes, something which will help your littles ones feet grow comfortably.

So, get yourself down to Clarks, take a number and let them take a little bit of the stress away with the perfect pair!