Vida Steam Mop


More and more people are having laminate or hard floors in their homes not just the lineo in the kitchen or bathroom and cleaning and sanitizing it rather than just pushing a mop round is becoming the norm. So the next problem is which steamer to buy is the next question. There are so many on the market for all price ranges.  

We found this steam mop from Vida at round £19.99 from ebuyer, great value for money. This is a fast chemical-free way to keep the floors clean and germ-free and is also environmentally friendly.

With muddy paws, wet feet coming in from the garden and just everyday household mess this lightweight mop does the trick. Its funky green and white design comes with a built in water tank and the handle extends for easier cleaning. It has a triangular shaped head so that it can get into the corners easily whilst swiveling at the same time. The power cable is 4.5 meters long which is great so that you can do a large space in one go without having to keep stopping and moving the plug

Simple to use put the cold water into its tank using the jug provided it heats up then your away, with the mop heating up to 120 degrees celsius so that you have the peace of mind that the mop is getting rid of all the dirt, grease bacteria and household dust mites using a micro-fiber cleaning pad. It all ready to use in about 18 seconds.

This is a fabulous product at a great price from Ebuyer.



Vileda is a leading supply in home cleaning products. They offer a large range from cloths and scourers to mops and booms. The company was established in 1948 and been a market leader since then and they are in over 50 different countries worldwide the vileda brand “stands for high quality, reliable, innovative and long lasting products. We pride ourselves to be your expert partner for perfect homecare. Our products are built to make your housework easier.”

We got to review 4 different cloths from vileda and my sister loves a good cloth!!

First was the Active wave non-Scratch All purpose scourer there are 2 in a pack, this scourer is great for the normal everyday washing up and doesn’t scratch Teflon or non-stick. My frying pans looked great and no scratches on them Its small east to use, its easily rinses clean after it has been used. Retails at £3.73

Second was the Style Sunsplash All purpose cloth, 2 in a pack with the added advantage that they can go in the washing machine (or be washed by hand) to be cleaned so it is longer lasting than a normal everyday cloth, it has great absorbency, durability and flexibility. This cloth can be used wet or dry on all surfaces. After using hang it to dry which it does very quickly. This is a great cloth which we use in our house always for every wiping job from the fridge to car. And a nice little touch there are little pictures of sunshine on the cloth Retails at £1.94 for 2 great bargin

Third was the Micofiber 2 in 1 Kitchen cloth. This cloth is great for removing grease and wiping surfaces, it has “scouring power zones” to remove tough dirt without scratching. This can also go in the washing machine so it can be used time and time again. The Mircofiber catches the dirt and keeps it locked it so it doesn’t spread it about. Retails at £2.47

The last one was the Microfiber dust cloth, great for all surfaces and can be washed too. We have a log fire in our house so it gets very dusty very quickly and this duster gets a lot more than the normal dusters that we use it was great and didn’t leave much behind. Was great on our glass table as it didn’t leave any smears. Must be used dry. This is defiantly the new duster on our house Retails at £2.39


Zoflora Review

Cleaning in the home is something that is very important to us. Well, to my Sister anyway. With a dog and two extremely mucky children having floors and surfers free from bacteria and viruses killed, is paramount. So when the chance came to review Zoflora bouquet disinfectant, we decided to give it a go.

I have to say, it doesn’t smell like the usual disinfectants we use, it smells more like something nanny would put behind her ears, however when used diluted it really doesn’t smell too strong. It has more of a ‘fresh’ smell.

The Zoflora disinfectant came in a 120ml, bottle, however because it is concentrated, it lasts a real long time and doesn’t take up huge amounts of space in the cupboard, which is a massive plus.

You can use it neat/undiluted on sinks or toilet bowls or diluted on floors and surfaces, making it safe for the little ones. It can also be used on pet areas, so is perfect for cleaning out the guinea pigs cage. It can also be used in a spray bottle to create and fragrant freshness throughout your home.

It is great for keeping the home fresh all day.

The bouquet fragrance is made up of rose, violet, hits on green citruses and white musk making it a really unique fragrance.

Zoflora have a wide range of disinfectants, which include a variety of different scents, something to suit everyone. They can be purchased in all major retailers.