Hand Me Downs….


Butter wouldn’t melt, cheeky madam. She may have to be one of the cheekiest children I know, through no fault  of my own of course. 

Anyway that aside, with all this uniform buying going on it got me thinking about what will happen when Beboo is old enough for school? Will I go through the whole thing again or will she simply use Pop’s hand me downs? Like most families we don’t have a disposable income, and if I’m honest Beboo has already had mostly hand me downs since birth simply because we already had everything. 

From toys to clothes, we really did have everything she needed without buying new stuff. She has the odd new outfit and dress, but still it got me wondering whether its fair?

I mean Pop’s gets everything new because she was the first. She had all the new toys because we had nothing, but Beboo doesn’t get all the new clothes and toys because we just don’t see the point in buying it all twice. 

I know as she grows, we will probably have to buy two of the same barbies because neither of them share like normal children, I know there will come a point when they won’t like the same clothes so she won’t want to wear her sister’s old stuff.

But I also worry whether or not this will have an affect on her little self?

Will she be sick of the hand me down clothes and second hand toys or will she not give two hoots?!

With the whole uniform thing, I don’t think we really have a choice. They grow so fast, so buying new stuff all the time will be out of the question, Beboo will have to have Pop’s old uniform, bar the shoes.

Will she mind?

What do you think? Do you do the whole hand me down thing? Do your children mind?!

This Is What Happens When……

So, I have decided to show you a photo of what happens when you let a four year old dress herself. Now please keep in mind she is four and has full access to her own (and my) wardrobe. She loves to wear make-up (I don’t) and wear my perfume (no matter how expensive) 

So one day me and the sister decided it would be interesting to see what would happen if we let her dress herself, so here goes……

dressed herself


Yup, this had nothing to do with me and neither does the biscuit crumbs on the poof, that was the other little creature!!!!

So, what happens when your dress themself?!