Not The Happiest Bunny….

I am really not the happiest bunny right now. In-fact I think only crude fart jokes will cheer me up, the mood I’m in. 

Firstly I really miss home. I love being at my home but I just miss my bed and my shower and my toilet roll. Yes the last one was meant to be in that list. Mother has the kind of toilet roll that your fingers go through, but that’s a  post for another day!

Then I miss Skye, she has gone to Nanny Stratfords as Mum and Dad have cats and Skye loves cat, in the eating kind of sense. So I am missing her big doggy cuddles right now.

Another is seeing my house in a state. Plaster dust, like I haven’t had enough of that recently when we had the mould work done. It gets everywhere and is simply impossible to get out.


Lastly and probably the biggest reason I am a moody, disinterested cow is the fact that I have a cold sore. I only ever get them when I am tired out and down, which I am. Only because I am ready for my next infusion of Tysabri, which was Monday. But due to the lovely uninvited guest that is crusting over on my lip, this cannot happen. 

This is more than sucky. This is fucked up. 

I have one because I need the damn drugs, but I cannot have the damn drugs because I have one? How?

I know why, but my stupid brain just cannot comprehend it.

They will put it back a week but if it has not gone or I have a stupid cold or such like, I will have to wait a month. A whole month. This scares me because I know my poor body needs this right now. Also because I am so tired, I need the boost. I enjoyed feeling slightly more human, and I really don’t think I am asking too much for wanting this again.

So, here goes me trying to live a week (I pray that is all) without the lovely, lovely drugs.

Watch this space but don’t stare at my face, the cold sore is rank.