I Have Bad Habits

Yup, I do.

I have terrible bad habits. Probably really bad for my health and skin and all that, but really. I don’t think I will be giving them up too soon. Why would I, we all enjoy them right?

That’s what makes them bad!

Bobatoo wanted to hear all about them, I could only oblige, right?

So, my first bad habit? Coca-cola and other fizzy drinks. Whether it comes in a can or a bottle, if it’s fizzy I will drink it. Oh wait, I tell a lie. I prefer it in a can. makes it so much easier to obtain that way. I know, using words like obtain won’t make my fizzy binges any better.

Or my stomach lining for that matter. But alas, they make me happy.

Secondly, I pick the skin around my nails and on certain days, cut it off with scissors.


It just because it gets so hard and peeley, it drives me mad. So when I tire of the incessant picking, I get my handy manicure scissors out and snip away the skin. I think I know deep inside its the cause of the hard skin, even so, it’s deeply satisfying.

Another it that I always have to be right. Even when I’m not. I guess it seems like more of a trait? But it really does get on people’s nerves, and my own sometimes. So I felt it only right to add it to the list.

Don’t try and tell me otherwise.

You won’t win.

Picking my girls is one too. Whether its crud off a cheek or potatoes in their ears, if I can feel it, it’s coming off!

When they were babies I hated seeing them lying there with bogies up their noses. So I had them out too. In a gentle way of course, I’m not a monster.

These days if the word nose comes into a conversation my children soon retreat away from me. but to be honest, now they have children types noses it just seems gross.

Shame the same cant be said for their ears….

Then I think MacDonald’s! I rely on the big golden M far too much for my own meals. They are so just so easy when the kids are in bed or at nannies. Its just the simplicity of it. It’s probably one of the habits I would like to kick in this instance.

I won’t lie.

So, there you have it. A little portion of my bad habits.

This post is my entry into the Bobatoo.co.uk Bad Habits blog competition.

Bad Habits Blog Competition


Children’s Cooking With The English Table.

Children love to cook. Especially my children, so when we were sent some beautiful children’s cooking equipment, it gave Pops the perfect excuse to get in the kitchen and do some cooking.


The English Table have some really beautiful and amazingly priced cooking equipment for both Children and Adults (of course) and we really enjoyed taking a look around the website and seeing all the lovely things they sell. Seeing as I have an obsession with green kitchen equipment, this was perfect for me!

We were sent:

  • Chefs hat and apron
  • Beautiful butterfly cake tins
  • Cutters
  • Mixing bowl complete with all the little sized accessories Pop’s could need.

As you can see, Pops took to the kitchen with her lovely Auntie to create some amazing creations and using her bowl and measuring spoons she was even able to take part in all the complicated measuring and mixing!

Finished baking

 She was over the moon with her new equipment and was pleased with all the goodies she had made!

Now, I am lucky enough to bring you a great competition to win one of two of these sets (pictured below, not including Pop’s obviously) which would be perfect with Christmas coming, so please follow the instructions, UK Only and good luck!


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Planktons Robot Revenge And The Chance To Win A Wii-U!!


I love a good platformer, and I also love a bit of Spongebob. So both being rolled together and released for the PS3 brought a smile to my face. Add a good measure of Plankton out to try to exhaust himself stealing the crabby patty recipe and your good to go.

Brought to us by the game giant Activision, the game has nice graphics and 5 playable characters.

Packed with a small arsenal of upgradable weapons, you shoot and jump your way various levels of the nautical sea floor, fighting Planktons minions and some fun boss battles with Plankton himself.

The controls are very fluid but there is no pannable camera for better views and angles, However as you progress it’s not really needed.



The level backgrounds are very familiar throughout the game and don’t seem to change often, this is somewhere with activision and their pedigree of games could have done better.

There’s funny voice overs from the spongebob cast giving it the charm, appeal and humor we all know and love.


There is a vast amount of minions to destroy that get tougher in larger packs, and plenty of nuts and bolts to spend on weapons and upgrades.

The game also has a great soundtrack, which we have all enjoyed!

You can play with up to four players at a time, providing you have four controllers and friends with a PS3 too.

This would be great for any young Spongebob fan and give them plenty of fun, and a medium challenge trying to beat the game.

This game is suitable for all ages and would also appeal to trophy hunters, as it seems an easy and straightforward platinum game.

Spongebob Planktons Revenge is available on most gaming platform and would make the perfect gift this Christmas!

See the video below for a little glimpse of the game:

Now, I am so pleased and a little jealous to be able to bring you the chance to win a Wii-U and a copy of the game to play on it, so follow the instructions below and good luck!

UK Only.

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Novi Stars Comp!

Novi Stars are the girls from the stars who have landed on Earth to try new things, update our fashion trends, and make some new friends along the way!

They combine outrageous, out-of-this-world adventure, with cutting edge toy features never seen before in doll play. Each character has unique cosmic quirks that help express the ‘stars’ within themselves. They may look a little different on the outside, but inside they are just like any other Earth girl. Each Novi Stars™ character is completely different from the last, with amazing cosmic features, sparkly glass eyes and glitter lashes.


The four unique characters available to collect in the range are:

–       Alie Lectric™, who is very bright and has a translucent green body, which lights up  to reveal multiple cosmic colours

–        Una Verse™ is a real diva with a clear body filled with glitter and water

–        Mae Tallick™ is a huge superstar with a metallic body, who speaks cosmic phrases with her robot-like voice

–       Ari Roma™ is super sweet with her own bubble-gum scented atmosphere and removable bubble helmet. Her body is encrusted with pink glitter

Each doll comes with a galactic pet, a glow-in-the dark doll stand and the package handle even becomes an antenna headband for girls to wear.


Novi Stars dolls are priced at around £19.99.

I am giving you the chance to win your own Novi Stars doll!

(2 winners will win a Novi Stars doll Uk only)

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Totally Funky Gingerbread Man Wallet Review And Comp

Recently, I have been putting a new wallet through its paces. Its a really beautiful wallet from the people over at Totally funky, its the fairytale gingerbread man wallet. 

totally funky wallet


I really love the detail in the Gingerbread man wallet, from the labelling to the little gingerbread man keyring, they really have covered everything and made it something really different.

I especially love the fairytale characters on the front and the back and the writing which reads ‘you can’t catch me’ 

gingerbread man

back of wallet

I don’t know about you, but I like to have something different, something that I cannot simply go out to the shops and by, just like everyone else and that is what this wallet was. It was unique, most of the products on the Totally Funky website are just that, totally funky and really different which I love.

This wallet has two main compartments on the inside, a zip pocket in the middle of the two and card compartments on each side. It also has a little pocket on the front!

open wallet

open 2

wallet coin



It even has this really cute label on the inside!

inner label


Although fairly different to most wallets, it does have a good amount of space and I am one of those people who have a discount card for everything, so I really do have an inordinate amount of cards. Nevertheless, they all safely fit in with room to spare!



The wallet is both beautiful and strong, I usually buy cheap ones which last me all of five minutes, but I have a feeling this one will last me a while! I was really impressed.

The Fairytale Gingerbread man wallet retails for £19.99 and is worth every penny.

The Totally funky website has loads of different things for sale and there really is something for everyone. The customer service and delivery times were great and I will surely be shopping there in the future!

The lovely people at Totally Funky are giving you the chance to win one of these fab wallets. Simply follow the instructions below!

UK Only good luck.

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