Sandisk connect 16GB wireless flash drive review

Not everybody would have a huge SD memory card for their mobile phones or a large enough flash drive for their computer. Even now with a vast array of tablet devices available, the memory they come with is usually limited, though some do have a micro SD slots to upgrade. But what do you do when you don’t have many upgrade options left or room or ports to add memory. People don’t really want to be carrying around heavy bags full of expensive equipment.

So Sandisk have created a new solution to information storage, and what’s better is it “works anywhere, no internet required.” Covering nearly all favourable devices such as Apple/IOS and Android products and much much more. This flash drive supports your usual files you would transfer to such devices. Including, movies, photos, music and documents. It comes with it’s own Wi-Fi password protection, it’s accessible to upto a huge 150 feet away.

So say you are at work or college, and it’s in a corridor in your bag or a locker room close by, or it’s even on a sideboard in your home. Providing it is switched on you can access files via your Tablet or mobile device, saving you from also carrying around a bulky or heavy laptop, you can access your files on the device on a document viewer, video or photo player on you tablet or mobile. Once connected a single charge will give you up to 4 hours of connectivity time for transferring files, this does not require a network connection which is just outstanding. It boasts it can connect up to a whopping 8 devices all at one time, and also stream video to 3 devices at one time. So you could share a movie or YouTube clips between you and two friends on your own devices.

I was delighted to notice a Micro SD slot on the side of the device, this of course would be for expandable memory, though sadly the current 16GB is not built in, the slot is already occupied by the 16GB micro SD card. But if you are the type like myself and 16GB wont last you long, you potentially could insert a 64GB micro SD card to upgrade.

Now the build itself has a hard plastic build and an aluminium retractable usb cover. I would have absolutely no concern this device sitting in my bag full of heavy and bulky items would get damaged. Though I would still offer it some protection and keep it in a hidden pocket inside the bag and so it’s easier to find. Connecting to your computer it should automatically install it’s own drivers and this is done through plug and play. It takes no time at all to transfer files, even on older computers.

I am very pleased to have such a device and it will make accessibility to files so much easier in the future.

RIP, Marriage…

Yes I feel the time has come to tell the world about my recent loss. I know there are many, many other women out there just like me. I am finally ready to say it…


Yes, I have lost my husband to that cruel computerised bitch.

How do I feel? Well hurt, angry but most of all like throwing the damn thing out of the window!

He used to give me lovely hugs and endless kisses, now he can always be found fondling the the cold, rough control pad.

All I get now is the odd smile and cold shoulder to cuddle.

Are you, like me a console widow?