LeapTV From LeapFrog

We are lucky enough to be Leapfrog ambassadors, our first job on the agenda is  the LeapTV. We are great fans of all things Leapfrog in our house, with the leappad, leap band and a leapfrog MediKit.  They are always fun and easy to use for the girls, with that hidden element of learning along the way. So I can be happy that when they are playing on the interactive games they are getting the most out of it.

The LeapTV is for ages 3 – 8 years old. In the box comes the console, 1 handheld control ( I highly recommend if you have more than 1 child playing regularly to purchase another one for only £24.97) a HDMI cable and a camera. You will need AA batteries for the control and it has 16gb of built-in memory. It uses your wifi connection to download the games but does not allow internet browsing. You will need a computer or tablet to be able to set up the parental controls which is great giving you that piece of mind.


It was so easy to set up following the step by step guide and on screen instructions.  It comes with one bonus game called pet world, they can create and customise their own pets and then learn about looking after them by washing feeding and exercising them.  This was a real hit in our house as we love games like this. There are over 100 games available for the LeapTV from around £15.99 , another plus to this is that the games are very easy to change so the little ones can do it themselves, games include Leapfrog dance and learn to some of the well known favorites like Dora the Explorer and Spider Man

We were lucky enough to get three games with ours.

The Leapfrog TV is designed to get the Kids moving also by using Body motion to play the games. It is designed to grow with you children so the young preschools can join in and the Leap TV will grow as they grow helping them and helping improve their skills from everything from maths to reading.

There are 3 ways in which you can use the Leap Tv There is the control which is designed with these smaller hands making it easy to hold, with buttons or a tilt and shake motion there is all sorts of fun to be had.

The camera for the body motion capture, this gets the kids up and moving hopping along to guide Sofia through her obstacle course was a great favour in our house even Nanny had a go!!!! In the sports games you can do everything from Kart chops to scuba diving. Everyone can get involved and have a lot of fun along the way. In some of the games the camera will even put the children on the TV.

The last way to play is called Pointer Play with a simple click of the controller they can snap the jungle vines or break coconuts in half.

So far both girls have loved everything about the console. But they are loving the Dance and Learn game with everything from phonics and funky tunes to Ninnys favourite wow words and plenty of action words, they have been dancing along on the TV screen having a blast. Boo has just turned three, so this for her is amazing. She is extending her vocabulary, learning new doing and action words, all whilst having fun and dancing at the same time. We have not yet sampled all this game has to offer however, the girls are having too much fun. So stay tuned for an in-depth review coming soon.

The LeapTV is a great all round console with great games for the younger children to play and learn on. It got the whole family involved up and off the sofa! Great when they have friends round and its raining outside and you’re in need some different entertainment. This is a real winner .