To celebrate the launch of interactive preschool toy, Number Loving Oven, multi-award winning educational toy brand, LeapFrog, has teamed up with family favourite kids food guru, Annabel Karmel, to launch its Kitchen Kids campaign.

The campaign will see LeapFrog challenge mums and dads to bring cooking role play to life for pre-schoolers. From counting out ingredients, to mixing and garnishing, there are heaps of fun jobs for tiny hands in the kitchen and the campaign aims to inspire parents to get in the kitchen with their little ones.

LeapFrog will share kid-friendly recipes and ask parents to share their own favourite recipes and creations through Facebook and Twitter. To help get them started, LeapFrog and Annabel Karmel have also created the LeapFrog Kitchen Kids Guide, which offers parents valuable tips on how to deal with fussy eaters and expert advice from LeapFrog’s in-house learning team on how to fuel more role play opportunities at home, and the developmental benefits of this key play time.

Annabel Karmel, who has recently launched her all new Family Cooking App, said: “Kids love to play chef, and you’ll be amazed how early on they can start helping in the kitchen. Some of my happiest times with my three children growing up involved cooking and baking. Spending time together in the kitchen provided a great opportunity to teach them all kinds of invaluable skills – as well as the importance of eating well.”

LeapFrog’s Number Loving Oven talks, sings and gets number skills cooking with over 30 songs and phrases and 16 fun ingredients. Children can divide the pre-sliced food onto two plates for a friend or parent and learn about sharing, while also developing an early understanding of equal parts and parts that make up a whole. The number slider on the front of the Number Loving Oven allows children to practice number recognition and learn about the value of numbers through cooking times and temperature. To continue the exploration, children can fry an egg on the hob and hear it really “sizzle”, bake bread at just the right temperature, or cut and count slices of pizza to share.By integrating these concepts into engaging play, the Number Loving Oven makes learning fun and offers a new way to help prepare children for preschool.

Emily Brown, Senior Brand Manager at LeapFrog, comments: “Role play is such an exciting and important part of a child’s development, and often underrated. It is so much more than just playing for play’s sake, fuelling creativity, empathy and understanding of the world around them. Toys like Number Loving Oven encourage a child to make his or her own discoveries and at the same time help to hone skills that come from pretend play such as vocabulary building, social interaction and storytelling. We’re really excited to celebrate the launch of the Number Loving Oven with Annabel and hope our guide will inspire and support parents to discover new ways of learning learning and discoveries!”

Parents will be able to download the Kitchen Kids guide by going to: http://goo.gl/s03LBI

Number Loving Oven (RRP 19.99, for children aged two years and up), is available online and at major retailers now.

Annabel Karmel’s new Family Cooking App is available now for iPhone and iPad on the App store (http://apple.co/1LU3Hji). It features a ‘Kids Rule the Kitchen’ section which has special cooking courses designed to feed children’s imaginations whilst teaching essential cooking skills. For more information visitwww.annabelkarmel.com

Leapfrog Number Loving Oven

Leapfrog are a much loved and great making of toys that are not only well made and robust, but great in helping your little ones learn through play.

oven leapfrog number loving oven


We have the Number Loving oven to play with, which is great with the littlest going back to playschool for her last year, we love cooking together to in our house and playing kitchens is always a favourite.

The oven requires 3 AAA batteries which are included and from ages 2 years plus. The oven comes with 16 different ingredients and cooking utensils everything that you could want in one box for pretend play from cup cakes and fried eggs to plates and a baking tray all items are well made and well sized for little hands.

The oven has a lovely cheerful voice sing over 30 songs and phrases. Songs about counting, getting ready for cooking washing hands and turning on the oven.  The children move the number slider to learn about temperature and time, The food itself can be cut up to equal pieces to help with maths.

The songs are all cheerful and when the little ones have been playing with it you will all soon be singing the different songs!!  Even the oven door gives you cooking phrases and ones about sharing. You can fry an egg in the pan with real sizzling sounds. The light on the oven will go out when the food is done!!! and its great as all the food and utensils fit inside the oven so can be kept together and tidy.

This are great toy and for your little one and even the adults can have fun with this and pretend play and from only  £19.99 it’s a great product.

The SweetPea Pantry


We had the opportunity to review some of the rage of products from Sweetpea Pantry and as pops loves helping out in the kitchen this was really exciting.

The range was thought up by 2 mummies that loved to cook but couldn’t find a great range of baking mixes, what were health and fun recipes this is when Sweetpea Pantry was born.Its a range of baking mixes to bake at home from normal sweet biscuits to savoury pizza dough and pancake mix with buckwheat and brown rice flours, the pancakes and other products can be made dairy free too which is a great result in our house. These mixes are full of all-natural whole grains like barley and rye they are high in fibre, non GM and some of the packs are gluten free too.

They are great for all ages from the little ones that like to do there bit or the older children who want to have a go themselves. There have also come with exciting names for each product Ginger Giggles – are gingerbread people!!

Each pack comes with what you need to add, its basic store cupboard ingredients. step by step instructions that even a novice cook could cope with and find it very easy to get a great result. There is also a few hits and tips on the back on the packets about how to make them even better for you, for example decorate your ginger giggles with cranberries and currants to add that little bit more goodness to them.

Great for if your children have a play date or for a playschool to use at the everyone can get involved with mixing, stirring and cooking.

The baking mixes start at £5.95 there is great range on the sweet pea pantry website and they have baking sets which make great presents for someone your not quite sure what to buy, and lots of useful baking equipment from cutters to baking sheets

The Big Baking Book From Ellas Kitchen

We were lucky enough to get the second cookbook from Ella’s Kitchen, The Big Baking Book, The Yellow one which retails for £14.99! There is also a book one The Red one!! Which we are off to buy next


In here are 100 of recipes that are healthy and put in that all important fruit and veg that that the kids need, but in a way that they can’t taste it and don’t even know it is there!!!! It covers anything from Scrummy snacks to family dinners, party time ideas and those difficult ones, lunch boxes.

There is lots of great help for you along the way if you’re an experienced cook or just a novice wanting to cook with your kids, there is ideas and parts of the recipes pointed out where the kids can get involved too.

The cooking guide helps you with healthier ideas, hints and tips about what and how to use fruit and veg to help with things like natural sweeteners or rainbow fruit to help kids eat more of the fruit and veg.

There are little sections in the book to tell you how you can encourage your little ones to help you cook, and what more do little ones like than a few stickers which are in the back of the book, so they can mark their favourite recipes. There are also challenges like making a fizzy volcano and making a chefs hats

I love cooking with the girls and they are always willing to get involved and this also means at the end they will try the food they have cooked, it’s a great way of getting them to try different things. My two are great fans of sausage rolls so we decided to make Ella’s Kitchens sausage and veg rolls. There were a big hit and easy to do and they could help out a lot to which always makes them feel like big girls!!

DSCF0397 DSCF0398 DSCF0400 DSCF0405 DSCF0406

It was great easy to follow lots of place for them to help me out.

Ella’s kitchen are best known for their child friendly readymade meals in the shops, they believe that our children eat with their senses and also involving the children with cooking helps them in food preparation skills and helps builds a foundation for their lifetime of healthy eating habits. They have a team of nutritionists that have selected and approved every one of the recipes.

Children’s Cooking With The English Table.

Children love to cook. Especially my children, so when we were sent some beautiful children’s cooking equipment, it gave Pops the perfect excuse to get in the kitchen and do some cooking.


The English Table have some really beautiful and amazingly priced cooking equipment for both Children and Adults (of course) and we really enjoyed taking a look around the website and seeing all the lovely things they sell. Seeing as I have an obsession with green kitchen equipment, this was perfect for me!

We were sent:

  • Chefs hat and apron
  • Beautiful butterfly cake tins
  • Cutters
  • Mixing bowl complete with all the little sized accessories Pop’s could need.

As you can see, Pops took to the kitchen with her lovely Auntie to create some amazing creations and using her bowl and measuring spoons she was even able to take part in all the complicated measuring and mixing!

Finished baking

 She was over the moon with her new equipment and was pleased with all the goodies she had made!

Now, I am lucky enough to bring you a great competition to win one of two of these sets (pictured below, not including Pop’s obviously) which would be perfect with Christmas coming, so please follow the instructions, UK Only and good luck!


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