MyStyle Craft, Make Dangly Charms

With the holidays upon us, having plenty around the house to do is essential. And I’m not sure about your kids, but mine love anything crafty and anything pretty. So the MyStyele Craft Dangly Charms are perfect, Liv loves anything like this, so she was a fan before opening the box!


This kit from Interplay contains; Polymer clay (which I am new to), Ribbons in three colours, dangly charms, 3 key rings, bag clips, plastic coated jewellery wire, feathers in 3 different colours, selection of beads, toothpicks, jumprings and clamshell cord ends. And of course, a full set of instructions.

Firstly, I love the colours and the diversity of the set. There are six whole projects in one box, and I am sure if you are one of my children, you could eek that out a little more.

I try to be crafty, and some things I can do, however, fiddly is something Liv is best at. So both her and Eve sat quietly as she read out instructions. It was actually quiet, which never happens unless food is around.

The box states 8+, Liv is 7, almost 8 and she could do everything with ease. Which I think speaks volumes to the set itself, being so user-friendly and easy to follow. The impressed me actually. Some sets can just be too much and both me and Liv get lost in a sea of beads, but Interplay have cracked it for sure.

This set retails for around £14.99 and is available from amazon.




Plasticine Fun

plascine 1

Now we have moved we finally have space to craft. The girls have never played with plasticine before, so they were very excited to try it out. It’s one of those things from my own childhood which I loved. Now as smushy as playdough, so fabulous for creating models and having them stay that way. Or even smush it back down and use it for something else.

The range from Plasticine is amazing, they had so much to offer, so many different colours and each pack came with some wonderful ideas. Boo especially liked the cat ones, so I found myself making cats and dogs all afternoon.


Although she did help!

We must have spent hours playing with all the Plasticine. Even Daddy came and joined in which was fabulous. From cutters to modelling equipment, they really do have it all. I was more than impressed with my own creations and I am not an artistic person at all. But Ninny and Daddy go there creative juices flowing and went with a Kirby theme. I think it was all the pink.

So, after lots of smushing and starting again and of course, arguing from the adults kids, we had a table full of plasticine creations.

creatine 3

I think you will agree, they are amazing! 

Both Ninny and Boo are Plasticine converts. They have their creations sat neatly on a shelf in their bedrooms. Those two do love to keep everything!

I can see many an evening of making their favourite characters and animals. So much fun to be had in a squishy packet. Plasticine is a must for those craft drawers, we will be keeping it stocked up from now on!




This is a great gift idea that you can keep adding to for birthdays and christmas or just as a gift. This is designed for girls 8+ to design, customize their very own charm bracelets, different coloured threads, beads chains pearls and a lot more. There are over 100 different charms with 11 different themes. This is also an interactive gift with an app for a tablet or smartphone. This app allows the girls to scan their charms and enter this virtual ‘charmazing world’ where they can trade with their friends and connect with other fashionista. They will receive charms, empowering messages and powerful charm combination help to advance through the levels they can complete their charm collections by trading with friends the more charm collections you complete the quicker they with become the ‘ultimate charmaster’

The different themes are from nature the seasons to luck and the seaside.

Each charm comes with its own energy card. There is a lovely bracelet starter kit with work station to help you build your charms. Different sets that come in twos which is great for your charmaster and her friend. Each pack contains charms, energy cards and full instructions.

This is a great idea for pocket money to as they start from £4.99


We are Baker Ross Bloggers!

So, it seems my children’s love of craft was spotted by the lovely people at Baker Ross, so we were invited to join their blogger network.

How could I say no?

Much to my delight, we recently had a box of goodies sent to us, mainly focused around spring time and mothers day. We took the opportunity to get some of the girls friends around and have a day a Nannies making some lovely bits and bobs.

The kids and adults had a wonderful time, Boo especially seemed to love the fact she had free rein with the glue, something which doesn’t happen too often. I thought I would let some lovely photos tell the story of the day with our first box from the lovely Baker Ross.

Craft one

Craft two

Baker Ross do some amazing kits, like the daffodil wreath, the kids loved it. Their prices are second to none and the quality of each product is fantastic.

All the kids had a fab day and everyone had something to take home to their mums, the magnetic hearts were an absolute hit, the loved being able to add their own creations to the front, as did the adults evidently!

Keep and eye out for our next box of goodies and what the girls will do with it, I am sure it will be bigger and sticker than before!

Badge IT!


Pops loves anything she can make stuff with. So the Badge is has been a hit in this house.

You can literally choose any image, whether it be a photo, drawing, phrase or even a random scribble. Simply place it in the appropriate place on the machine, place the backing in the right right place, do some ‘big pressing’ as Pops call it and hey presto! Out comes the badge.

We have had a few incidents where the badge didnt quite come out as we had planned, but I think there is a knack it to. Something with Daddy naturally has. Obviously!

The machine comes with everything you need to get started, badges and even a few images, great for practising. but you can purchase refills for around £8.

The machine itself retails for around £19.99 and is for ages 6 and up. Pops is 5 and she very nearly has it down!

A great crafty toy, which I think Daddy may love more than the girls. Who doesn’t love a badge 🙂