Keeping Those Memories.

I hate stuff.

I have become someone who throws away everything. I have kept nothing from my past parters as I throw stuff away really easily. 

One thing I will not throw away is artwork .

No, not mine, I could not draw to save my life, no this is Pop’s artwork and Beboo’s when she does some.

Yes, every silly scribble I get home from play school I keep.

Don’t believe me?

Yep, I have a love of all things my girls create!

So I decided I was going to make them into a scrap book and show everyone how to do it, simple and easy.

All you need it a hole punch and some treasury tags:

You simply punch the pages and threat the tags through. You can even add the odd things and the larger pictures!

After doing it with all the art work you then have the completed book that you can add too at any time.

It cost me like £3 to do ad that included buying the hole punch.

Now I can keep an account of her art and how it changes.

How do you document their achievements?!