Its GooseBumps Time!



I can still hear the theme tune now. In-fact…

Yeh, you know the one. Oh the memories that come back every time I hear that little tune.  Of course it started with the books, the extremely terrifying books.

My personal fav
My personal fav

The lovely people at Oxford Open Learning have complied a list of some of the great ‘fads’ from back in the day. You should check it out, there are hours of memories right there! 

Goosebumps was such a must read back in the day, which in true style, soon become a must see programme. One that was one after school. I have so many memories of myself sat watching the books come to life and those programmes were truly terrifying, so Im not surprised we don’t see them on our screens these days.

I don’t think Pops would ever sleep again after watching a goosebumps episode.

I guess we were far more open to swamp men and giant people eating blobs back in the day?

Anyway the Goosebumps books were written by the infamous RL Stine, some books were based on movies and others straight from the imagination of this amazing man. Books are still being sold today and when Pops is a little older, I think we may introduce her to some of his best work…

I think the Goosebumps books and TV series are one of the biggest crazes to stick in my mind from my childhood, not sure whether thats a good or a bad thing, but still, they are legendary in this house. And, its been rumoured even the Husband was scared by these bad boys back in the day, and that is no mean feat I can tell you.

So head over and take a look the amazing crazes from the last 50 years, they will spark some memories I can tell you. Now, where did I put my pogs?!