Camp 14: Total Control

camp 14

Camp 14: Total control RRP: £10.19

This is a documentary film about a North Korean prison labour camp.

It tells the story of a man, Shin Dong-Huyk who was born in the camp. His parents were prisoners of the camp and were granted intimacy by the guards. This was the only life that Shin had known.

It also tells the story of two of the camps enforcement officers, and their involvement of the running of North Korean camps.

Shin talks about how easy it can be to be imprisoned into the labour camp. He goes onto say that being so poor, people would use newspapers as cigarette paper. If they were not careful of which part of the paper they would use, and used a piece with the country’s political leader’s image on, they would immediately be charged and sent to the camp.

Shin finds it very difficult to find his trail of thought when being interviewed. You can see what he went through is still very raw and difficult to think about. At points there are long pauses with his responses, there is even a point where he asks for a break from filming as it’s too hard to revisit the memories.

Shin talks about how important it is to not keep secrets and hide information he has received or events witnessed from the guards. Inmates are expected to be loyal to leaders and system. Even if it means handing over information that can incriminate your own family. Even when a child has taken a single grain of rice, the consequences, are brutal.

All inmates from a very young age are to work. They are sent to mine and work very long hours.

Inmates that did not show up for their duties would be shot. Their family, tortured for questions.

The enforcement officers of the camp have “total control” of the camp. They do as they see fit, to entertain themselves, pleasure themselves, torture the inmates by extreme measures including young children. Age is no protection to abuse.

The two guards talk very openly about their time in the camp. How they had no order to their role, they could do as they please. There seems to be no remorse as they describe there acts. What they did to the inmates. They appear on edge throughout the whole interview.

As wrong as what they have done is, and as much as you despise their actions, it is a different world, and as far as they are aware, they are doing their job.





The documentary is also part illustrated, to show the events of the acts of violence, torture and murder implemented by the guards. I feel it is illustrated to show people the truth, and shows what happened to the poor inmates of the camp without viewers seeing actual footage and seeing the horrors and inhuman acts or torture they endured. It would also be very graphic, brutal and would have most likely been banned.


Though illustrated, the impact of drawings are greatly effective. It’s hard to believe that these camps are around in this day and age. It makes you wonder how it is possible. It just feels so morally wrong and goes to show how prisoners in western prisons, have it so much better and easier when they commit far worse crimes.

Though upsetting and hard to watch at points, you could not take your eyes from the screen. It is a masterpiece of filming, and very important for as many people to see as possible.

Anyone Want A Kidney?!

What is it with all these organ donation stories in the press these days? I understand there are so many people on the waiting lists for transplants, but I am not sure why a family would refuse to donate in the event of another family members death. Especially if they had a donor card?!

organ donation card


I am all for organ donation, I even have a donor card which I have had for some years. My brain may not be amazing, but I am pretty sure other parts of me are A-okay.

I would even consider donating a kidney if someone close needed one. After all, I do have two perfectly good ones, so for someone who has two dud ones, its only fair.

As far as my views go on organ donation, should anything happen to my two babies, well, I think if I could save another life, after having such a tragic loss, I would. The human body is such a delicate thing, I know this first hand, so being able to give someone else something so unique would be, well unique. 

To think there was still a piece of whoever I had lost, living a full life somewhere would be enough to bring a smile through all the sadness, even for a second.

As for the people who have a donor card and their other family members overturn their right to donate the organs, I think this is wrong. If this was my child’s, husband’s, sister or any other relative, I would want to respect their wishes. After all, that was their choice and I believe no-one should take that away.

I don’t for one second think that anyone who has gone against there loved ones wish to donate is wrong or mean, everyone is entitled to there own views and choices. I just think, for me, it would be the right choice. 


The Right To Die, My View.

So I know this is a controversial topic and I know everyone has different views but this is my blog so I will give my view.

With people appealing to the government for the right to die, its a huge topic in the press right now and I have to say, its something that I feel really strongly about.

I have a friend called Kerry, she has MS too, she is older than me and her MS is alot further along than mine, she is someone I have met very few times however she is also someone who understands just how I feel.

She said something to me the first time I met her which will never leave me. This was, that one day we may be unable to walk, lift or even talk, we may be seen as ‘useless’ however our minds will still be in full thinking order, so essentially we would be trapped inside our own bodies.

I believe for people who have lived life with a severe disability, however they are still of sound mind, should be able to choose whether or not to carry on.

The people behind the decision making have no idea just what these people have gone though, the pain and the loss, always having to find other ways to do things most people take for granted. How can they really make a choice for someone else when they simply have no clue?! 

I know if I ever reach the point where I cannot move, speak or simply do anything myself, I would want to end it. Not because I am selfish but because I would not want to live in a body where I could not even express myself, to not be able to have a conversation with my children and simply just sit waiting to die, starring into space and offering nothing to the world.

I would simply feel like a burden, like I was being kept alive to simply waste away.

Now I am not stupid, although I do believe certain people should be given the right to die, I also believe that the journey to that choice should be a long, carefully managed one.

I believe it should be far from easy and I know changing the law is a tough one, however people living with these severe disabilities are the only ones who really know how they feel, they are living it each day and I completely understand why some have simply had enough.

So, Where Do We Go Now?!

I am home, things are normal and I find myself wondering where it is I should go now? I know I need to start thinking about facing my demons, especially as I want to be on the board for the MS society.

If I want to help others, I need to help myself too.

I was awoken this morning by the truly horrific sounding doorbell, honest, think “ERGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH” with a pingy sound and you have my doorbell. I awoke from my pit (lovely soft sheets I swear) I was expecting it to be the builders back to remove the key safe. Great, I would be greeting full grown men in my old lady nighty, with flat morning boobs (you know the kind) with full on cockatoo hair.

Nevertheless, I answered the door looking rough as bum’oles, only to be greeted by my MS nurse. Phew, I was surprised and wondering how I had forgotten this meeting?

We talked about feeling fine and the fact I had seen my holiday as more of an escape, apparently that is normal. 

We discussed how my feeling fine is my steroids, its something I have gotten used too, I no longer fear the down part, I will simply deal with it. It was so lovely to talk to her as she is the one who understands and she is also the one with the power of painkillers. 

Talking made me realise I have to start to move forward, although I won’t accept it, I need to stop running away, especially as I plan to make as much fuss as possible with the MS society.

Its time people stood up and listened. See people with MS may not be facing death, but we have been told we now have to live with an unpredictable, disabling life long disease. One that has no cure or no written path.

There are no answers, no percentages and no options. 

Its time people really see and hear the stories of people like myself.

Well, I am pleased to be back, I missed my space. So be prepared for more of my inane drivel and please enjoy 🙂


Filled With Nothing

My mind if filled with nothing, its blank, empty.

I feel awful, weak, tired and completely drained of any real kind of emotion and energy. My teeth ad jaw ache so much, they always do when I get poorly. I hope it goes away, its such a relentless pain.

Last week was so busy, with Hubbies operation, I had to push that much more. I tried to be there when he needed me, however he didn’t want to listen or rest afterwards, he’s a man, they never listen.

So he is already back at work, not that he was ready, again its the not listening thing. 

Yesterday on one of the multiple sclerosis groups, I found out a woman who had MS “checked out” so yeh, she killed herself. She was tired of the pain.

I get that.

Although I don’t know her at all, it made me think, I realised just what kind of a future I am facing. One that is not easy or relaxing.

That poor woman. I hope she can rest easy now, I hope she is now at peace. 

Makes you think, will I ever reach that point when enough is enough? Will I ever be so sick of the pain and so tired of the tiredness, I end it all? I really hope not.

I don’t really have much else to say today, other than I am sorry for the lack of humour and content.

I am so tired.

me n pops