So, Where Do We Go Now?!

I am home, things are normal and I find myself wondering where it is I should go now? I know I need to start thinking about facing my demons, especially as I want to be on the board for the MS society.

If I want to help others, I need to help myself too.

I was awoken this morning by the truly horrific sounding doorbell, honest, think “ERGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH” with a pingy sound and you have my doorbell. I awoke from my pit (lovely soft sheets I swear) I was expecting it to be the builders back to remove the key safe. Great, I would be greeting full grown men in my old lady nighty, with flat morning boobs (you know the kind) with full on cockatoo hair.

Nevertheless, I answered the door looking rough as bum’oles, only to be greeted by my MS nurse. Phew, I was surprised and wondering how I had forgotten this meeting?

We talked about feeling fine and the fact I had seen my holiday as more of an escape, apparently that is normal. 

We discussed how my feeling fine is my steroids, its something I have gotten used too, I no longer fear the down part, I will simply deal with it. It was so lovely to talk to her as she is the one who understands and she is also the one with the power of painkillers. 

Talking made me realise I have to start to move forward, although I won’t accept it, I need to stop running away, especially as I plan to make as much fuss as possible with the MS society.

Its time people stood up and listened. See people with MS may not be facing death, but we have been told we now have to live with an unpredictable, disabling life long disease. One that has no cure or no written path.

There are no answers, no percentages and no options. 

Its time people really see and hear the stories of people like myself.

Well, I am pleased to be back, I missed my space. So be prepared for more of my inane drivel and please enjoy 🙂