MyStyle Craft, Make Dangly Charms

With the holidays upon us, having plenty around the house to do is essential. And I’m not sure about your kids, but mine love anything crafty and anything pretty. So the MyStyele Craft Dangly Charms are perfect, Liv loves anything like this, so she was a fan before opening the box!


This kit from Interplay contains; Polymer clay (which I am new to), Ribbons in three colours, dangly charms, 3 key rings, bag clips, plastic coated jewellery wire, feathers in 3 different colours, selection of beads, toothpicks, jumprings and clamshell cord ends. And of course, a full set of instructions.

Firstly, I love the colours and the diversity of the set. There are six whole projects in one box, and I am sure if you are one of my children, you could eek that out a little more.

I try to be crafty, and some things I can do, however, fiddly is something Liv is best at. So both her and Eve sat quietly as she read out instructions. It was actually quiet, which never happens unless food is around.

The box states 8+, Liv is 7, almost 8 and she could do everything with ease. Which I think speaks volumes to the set itself, being so user-friendly and easy to follow. The impressed me actually. Some sets can just be too much and both me and Liv get lost in a sea of beads, but Interplay have cracked it for sure.

This set retails for around £14.99 and is available from amazon.