Dear Mr Cameron.

Dear Mr Cameron,

It’s been a long time coming, this letter to you.

The voting slips came in the post and I didn’t really know what to do.

Which box should I tick?

Do I close my eyes and just do it quick?

Or do I talk it through and deliberate for a time?

See Mr Cameron the decision is important to me,

My vote counts and I feel its about time you stand up and listen to the people who you just don’t see.

I understand there is no quick fix,

But did you have to pull the most vulnerable into this mix?

See it’s people like me Mr Cameron who are suffering the most.

Because its people like us who are least likely to boast.

A free car, a blue badge and undeserved money?

When in reality that is simply just not funny.

Mr Cameron Sir, have you ever been unable to work?

Have you sobbed so hard at something that does nothing but lurk?

Have you been told there is no cure and slowly your body will break down and fail?

That no matter how hard you try or scream or cry or shout you just can’t cope with something of such a massive scale.

Have you ever been told, Mr Cameron, that they just don’t know why?

Why you are where you are and how you can do nothing but cry.

Cry at the unknown life you and your family will face.

Cry that one day you will be a shell of who you are with your inevitable fall from grace.

Of course Mr Cameron I am talking about the changes to the benefits for the disabled.

The people who are just not physically abled,

To fill in your forms and attend the interviews to prove I am what I say I am.

Are you surprised in the lack of reapplications from the people of whom you don’t give a damn.

The people who struggle to get out of bed,

The people with that monster lurking in their head,

We already struggle to function each and every day

So why Mr Cameron do you make this the way?

Where we exhaust ourselves worrying about that money,

When our lives will forever be far from sunny.

Can’t you help us try and be all we can?

And do it from the moment this all began.

Because Mr Cameron we can’t take anymore.

We need help to survive, to get through the damn door.

So Mr Cameron If you want my vote,

Help the disabled, believe what I wrote.

Put yourself in my shoes and try and understand,

This is not at all what we all had planned.

Make the services and benefits fully accessible,

Because any more of this fight would be reprehensible.


I Might Be Disabled But I Intend To Do It In Style!

Its true, I have sticks and even a mobility scooter! But just because I am disabled, does not mean I cannot do it in style, right?!

So I decided to pimp my scooter, because lets face it, they are not the most attractive of things, so I bring you my transformation in pictures…..

decals pops on scooter almost ready front scooter front of scooter back of scooter finished decals

fun stuff

me doing the basket finished scooter

Sorry about the mess and porky baby legs here and there, but there you have it! You can have a disability and need these aids, but you can also make them look fabulous!

All for under £15 too!

Parent’s Don’t Share Spaces!!!!!!!!!

Its true, us parents have this little luxury called ‘parent and child parking’ and we are sick of having to share the spaces.

Now I have a disabled badge and children, so it leaves alot to be desired when we have nowhere to park. Not only do people who have no children feel free to take these spaces therefore pissing all over our parental bonfire, but older people, with disabled badges and no children, think its ‘okay’ to park in the parent and child when there are no disabled spaces?!

How is this okay?!

If I didn’t have my disabled badge, I would not park in there spaces, however why do they think its okay to park in the parent and child just because they have a badge?


I am sick of trying to use the parent and child when I have both girls only to have some old person take it because they think it is there god given right?!

Its not, its for parents like myself, who have children who like to scream and smush crisps and biscuits everywhere when the door is open. We are given these spaces so we can open our doors wide and wrestle our children into the all important car seats.

If we are given a tiny space at the other end of the car park, we will dink the car next door because we are probably already irate at walking our tantruming children all the way to the other end of the car park after discussing with them why they cannot have the £50 toy!

That is why our parent and child spaces are sacred. No accidental car door bumping and getting the noisy, small grubby ones into the car much faster so we can sit down and take a deep breath.

Or cry with relief that its over.

So, we would appreciate it if you would stop taking our spaces, you have your own and I am sure if a mother without a blue badge decided to park in a disabled space we would feel your wrath and a very hefty fine.


Rant over.