Disney princess Ariel Bath Styling Head.

Looking for something to buy for Christmas for  a little princess in your life then look no further than the Disney Princess Ariel bath styling head for ages 3 and over.  This can also help your little ones enjoy bath time and get them used to washing their own hair too. The Ariel Bath Styling head has many fun colour changing features. The water will change a strip of  Ariel’s hair from blue to teal her eyes and lips will also change colour before your eyes. There are 5 accessories that come with the styling head with clips a flower comb and a sea-shell water scoop also comes with a charm shell necklace for the Ariel head.


Ariel’s lovely red hair is  great for just brushing her hair with the brush that is included or trying out different styles, from french plaits to a glamorous up-do. Use the water shell to put cold water on her to watch her eyeshadow, lips and nails change colour.

Hour of fun in or out of the bath and it’s only £19.99 will make a great Christmas present

Disney Tsum Tsum


As everyone who reads my blog and reviews will know my two girls love all things in small blind bags and collecting things. Disney Tsum Tsums are great and fit the bill perfectly, The are small plastic, squishy  characters from the Disney films anything from Winnie The Pooh to Toy Story so everyone’s favourite film is catered for.  With a surprise Tsum Tsum inside so you don’t know what you’re getting. There are Ultra Rare ones to collect which are gold in colour (we love ultra-rare in this house)

There is over 50+ to collect in the first series and they range from around  £6.50 and suitable for ages 3+. Great for gifts for birthday presents and for both your and old as we all like a bit of Disney.  A great addition is playset toy shop to have fun with your Tsum Tsums and help with imaginary play.  These toys can also be stacked wide or tall and if you have doubles you can trade with you friends too.
There is a huge range of Tsum Tsum products to go alongside the toys from clocks and puzzles to duvets sets and bags, all with the Disney Tsum Tsum characters on them.

Inside Out Goodies From Disney

This year Disney Pixar’s summer movie was Inside out, and we saw it 3 times!! It was a real hit with our biggest girl. We are on standby for the DVD to be released. It’s a cartoon about a young hockey loving girl named Riley and her emotions, who are these characters that we see in her mind helping her through a difficult time in her life moving to San Francisco. The emotions of joy and sadness are put to the back of her mind and anger, fear and disgust take over. Most of the film is set inside Riley’s mind and how her emotions keep Happy or Fear keeps her safe. The emotions change reacting to her circumstances and creating her memories. It is a funny film and enjoyed by all of us.

So when we got the chance to take a look at some the movies merchandise, we were very pleased. There are a great range of items out there from the Disney store to suit anyone who loves the film and to suit all budgets.  


You can get all of Riley’s emotions as talking dolls which are great very good quality. We had the emotion disgust who is green and has a removable green dress with leggings and great sparkly hair. She says 11 phrases from “Whatever” and “That’s not completely horrible to “You like Hugging” and the voice is very realistic to the movie. There is a memory ball where you can put your own image that you want to remember. From ages 3+ and retails at £15.95 this is really fabulous Disney product the price point.


Yes Christmas is just around the corner, it will be here before we know it  so if you’re looking for a gift for a young child then there are some great ideas like the Inside Out bracelet pens which make a great stocking filler. 5 pens that can made into a bracelet or they can be joined all together. They have charms with some of the characters from the film on, and at only £8.95 they can make great party bag fillers also.


Last but not least we had some sticky notes. These are great for our household, as we have to make notes and make sure we remember things!!! different sizes and bright colours so as not to be missed. with the characters from the movie on them also, they make it super fun for kids. The sticky notes also come in a great book to keep them all up together so they are there when you need them. These retail at £9.95


Inside out goodies will be on many a Christmas list this year, so head to the Disney store for some emotional bargains 😉 see what I did there!?

Disney Princess Palace Pets

palace pet

Ninny is a massive Palace Pets fan. These lovable little pets belong to the Disney princesses we know and love. There are many different pets to collect, so you can really grow a beautiful collection.

Each Palace pet comes with a few lovely accessories, like a hair brush for their bushy tails, crown and dress/skirt to look beautiful with.

Kids will have hours of fun playing with their palace pets and growing their collection for years to come. Ninny already has quite a few of the characters with many more making her Birthday list. Obviously. With prices staring from around £5-£6 they make perfect little treats.

Ninny decided to do a video unboxing/review, so please watch and enjoy 🙂


Disney Teen Beach Movie

What girl doesn’t like a teen musical?! Well, every girl in this household was more than excited when we heard that Disney Teen Beach Movie was being released.

Even better we were sent some goodies so Pops and her cousin could enjoy it in style and even feel like one of the gang.

teen beach movie

When Mack and her boyfriend Brady going and catch that last wave before he gets shipped off to boarding school, they end up being transported into a very ‘west side story’ esque time.

Basically,its bikers vs surfers, throw in love, rivals and music and you have one very up to date west side story film! With plenty of catchy music (thanks for that Disney) and the fact they have to find a way to get back to the ‘real life’ made for two very excited and enthralled girls. Wrapped in in there Teen Beach towel and clutching a signed photo, this movie was the perfect Disney hit for the summer.





As we remembered to set Teen Beach movie to record when it aired on the Disney channel we have watched it until we are blue in the face, signing along to the fab tunes, I can see the soundtrack making its way to the Christmas list!

If you haven’t already seen this movie, then keep an eye out on the Disney channel for it, it got a massive thumbs up from us!