#DocMcStuffins PARTY!


This Pet vet Doc Mcstuffins party was all about making the toys better! All the boo-boos and owches needed to be dealt with and my did we have a que!

We started off just generally playing, everyone needed to settle and say hello as the girls invited friends from their old schools. So it was nice to see everyone!

Firstly we played stick the boo boo on the patient and after deciding where to place said boo boo, each child was blind folded and spun. FUN! Eve was the winner on this occasion. Much to her delight.

Then we played what’s missing from the Pet Vet bag. This is a new toy in the Pet Vet range and it is amazing! So sturdy, full of the right equipment. The older girls were better at this one. Much to Livs delight. Can you see whats missing?


Then came food time. By this time everyone was ready to munch on all things yummy. As we had already had a pre lunch, we did a smaller spread, but it went down a treat!

The other mummies were very impressed so far and even commented on how great it would be to be able to buy the items as a kit. Fabulous idea.


We even let them decorate the DOc Mcstuffins cakes!

Then it was another game. Help Findo find his way to Doc. Now this was my favourite and myself and liv were especially over the moon when we finally found the way. It’s harder than it looks you know!


Finally it was free play. We decided to let Eve have this one. She was so desperate to be Doc and her friends were a little shy on the matter.

So she went to work on fixing all the soft toys people had brought along 🙂

evie stuffins

Overall we had a fantastic time. The new series go amazingly with the toys and the kids really loved bringing their beloved Disney character alive.

Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Twitter Party! #DocMcStuffins

So, here we are in October of all months. This month is a special one. We have a huge Halloween party coming up! But also we are hosting a Doc Mcstuffins Pet Vet Party!!!


On the 15th of October we will being having guests galore, games and a lot of dancing. Please remember to head over to twitter on the 15th of October at 1pm to tweet along with the hashtag #DocMcstuffins to watch the madness unfold and to win some pet vet prizes of your own!

Dont forget to follow @UKMumsTV and me @thehazelkey AND use the Hashtag #DocMcStuffins

I will see you there 😉

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We Are Hosting A #DocMcStuffins Party!

Doc Blogger Button (1)

So on the 26th of February between 1-3pm we are hosting a fabulous Doc McStuffins twitter party! We all know we are all big fans of the Doc. We have spent many a winter day watching Doc fix her toys, so we are delighted to be hosting the party.

For us it will be a special party as we will be hosting it from our State of the art lodge with a hot tub, as a special treat, so this party couldn’t have come at a better time really.

We will be playing games a plenty with dressing up, tic tac toe and even eye tests, so please do join in with the fun from 1pm on the 26th of February on twitter with the hashtag #DocMcstuffins and you could win yourselves all sorts of wonderful prizes!

See you then 😉


Doc McStuffins Eye Doctor Bag Set


Boo loves Doc McStuffins. The days we must spend watching her fix her toys this winter could amount to many. To be honest, she is pretty amazing. I like to liken her to nurse nancy with more up to date equipment. She was my favourite back in the day.

This set comes with everything you need to keep your toys eyes look good. With a changeable set of lenses, endoscope, pippet, working head torch, eye chart, eye patch and a stunning bag to keep it all in, kids will feel just like Doc herself.

The set itself is covered in an old favourite, glitter. But unlike cheap toys, the glitter actually stays put. A massive plus for me.

We decided to shoot a little unboxing video, so we can show you just how fabulous this set is. It is our first, so please be gentle.

Doc Mcstuffins, Doc Is In Playset.

doc 1

These last few weeks we have been trying out the new Doc Mcstuffins Doc is in clinic. The girls both love Doc Mcstuffins, however Boo seems to have adopted this new playset and it has become a very firm favourite. This two story playhouse comes with three figures and furniture a plenty!  With real sounds and stickers to make everything look that little bit more’real’ this set is worth its weight in gold.

doc 2

When buying larger sets like this I am a little bit of a skeptic. I worry the house will be flimsy (my girls can rip apart anything) and also the pieces going missing. I hate that.

However I was pleasantly surprised. The house is sturdy (it has traveled to two locations with us and it still in tact) and the pieces are all still present and correct. Its perfect for little hands and larger ones, heck we have even had a dog playing with this set. Everyone loves it and Boo has had hours of fun, on the first day she was literally quiet for hours.

The Doc is in clinic set comes with the Doc, Lambie and stuffy, as well as the aforementioned furniture. The entire set is ultra durable and with the back of the house being open, is makes for much more accessible play. Something the girls have loved.

The Doc McStuffins Doc is in Clinic retails for around £49.99 and it would be perfect for any Doc fan.

It has come with us on two holidays and is still going strong…

Doc 3