Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots

It is all in the name with these new dolls! Tinsy winsy weeny tots are small, tiny, little baby dolls that fit in the palm of your hand!

Our girls love to have something to collect and these dolls will not disappoint as there is 15 in total. They look very lifelike with great detail on their faces with lovely little expressions and of course, they have squashy soft bodies so they are great for hugging.

Another lovely touch is that each Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tot comes with his or hers own hospital wrist tag with its name and date of birth which is another feature that our girls loved.

The box the individual babies come in double up as a cardboard cot for them. They have lovely tiny outfits for them to wear and they come with a little toy, We had Baby Mia dress in a pink pajama outfit with a rattle and baby Logan dressed in a blue baby grow with his own ball. Some of the other outfits on the other babies are very cute with Millie on a rabbit snowsuit and India in a pink bedy bag and her hat has ears on.

Along with the 15 different Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots to collect there are 3 accessory sets complete with a doll too, we have a lovely out and about set with a pram with a moving handle nappy and nappy bag everything your little one will need to take their Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tot out and about. There is also a Bedtime set with a lovely crib and the collectors case is a compact carry case has different compartments to put your baby dolls in their cots, drawers and cupboards to keep all their clothes and accessories and a fold out nusery comes with another doll and a selection of accessories including a bath and both great to keep theTinsy Winsy Weeny Tot up together

The individual tots are £7.99 each and the sets start at £14.99 these are great for birthday or christmas gifts with an age range of 3 to 7 years old these are available to buy from smyths.


Betty Spaghetty Is Back!

With the girls growing up and so close in age it’s always nice to get them toys which they can play with together and help teach them to share. They love dolls big and small and like to play with toys that help with imaginary play, so when we got the chance to review Betty Spaghetty they were thrilled.


Betty spaghetty has hair like spaghetty (hence the name).  She has her best friends with her and they are ready to get the party started.  Betty Spaghetty and her friends Lucy and Zoe come equipt with share and swap party clothes so they are ready for a party, or Betty, who is in her sleepover gear ready for when her friends and herself can have a sleepover.  You are able to share their outfits, hair and hair accessories to create new and different looks all the time.

The Deluxe Betty Spaghetty mix & match set for £29.99 for ages 3 plus has over 55 different accessions from different colour hairs which can be changed from doll to doll these can also be made into plates or use the accessories to help style them for the party, hair clips , beads and shoes and much more you can even change to doll’s arms  which are bendy to suit whatever they are upto the possibilities are endless.

betty spag

Your little ones can get to decide how the dolls look and what they wear to help them really get involved with the game that they are playing bring the dolls to life. There are many different dolls to collect so your little ones will never be bored with the different styles and ideas that can be had from the Betty Spaghetty dolls. These dolls are a real must have and your little ones can even take dolls to a friends house and mix n match the clothes and accessories.

Shibajuku Girls

We had a great opportunity to review the new Shibajuku Girls Doll with the girls growing up they are are starting to get into dolls, dressing up and hair and these new dolls tick all those boxes.

shibajuku 2

There are 5 of these dolls to collect and each has her own personality and style. They are dressed in the latest fashion with great coloured hair.


We had Namika to review which was perfect for the biggest one as they both love doing the same things, reading and she loves science and they both loves to study the stars, trees plants and the sea. With 5 to collect you will be sure to find one that is similar to your little ones.


The dolls are fully poseable with a friendly looking face with glass eyes and real eyelashes with great sparkly eye shadow. Each of the dolls come with 4 hair accessories that can go in the doll’s hair or your little one’s own hair too. All the clothes and hair accessories can be changed from doll to doll so they can share with their friends.

Dolls are from around £33.99 and for ages 3 years and up.

Project Mc2 Camrym’s Skateboard #Britishscienceweek

So it’s British science week, what vetter way to get the kids into science than with the fabulous Project Mc2 New range.

We love this Netflix show, we also love the dolls. Not only are the fabulous for play, but they also bring a bit of science into the mix.



This time, we are looking at Camryn. Camryn is known for her super high IQ, she is a real genius when it comes to the garage. Especially when it comes to her souped-up skateboard. Her catchphrase is “nailed it” 

Camryn is Livs favourite. She loves her quirky personality, so she was especially excited about having her doll counterpart to play with.

Each Project Mc2 doll comes with an experiment to do together. Something that is linked into the character. Camryn of course, has something skateboard related.


On the back of each box comes the simple and easy to follow instructions. This one is to gain access to the blueprint to put her skateboard together. All you need to do is brush it with some H2O (water) and reveal the instructions on the paper!


Liv has been learning about H2O in school, so she especially liked that this had been used.

She was able to complete this experiment all by herself. Which is an added bonus.

I think the Project Mc2 range does a fantastic job of bringing science to life for the kids. We have looked at two other dolls, both with awesome experiments attached.

Of course with all the science stuff they also get a super cool doll at the end of it all to play with. The dolls are stunning to look at, each bringing their own style to the mix. We love that they have ‘joints’ of the elbows and knees, making them super easy to play with, in any situation. NO matter how squashy 😛

The dolls retail for around£29 and can be purchased from any good toy retailer.


Keep an eye out for out video demo, coming soon 🙂





U Hugs Dolls

Who doesn’t love coming up with your own ideas on what your doll should wear and look like. These U Hug dolls do just that, bringing out the creative side of your little ones and help them use their imagination and create games with to play with their friends.

collage 1

These are great gifts for if your little one has been invited to a birthday party any girl aged 5 and up will love these and at £14.99 they are a great price. The dolls are released on the 17th Feb so these are a real must have.

They are a set of dolls that can be customised, they come with interchangeable accessories. There are different characters  to collect one to suit whatever your little girls are into, from Starry Fairy who is pink with wings and a wond, Scratchy DJ with her own headphones to Scary baby who’s not really scary and is complete with nappy and dummy and Sassy fashion dolls with great pink and black hair.


Each dolls is their own style so you can change there clothes, shoes, mouths, eyes and wigs to personalise the U Hug doll. These accessories can be interchanged between the different dolls. The doll is made from soft plastic with 16 holes for the pins and their is a compartment in the back of the dolls to store the extra pieces which is great because there hopefully!! will be no more “i have lost my dolls hair!” which we have a lot in our house. The pieces are easy to take out and put back in.

The pins are unique with different ones for each doll, and they have a diamond pin on the top of their head and a unique symbol of the U hugs family. The shoes for each doll are fashionable styles and you can flip them over to create a new design.

Each doll comes with 12 different pins.