Toys From Shimmer and Shine!

If you have you ones in your house then I’m sure you will have seen the tv programme Shimmer and Shine, they are twin genies in training who grant wishes for Leah who is their best friend and as they are still in training the wishes don’t alway turn out how they want them to and Shimmer and Shine have to sort out their magical messes. When they all work together to make sure they can put things right, by doing this it teaches our little ones to learn from their mistakes.

Our two girls love nothing more than a bit of dress up and role play and to be able to look like and have some of the items form one of their favourite tv programmes they were over the moon with the Shimmer and Shine Pony Tail assortment at and the Wish Come True Purse Set, these help them get into character. This new collection makes ideal presents and keeps your little one’s imagination going for hours.

The Pony Tail Assortment helps your little one have lovely long hair the same way as their favorite Character, We had Shines lovely long sparkly blue hair. The ponytail is easy to fix to your little one’s own hair, all you need to do is put their hair into a bun and the pop the pony tail over the bun and use the hair on the ponytail to go over the bun and put the comb into to ponytail and flip it over. You might need to use bobby pins or a slide to keep them into place. With a lovely jewel on the hair band this completes the look.


The Shimmer and Shine Wish Come True Purse comes with a play brush, two bangles, stickers and a magical wish necklace. Your little one can decorate their brush and purse with the stickers. Then with the magical wish necklace they can turn the gem and make a wish. With the purse, bangles and necklaces they can use this to help their imagination and to play with their friends and get into charter and to have hours of fun.

From ages 4 and up the Pony Tail Assortment is only £9.99 and the Wish Come Turn Purse is £19.99


And if you weren’t singing the theme song in your head throughout this review then I’m not sure you are a real fan 😛

Christmas With Smiffys

evie main

“It’s going to be Christmas soon, it’s going to be Christmas soon. Veerrrry verrry soon”

That is the song this little mermaid has been singing non-stop for the past two weeks!

Safe to say the Christmas madness has begun. What better way to spend the Christmas period than dressing up in something wonderful. Evie is obsessed with dressing up. If you have been following our vlogmas, you will have seen her in a different ensemble every day. This gorgeous one is from Smiffys.

Smiffys are a well-known brand when it comes to costumes and all things dressing up.

This year they have a really fabulous and vast selection of Christmas themed costumes. From nativity characters for your little ones Christmas play, to something a little different for the Work Christmas party.

Evie decided this Christmas called for a mermaid costume.

evie smiffys

Firstly the delivery was super fast. The website offers next day delivery, so great for a last minute purchase.

Second the quality. It is just what you would expect from such a fabulous brand. It fits perfect but also has the little bit of growing room, so it will be a long-term addition to the dressing up box.

So with all the festivities, don’t forget to grab that something special to make this Christmas one to remember.

Go on. Head over to Smiffys and pick out something fabulous.