3 Reasons We Won’t Be Taking Part In Halloween

It’s that time of year again. All hallows eve. A reason to dress up in some horrific costume and run wild on the streets.

Now I would normally partake in all the shenangins, as would the girls, however, this year it’s different.

This year it has been well and truly ruined.

So I give you, my top three reasons we are not taking part in Halloween.

NUMBER 1: General trust amongst other human beans. It’s true. A year of heartache across the world, with people killing each other for no reason at all but to make a statement. The trust has all melted away leaving people not even passing out a smiley hello or thank you.

We literally just keep to ourselves, ignoring what the rest of the world is doing in hopes we can lead a normal, stranger free life.

It’s sad really when you think about it. Communities are few and far between and even then people are second guessing and keeping their guards well and truly up. 

NUMBER 2: The kids go to a C of E school. So Halloween isn’t something they partake in, so the girls haven’t really been caught up in any of the hype. It has been more about harvest and giving back to others.

Something they have both done really well.

So it’s not really been on the forefront of their minds meaning I haven’t had to hear about it every few minutes.

NUMBER 3: Probably the biggest reason we won’t be taking part is the killer clowns. Now this is ridiculous. My children shouldn’t have to be sat down to be warned about trusting anyone dressed as a clown.

It’s  a conversation I never imagined myself having!

It’s ridiculous and plain frightening. Why are people trying to spoil these occasions with violence?

What does that say to our children? Or even mankind as a whole?!

I can’t imagine the devastation for the clown community. Their livelihoods pulled from beneath them because someone decided now would be a good time to whack on a clown suit and murder people?!

Who thinks like that?!

Now dressing up has become feared. No longer can the kids dress up and go trick or treating. I know I certainly don’t feel comfortable with it and I will not be opening my door on Halloween.


So there you have it. Any dressing up will be done at home, as usual, all year round.

Are you taking part this year?

We would love to know 🙂

Christmas Changes And Pops The Elf

Yesterday saw my first born have her very first Christmas play. I have never been so proud and shocked as I was yesterday afternoon.

Apart from it being incredibly cute watching her play and sing and be herself, it was a real eye opener. My little firework was quiet, shy and sensible. Nothing at all like she is at home. I know they will be different, but come on, she was so well behaved?!

Anyhow, the one and only Santa came for a visit, I know I could not believe my eyes. Pops made daddy go up with her and get her present, she was shy however she has never been a massive fan of meeting him in the flesh, so this was no surprise.

Whilst sitting at our table, I noticed all the other kids had opened their presents?!


What the hell was going on?!

This seemed to be okay with everyone else, I was the only one looking around like a wally.

Where is the waiting and keeping it for Christmas day? I mean I let it go when I found out her friends opened their presents the day they got them, however this pushed me over the edge. 

I always waited until Christmas day to open my presents and Pops has many (too many) already under the tree, however I knew stopping her from doing as all her friends had was something I simply could not do.

Do you make your kids save them for the big day? I bloody well hope so! 

Well, either way here are some photos of Pop’s as she has been mega Christmassy recently! Enjoy 🙂

20121214_085430 20121217_080739She is a cutie 🙂

Snails, Safe Nails For The Ever Growing Pop’s.

So its no secret on my blog that Pops is my little toddle teen. She loves all thing pink and although its beyond her years, she has taken a shine to all things make-up orientated.

Yes she is three and no she does not get it from me, I never really wear make-up, however kids these days really do grow up so fast, so I simply go with it. 

I was really excited when we were given the chance to review this new Snail Safe nail polish.

This little set was great, it included a candy floss nail polish, wipe and and a snail marker, which is amazing for doing so great nail art, it can be found here.

The great thing about this amazing new snails nail polish, its that it is 100% water based and non-toxic, so no little nasties and comes in a range of colours. It is so safe, I can let Pops paint her own nails, as the Snail polish simply washes off, so there is no need for any nasty nail polish remover and no worries if they have school the next day. 

Snails safe nails are also hypo-allergenic and free from preservatives, yet it still lasts two years, although I am not sure Pops will let it make it to two years! 

I have been really impressed with Snails, as has Pops:

Pops really loves using her Snail varnish and marker, as does Daddy. They have a wide range of colours and gift sets that would make any little girl happy. Check or their fab website here.

I am more than happy to let Pops use this washable and non toxic nail varnish, safe in the knowledge that is it 100% safe.