Tree Fu Tom: Tree Fu Magic DVD Review

tree fu tom dvd


Both the girls have become massive Tree Fu Tom fans, even Beboo loves it and bobs along to the music, so this DVD was very much a must for the girls.

Tree Fu Tom is great for any fantasy loving child. Tom starts out the beginning as a normal 8 year old boy, who them transforms into the amazingly tiny Tree Fu Tom when he puts on his belt and does his special magic moves.

Suddenly he is in Treetopolis, with his best friend Twigs, the acorn and we are transported into this magical world. Both the music and the fact Tree Fu Tom has his special moves, which the kids can join in with, makes it really special for the little ones. 

In this film, Tom and Twigs (voices of David Tennant and Sophie Aldred) and friends must contend with the naughty Mushas, who as usual are up to no good. This action packed adventure really gets the kids involved, with Tom needing the help of “big world magic” to save the day. This includes the kids and gets them up and feeling more involved.

This film has been  massive hit, even the Husband likes it. It is the perfect film for any Tree Fu fan.

This DVD retails for around £9.99 and has certificate U.

Monster High Double DVD Review

monster high double


Now, we are fairly new to Monster High, we have seen the dolls around so we were really looking forward to letting Pop’s put this double disc set through its paces.

Now I was a little worried she would be a little young, however she really loved it. The characters are based on the children of famous ‘monsters’ and for an adult watching it, it made it really quirky and fun.

Why Do Ghouls Fall In Love is about Draculaura and her sweet 1600 party, with the normal ups and downs tweens are having with this really great monster high spin on things.

Friday Night Fright is about a tournament called the skultimate roller maze, the Boys at Monster High and another school Granite City High get into in tournament where the boys from Monster High get hurt therefore cannot compete in the championship, this is where the ghouls step in!

Both these are great films and we all really enjoyed watching them. Pops has become a firm Monster High fan!

This 2 disc DVD retails at around £8 and is a must for any Monster High fans!

Barbie In The Pink Shoes DVD Review

barbie in the pink shoes


How many little girls do you know that don’t like Barbie?! Pop’s is no exception to this rule and was thrilled when this DVD turned up.

We own a fair few Barbie films but this one has to be her favourite so far.

Its about a young girl called Kristyn (Barbie) who finds a magical pair of pink ballet shoes, which transport her into a magical world, where she dances as the star in some famous ballets. Its full of girly magic, where all Kristyns dreams come true.

Pops loved the storyline and loved the great soundtrack just as much, in-fact she already knows the words!

Barbie in the pink shoes retails at around £8 and is de to be released on the 18th of March, it is the perfect addition for any little Barbie fan.

Anger Management, Season 1

anger management


Hubby loves two and half men and Charlie Sheen, who really did not disappoint in this series. With a really great cast this series was great to watch.

Charlie, played by Charlie is a former baseball player who turns his hand at anger management, whilst seeing his own councillor. In true Charlie Sheen style, things will never be simple. He ends up juggling his own odd clients as well as trying to continue his own manic life.

The whole cast really do make this series one to watch and I hope there are more series to come. Each episode is full of real life out loud moments that just keep coming.

This 10 episode 2 disc DVD is great for a giggle, plus its a great way to make you feel better about your own life.

Anger Management is out on 14th of January 2013 and retails at around £18.

Now Is Good Review


I am not sure I can really put this film into words. It truly is a must watch.

Its set in England.

Its about a girl called Tessa, she has terminal cancer and has chosen to stop treatment. She has chosen to let it take its course.


Tessa has a list, a list that gets bigger after falling in love with Adam. Her character, played by Dakota Fanning, is truly a fabulous character. She plays the role so well.


This film, had me on edge and in tears from start to finish, not something that is easily done by a film. The music and evolving story line was what made this film amazing for me.

Especially the storyline between Tessa and Adam. Tessa’s outlook on life is truly what makes this film special, it rally gave a great connection with the characters.

I am not going to give away the story as it really is something people should find out on their own, however for anyone that likes a good tear jerker, this one really is a must see.

Now Is Good is being released on the 21st January 2013 and retail at around £12.

I really cannot recommend this film enough, its a real must see!

In fact, I’m off to watch it again, tissues at the ready 🙂