Despicable Me 2 Review


Any fan of Despicable me 1 would be overjoyed to hear it has a sequel.

So hurrah to the return of Gru, the hard not to like super villain, excellently voiced and brought to life by the talents of funny man Steve Carrel, his now iconic and family favourite minions, his delightful daughters Margo, Agnes, Edith, Assistant mad scientist Dr Nafario voiced by Russell Brand, who like or loath him makes a great contribution to this low key yet likeable character, and finally, Gru’s not so pleasant dog, Kyle, along with a good handful of new friends, acquaintances and enemy’s.

So what can be in-store for the worlds best criminal mastermind who has three adopted daughters to keep in tow. A new ingenious plan to beckon the world to his needs, a journey to another planet to see what resources he can steal for ransom. His daughters certainly feel a woman’s touch would be nice around the home, and as much to Gru’s despair, has a neighbourhood of woman wanting attention.

Again a criminal rival has stolen something, this time a secret laboratory from the artic circle, but wait a minute! Whoose treading on Gru’s toes. What is he going to do about it? Chase after the villain stealing the limelight, freeze him and put him on display in a museum while he takes the glory and the prize?

Get a visit from the Anti-villain league who want to recruit him to take down the villain, protect the world and bring him to justice?!?! Surely he wouldn’t would he?

Of course he wouldn’t. So Gru gets man-napped by special agent Lucy Wilde equipped with enough gadgets to match James Bond, she forces him into the boot of a car with, two of Gru’s loyal minions pick up pace to try to rescue him and get nabbed themselves. They travel into the sea in the bond style boat/car and see some creatures of the sea on their journey to the AVL’s secret head quarters.

Although reluctant at first super villan Gru turns secret agent is partnered with Agent Lucy Wilde and packed with his own arsenal of gadgetry and minion horde, but trusty assistant and friend Dr Nofario, is off in search of a better paid placement with a more energetic villain.

Packed full of humour for all ages, it is delightful to see a return to the charming super villain and his lunatic minions who will try and do anything to entertain the group. Going in a direction you would never expect brings a new style and purpose for the films. Hugely enjoyable and entertaining and a film you will definitely see more than twice.


Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 Competition

Yes its heres! Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 was released on the 17th of February on DVD and Blu-ray, I am lucky enough to be able to give you the chance to win the DVD and a cloudy with a chance of meatballs goodie bag.


We loved the first cloudy with a chance of meatballs, it was just the right amount of silly and this one does not disappoint. It starts right where the first one left off, but now Flint is finally getting the recognition he so deserves, or so he thinks. He is hired by his idol, Clint to come and work at Live Corp company, Clint knows something Flint does not, that the invention that turned water into food, landed on an island somewhere, and he wants it.

Clint sends Flint on a mission to the island when he hears about the  tacodiles, double bacon cheespiders, apple pie-thons and such like, because the machine is now being used to make foodimals! With the help of his friends and a little Strawberry named Barry, they must the machine and save the world once again.

Cloudy 23 Cloudy 1

This film looks amazing I think you will agree and I am so please to be able to bring you this competiton to win a copy of the DVD and a Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 goodie bag!

Cloudy 2 Goodie Bag

Follow the instructions below, Good luck!

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Camp 14: Total Control

camp 14

Camp 14: Total control RRP: £10.19

This is a documentary film about a North Korean prison labour camp.

It tells the story of a man, Shin Dong-Huyk who was born in the camp. His parents were prisoners of the camp and were granted intimacy by the guards. This was the only life that Shin had known.

It also tells the story of two of the camps enforcement officers, and their involvement of the running of North Korean camps.

Shin talks about how easy it can be to be imprisoned into the labour camp. He goes onto say that being so poor, people would use newspapers as cigarette paper. If they were not careful of which part of the paper they would use, and used a piece with the country’s political leader’s image on, they would immediately be charged and sent to the camp.

Shin finds it very difficult to find his trail of thought when being interviewed. You can see what he went through is still very raw and difficult to think about. At points there are long pauses with his responses, there is even a point where he asks for a break from filming as it’s too hard to revisit the memories.

Shin talks about how important it is to not keep secrets and hide information he has received or events witnessed from the guards. Inmates are expected to be loyal to leaders and system. Even if it means handing over information that can incriminate your own family. Even when a child has taken a single grain of rice, the consequences, are brutal.

All inmates from a very young age are to work. They are sent to mine and work very long hours.

Inmates that did not show up for their duties would be shot. Their family, tortured for questions.

The enforcement officers of the camp have “total control” of the camp. They do as they see fit, to entertain themselves, pleasure themselves, torture the inmates by extreme measures including young children. Age is no protection to abuse.

The two guards talk very openly about their time in the camp. How they had no order to their role, they could do as they please. There seems to be no remorse as they describe there acts. What they did to the inmates. They appear on edge throughout the whole interview.

As wrong as what they have done is, and as much as you despise their actions, it is a different world, and as far as they are aware, they are doing their job.





The documentary is also part illustrated, to show the events of the acts of violence, torture and murder implemented by the guards. I feel it is illustrated to show people the truth, and shows what happened to the poor inmates of the camp without viewers seeing actual footage and seeing the horrors and inhuman acts or torture they endured. It would also be very graphic, brutal and would have most likely been banned.


Though illustrated, the impact of drawings are greatly effective. It’s hard to believe that these camps are around in this day and age. It makes you wonder how it is possible. It just feels so morally wrong and goes to show how prisoners in western prisons, have it so much better and easier when they commit far worse crimes.

Though upsetting and hard to watch at points, you could not take your eyes from the screen. It is a masterpiece of filming, and very important for as many people to see as possible.

Snowflake The White Gorilla



Anything that contains snow counts as a Christmas film for me! SO this came at the perfect time as we are Christmas bound.

Snowflake the white gorilla the about Snowflake, who funnily enough, is a white gorilla.

Snowflake is sent to live with a family before going off the live at the zoo and at her time with the family, she makes friends with the lively Wendy, who gives her the name Snowflake.

When she goes to live at the Zoo, she soon becomes the star attraction, however that does not go down very well with the other gorillas, who are not afraid to share their feelings.

Snowflake decides she has had enough of being different so decides to sneak out of the zoo with the help of her friend Aliur, to find the witch who she heard, can make her ‘normal’

Of course they have some obstacles along the way as someone is trying to capture Snowflake, who belives her white fur will bring him bad luck.

I wont give anything else away as you need to watch the film to find out.

For me personally, I love family films like this and I believe it carries a good message for the little’uns, lets face it, the perception of ‘normal’ is different for everyone and that is okay.

Pops enjoyed watching and even managed the mild peril without shrieking, however Beboo is still a little young, but she will grow into it.

Snowflake was released on 7th October 2013 and retails for around £6.


The Hive Review



So, its here, volume one from the hit Disney JR series, the hive. This series follow Buzzbee, his family and friends on all sorts of adventures. Pops love the CGI programmes, she has done since she was tiny, I think its the bright colors and fun story lines. Anyway her and Nanny would always sit and watch together when she went for a sleepover, so when she heard the Hive had come to DVD, there were happy faces all round. I think even Nanny was excited, she spends far too much time watching the Disney channel 😛

The Hive as a series is great. The characters all have british accents and I think even some Geordie thrown in there too. This is probably my favourite thing about the whole DVD, you don’t see many talking british bees! We watch the very cute life of buzzbee and his family, Papa bee Mama bee and co, as they live day to day, kind of like you me and me but they are bees and can fly!

Volume one is taken from Disney jr, without the breaks and everything inbetween. A massive bonus for the little ones. The adventures and music keep both the girls entertained the whole way through.

The DVD retails for around £6 which is a great price for such a fun and entertaining series!