Now Is Good Review


I am not sure I can really put this film into words. It truly is a must watch.

Its set in England.

Its about a girl called Tessa, she has terminal cancer and has chosen to stop treatment. She has chosen to let it take its course.


Tessa has a list, a list that gets bigger after falling in love with Adam. Her character, played by Dakota Fanning, is truly a fabulous character. She plays the role so well.


This film, had me on edge and in tears from start to finish, not something that is easily done by a film. The music and evolving story line was what made this film amazing for me.

Especially the storyline between Tessa and Adam. Tessa’s outlook on life is truly what makes this film special, it rally gave a great connection with the characters.

I am not going to give away the story as it really is something people should find out on their own, however for anyone that likes a good tear jerker, this one really is a must see.

Now Is Good is being released on the 21st January 2013 and retail at around £12.

I really cannot recommend this film enough, its a real must see!

In fact, I’m off to watch it again, tissues at the ready 🙂


Multiple Sclerosis #2

Dear MS,

It has not been long since we last spoke. However I felt the need to write you. I have been blocking you out, forgetting and carrying on, now I am afraid, afraid because I have to face you.

I have to face the fact that you are here and never going away. Soon I start treatment, a fist class treatment so I am told. This alone means I have no choice but to face you, hence why am I writing to you, to let out my pain and frustration.

The treatment is the best out, it may not make you go away but it will keep you at bay that little bit longer. I am sure you will find a way of getting through here and there, but this is the only way we can live together.

It will not fix the damage you have already done, which you have now don to both my eyes. My ophthalmologist had never seen it in both eyes before, just proves what a vicious bastard you are.

This treatment is a danger in itself. I could die. Yes MS its that fucking serious, but I will do whatever it takes to stop this rampage you are on, maybe calm you down to a quite jog.

I will try my best and give this treatment a good go. If this doesn’t work then it will be just you and me again, in a fight to the finish.

For now MS I will say goodbye.

Good luck, may the best lady win!

Until next time MS.


When will it end?

When will I stop feeling so crap everyday?

When will the fighting stop?

When it is time to say enough is enough?

Why do the people you love the most make you hate yourself more than you already do?

How is it okay for someone you love to make you feel so alone ad isolated.

Why can’t I seem to cut a break?

Does he think I want this? Or asked for this to happen?

I fight daily with my emotions of my MS, mostly bad, mostly hurtful and painful.

Something like this affects every little part of you and your life.

Is it okay to feel so worthless?

The girls are the only reason I smile, the only reason I carry on fighting so hard.

Lets face it, i’ll never be the old version of me again I am finding it so hard finding the new one too.