Blogging, It Is What You Make It.

Its true, for most things in life really, you only get out what you put in and blogging is no different. it is what you make it. These last few months I have taken many a train trip to London and I have attended many events. I have met so many lovely people and companies and I have pushed myself and my blog into so many different opportunities.

Sometimes going out of your comfort can be good.

I could sit around and wait for people to find me, however I figure, why wait for them to find me when I could just as easily find them?!

As a blogger who is part of many different communities, you hear the word ‘blagger’ thrown around far too much. I hate that word, its so unflattering. However,I don’t see anyone asking of looking for reviewing, competition or collaboration opportunities as a ‘blagger’ I see them making the most of what they have and pushing there ‘brand’ further.

For me, people who use that incredibly unflattering word, are people who simply hate the fact that other people are going and getting these exciting opportunities. Its jealousy. 

A really vile emotion.

The fact I can stay at home with my children and give something back to them and my husband, means so much to me. As well as raise awareness of MS and make some amazing friends along the way.

So for anyone who is wondering how to get going in this blogging world, I say, join in and go and find the things you want to do. Don’t be afraid to speak up or to send that first email.

Last weekend I went to a really fantastic blogging conference in Manchester, one which I will be writing about over the weekend. The conference taught me that blogging really is what you make it, you only get out what you put in, it may take time but it is totally worth it!

And also, please remember, never let anyone put you down, most people in the blogging community are amazing, however there are a select few who simply ruin it for themselves. Ignore it and carry on 🙂

#BlogonMOSI Bring On The Cake!

Yup, this Sunday me and Hubby will be making our way up to Manchester, to the MOSI to attend the new and fabulous blogging event Blog On, which has been organised by the lovely Laura from Tired Mummy Of Two. Not quite sure what possessed her to take on this huge mission, but mega thankful she did.

First things first. I will be getting up at 7am to attend this event. I don’t do mornings well, so I will need sustenance once I reach said venue.

Next, who am I? Well I am Chelsea, I blog here (DUH) and the most fascinating thing about me is that I have multiple sclerosis. I don’t want pity, I simply want to blend in and have a giggle, therefore I have decided not to bring my walking stick. Yes I can walk, the sticks I use are for support as I am a faller, but I intend to push myself that tiny little bit  this weekend.

I am partially sighted, so if you ask if I have seen something and I say yes, I am lying. I just hate repeatedly saying no!

I have half my head shaved (I have thick hair and I hated doing it, so I shaved half off) and a lot of tattoos, I am not scary and I don’t eat live animals or anything, I just like to express myself with tattoos, each one tells a story, a story I am more than happy to share. Also if you want to know something about my MS and how it affects me, then ask, I prefer this and I really do not mind one bit!

I blog because its like therapy for me, my life has changed so much over the last year. I am more confident, and I have so much more to say, who knew that was possible? I am looking forward to learning more so I can push myself and my blog further. I also like cake.

So please come and say hello, I look forward to meeting everyone 🙂

This is me, on the left.



OKAY, I am on the left below, I swear.



See you there!!!!!!

So, Tomorrow It Is

Yup, tomorrow is Britmums Live 2013 and me and Hubby are all packed and ready to go!

So, this is it?

I am going to be in a room full of hundreds of amazing bloggers and all I feel like doing is staying at home and hiding! And not even because I feel crappy, because this morning I woke up feeling so much better, at last.

I really have no idea what the hell I am scared of, wish someone could tell me!

I will be wearing a fluorescent green top, yup. True story.

Maybe that’s it?!

Well whatever it is, I need to pull up my sucky in pants, take a deep breath and just do it!

On the plus side, at least I feel better in time. Got to love just how high steroids can take you, I intend to enjoy every single minute of it, not push, but just smile and have fun.

Its not often me and Hubs get to venture out into the world without two little buggers screaming away beside us, they will be enjoying some quality time with Nanny 🙂

Well, I am off to chill out before tomorrow!

See you on the other side………….



Baylis And Harding, A True British Company

A few months back, I was given the opportunity to go along to the Baylis and Harding HQ to find out what this company was all about.

In all honesty, I had seen there products but never really thought twice about them. Its funny how when you know nothing about a company, you don’t really think twice and giving the products a try.

I don’t really know what it was I was expecting, however it was not what I was greeted with:

 B and H 1

It was absolutely amazing, from start to finish and even in the toilets, we felt like we were famous!

On the day we got to meet with the owners who turned out to be brother and sister, we heard the story behind the Midlands based Baylis and Harding and quickly learnt this was very much a family lead company, they love what they do and that comes across in their products.

B and H Shop 1

b and h shop 2

They strive for affordable luxury and that is something that really came across during the day. Baylis and Harding source the best ingredients but at the cheapest prices, so the end product is something everyone can afford. That is something I really loved about about it all, they don’t whack on a huge great price tag just because they can, they really do care about their customers.

They day was really amazing, we got to see every aspect of the company and were given the chance to do a supermarket sweep and take home some of the amazing products, I have never seen a group of women so very happy! 

So now its my turn to spread the joy with a competition!

baylis comp

You could win this great set for yourself or someone special, simply follow the instructions below, UK only.

Good Luck

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