The Hive Review



So, its here, volume one from the hit Disney JR series, the hive. This series follow Buzzbee, his family and friends on all sorts of adventures. Pops love the CGI programmes, she has done since she was tiny, I think its the bright colors and fun story lines. Anyway her and Nanny would always sit and watch together when she went for a sleepover, so when she heard the Hive had come to DVD, there were happy faces all round. I think even Nanny was excited, she spends far too much time watching the Disney channel 😛

The Hive as a series is great. The characters all have british accents and I think even some Geordie thrown in there too. This is probably my favourite thing about the whole DVD, you don’t see many talking british bees! We watch the very cute life of buzzbee and his family, Papa bee Mama bee and co, as they live day to day, kind of like you me and me but they are bees and can fly!

Volume one is taken from Disney jr, without the breaks and everything inbetween. A massive bonus for the little ones. The adventures and music keep both the girls entertained the whole way through.

The DVD retails for around £6 which is a great price for such a fun and entertaining series!

Guy Fawkes And Fireworks.

So this weekend started with a bang. Literally.

My lovely brother-in-law had an early birthday party in the form of bonfire night, we had soup, pork rolls and a whole host of puddings. He loves all the building bonfires and lighting his own fireworks stuff, so I would say this was perfect. 

Plus the Mothers house and garden is big enough to invite everyone in the world ever. I jest, but its great size for a big party.

I invited the lovely Laura and her little ‘Ooosh’ lover. Plus Pops got to invite her best friend, who we shall call Bean, mainly because I cannot think of anything else right now, so I am going with Bean.  

Here is our lovely evening in picture…

IMGP0499 IMGP0503 IMGP0502 IMGP0506 IMGP0511 IMGP0512 IMGP0513 IMGP0515 IMGP0525 IMGP0526 IMGP0527 IMGP0528 IMGP0530 IMGP0533 IMGP0534 IMGP0536 IMGP0538 IMGP0555 IMGP0556 IMGP0557 IMGP0559

Yup, that is me with a ladle . 

We had a really lovely time, although the kids wanted more fireworks, I did explain that we do have to buy them, the certainly do not grow on trees!

It was Beboo’s first firework experience, although I did give her a crash course by randomly shouting bang at different times of the day throughout the week.

It seemed to work 🙂

So that was our early Guy Fawkes bonfire night and we had a great time! As you can see from the bonfire Guy burned like a pro.

Ha. That never gets old. 

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