“Please Don’t Squeeze Your Sister’s Head!!”

Yup, its something I have found myself saying repeatedly recently, “please don’t squeeze your sister’s head” and no matter how many times I say it, it still does not sink in.

I swear, being a mother means we might as well have ‘Please Ignore’ written on our foreheads, even my husband finds the urge to completely ignore me far too appealing.

And to be honest, I blame the kids.

I think he is learning it from them.

I can be repeatedly telling Pops to please not sit on the dog and she just carries on sitting on the poor animal, it usually gets to the point where I am either shouting each word very slowly but loudly OR going and taking her off the dog, sister or table.

Husband wise I can ask him 4/5 times to please pick up my prescription from town, whilst he is getting ready to leave for said journey to town. Only for him to tell me to stop telling him as he heard me the first time. Then on his return I ask about the prescription, only to be told he forget?! HOW?!

I do sometimes wonder if they have like a thing going on to see who can ignore Mummy for the longest.

Its a very similar when it comes to things like housework and trying to teach the small people between the rights and wrongs we human folk face.

I can tell them all over and over and over and over again, only for it to be forgotten two minutes later, when they have fallen down the toilet or forgotten to feed the dog.

Sometimes I feel like I need one of those megaphones! Hmmmm….



I could stop nagging and trying to bring the girls up with a little bit of class but that would be too easy…. That is what they want!!!

Maybe I just need to come at it from a different angle?

Maybe treats or tummy rubs?! NO sorry that is dogs. Maybe I could take away the TV and all game systems? Then they would have no choice but to listen?!

Whoever says they don’t have this problem because their family are perfect is lying, that or they just haven’t noticed yet! 

Living Each Day, Because That Is All We Have

I have started to turn a corner, taking each day as it comes and dealing with it the best way I can, far from perfect and a little flaky, but what choice do we have?

I find that fact that I have this disease forever, a hard one to take. I cry and shout and yes, I have doubted myself and wondered if its worth being any more. Its not a nice feeling, or one I find easy to deal with especially as I have no choice in the whole thing.

I guess as humans we do what we can to survive, because really, we are programmed that way. So when life throws you a lump of steaming shit, you grab a cloth and start cleaning.

Just so happens with MS, the steaming shit throwing is constant and relentless. So we adapt, in a sense maybe we buy one of these fancy JML cloths. Go from there and keep trying. 

I tend to be the giving up type.

However with two little buggers monsters needing you every day, you really don’t have the giving up option.

I wish other people would see how life changing and debilitating this disease is. So many people know of it, however they simply know nothing about it.

I guess ignorance is bliss?

Or simply ignorant, I can’t decide?


Sometimes I Wonder…

I do, I am one of those deep thinking types, I wonder about alot of shit.

Okay, maybe I am not a “deep thinker” just humour me.

These past few days have been interesting to say the least, my lovely blog is moving hosts as my old host really pissed me off! No warning or help offered, no that would be to hard. No explanation of why they has taken it down, I am telling you now, that company must be run by a man why else would it be so flipping awkward!?

I am not going to apologise for that either, because I am simply not in the mood.

Please bear with the blog, it will all be well again soon I promise. Or heads will roll.

On a better note, we had a photo shoot yesterday with the lovely Emma from snowing indoors. She was my first twitter meet, scary I know, its okay though she was lovely and we are all still alive.

It was lovely to be together, plus the fact it was in park. Pops was her normal uncompromising self, refusing to play ball, or run around the tree in this instance. We did some good old “parent manipulation” and she soon did it without realising.

Good times.

We also feed the ducks the the obligatory “beef holahoops” Yes I am aware that’s not the norm, however it is what I found in the bag. Feel free to blame me for all the cow eating ducks, okay?! 

We are really excited about the photos coming, finally have some with all of us that are not taken on a webcam or by a camera with mummy guessing where to point it.

I hope to be back on top form next week, but right now I am tired and cannot be arsed! 

Oh, one more thing, tummy injections hurt. Alot. If you don’t need to don’t do it. Ever. 

Why I Hate Snow…

“A snow day!” I hear you cry, me? I was simply crying.

A whole day inside with the girls?!

A whole day?? Really??

I for one will not chance falling over and Beboo is way to young to e going out in the cold cold snow. So the only small relief I had was when Hubby took Pops sledging, brave man.

So after a day of shoving, screaming and falling down, I have a headache and I am so SO thankful it is bedtime, I could literally kiss the husband, okay, maybe not that much. 😛

There are pictures all over facebook of small children out in the cold with no hats, scarf’s or gloves. Come on people, pick one at least?

Anyhow here is some snow photos, I am off for a cup of tea and a sleep, wow I know how to roll. 

pops and snow

snow house


Sorry, No Drugs Here!

So we live in a friendly neighbourhood, next door are lovely and we have a lovely relationship with most people around here.

There is one thing that has been really grating on me and Hubbys nerves, drugs.

A few doors down from us, there is a house that supplies drugs to people, these people wait outside my family home.

They are supplying drugs to children as young as 12, how do I know this? Because we see them in groups waiting for the ‘runner’

I am sick to death of this happening right outside my front door and I am also sick to death of our local police station doing nothing about it.

They simply say they went and found nothing. Why can’t they watch the road, it happens over 4 times a day.

This is an issue I feel so strongly about, many children live down here, including my own,there is even a play school 5 meters away from my house, it is disgusting and it has to stop!

I don’t want my children growing up around this, more needs to be done!

men walking away

Those three men walking away had just been stood outside waiting for the ‘runner’ Had my camera not had a delay, I would have got him handing it over!

Please share this post, things like this have to stop, its getting beyond a joke and I don’t want this around my children.