New From Schleich

We all love animals young and old.  When we were children most of us had a farm or some animals as toys we have been lucky enough to have Schleich animals. These are a brand of models and figures that are well made and help our little ones with imaginary play. The range includes anything from the everyday farm animals, which as you can see are stunning and the animals we have at home as pets, to those that are more imaginary fairies and elves to knights and dragons. 

There is a huge range available you can find them to buy in many places such as toy shops and garden centres and some are for pockets money prices they make them great toys for little ones to collect.

The animals themselves are so realistic smaller versions of the real thing. From cute cats (which is a real winner in our house) and dogs to elephants and snakes. Some of the types of animals have more than one. From different breed of dogs dalmatians to german shepherds.  To animals in different poses. There are so many available there will always be something to bring a smile to you and your little ones face.

Our favourites are the forest animals with hedgehogs and squirrels, These new farmyard animals from Schleich are also a winner. The detail on them is incredible and they have already made their way into in daily playbox. 

They also make great ornaments in your little ones rooms or like we do we have them in our welsh dressers (we collect sheep)

Schleich have been around for many years and are a trusted name, with a hand painted finish and widely available with gift sets and lots of accessories from barns to fences. There is everything you need to for your little to build up a farm or even your own stables.

They also do a great range of models of dinosaurs too for your little monsters.

They range from about £2.99 and for ages 3 and up.

WeebleDown Farm

Weebles Wobble but they don’t fall down! Who doesn’t love a Weeble?

weeble 3

Young and old the Weebles have been around since the 70’s they are great toys that are egg shaped and they have a weight placed in the bottom-center so that they will wobble but always return the upright position.

weeble 1

Weebles have and always will be, well-made toys and will last forever, there is something for every small persons taste. Many different playsets and charters to be had and to suit all pockets. Ranging from around £4.99 to about £29.99. They do Tv characters like Peppa Pig with a full range of characters from the favourite children’s TV program to to play sets like Peppas Wind and Webble playhouse to Rock ‘n Wobble Playground and Weeble Down Farm.

We were very pleased to get the WeebleDown Farm to play with, as the girls love animals and there is a great selection to collect for the Weebledown Farm, like Rusty the Rooster who comes included with the farm. The animals range from Patch the Dog and Daisy the Cow to Truffles the Pig and Woollaby the Sheep which start around £4.99 each and come with their own pad which connects together to make the farmers field some even come with vehicles which include hay bales and milk churns, which can be connected to the Weebledown farm tractor which is sold for £19.99 to create the farmers field.

The Farm has a working windmill which spins round when the milk churn is pushed and the Weebles can spin on the millstone  at the bottom of the side which the Weebles  can wobble down. There is a turning weather vane in which the farm weebles can sit on. This is hours of fun and you can keep adding to the Farm and watch it grow.


Both girls love watching Rusty slide down at warp speed, having seen the set advertised on the TV, they were both bursting to play with it from the get go. I can see this being a set we will be adding to more and more over the years.


From ages 18 months upwards