Christmas With Debenhams

Debenhams has to be one of my favourite department stores. They offer so much for everyone, from kids to adults in clothing, beauty and gifts, you can always find what you need in Debenhams.

This year I thought I would put together my favourite outfit from Debenhams. Over the years they have grown so much in size, they sell so many different brands that it is often hard to choose. I know I spend many an evening looking at bags and wallets. Loading up my basket, then realising Ben will kill me if I spend even more on bags.

Not that this has ever stopped me 😛

So I put together an outfit that firstly I love and secondly I personally think it would be fabulous for both day and night, dressed up and finished with all the little finishing touches.


Now fashion is all very well, but I think adding your own style always makes it perfect. I may have overloaded with geometric print and spots, but that is how I like it. I like to look a little unique.

The red coat is perfect for that pop of colour this winter, it also looks super comfy and warm. Finding a coat that will be timeless through the years can be tricky. But with this one I think it will look fabulous year after year.

Another classic is the Chelsea boot. Now I love it a little bit because we share a name, but also because I can wear them. I have larger calfs, so as much as I would love to own a pair of knee highs, the likely hood of that is very low. So the Chelsea boot is a perfect alternative.

The bag is also a favourite. With the flash of pink and polka-dot pattern, this will look on point throughout the seasons.

Narrowing down my choices were difficult. Mainly because I love it all, but that is the thing about Debenhams, they really do have something for everyone, including all the classics, like the leggings 😉

So, if you are looking for the perfect outfit for the party season Debenhams is a must!


Bags For Summer, Vendula London

So I have been looking at bags for the summer season. I came across the fabulous Vendula London. This is a little snippet about Vendula London which i think explains them perfectly…

“Vendula is a London-based team of fashion fanatics completely dedicated to the design and production of fabulous, affordable accessories for women. We create the designs for all our products, and also source all the materials and components, which makes our accessories completely original…”

I won’t lie. I LOVE this brand. In-fact even looking at the website right now, I have my eye on a few things, I think I may end up making a few purchases.

I mean look at this bag….

Vendula london

I know, I am in love to. Everytime i leave the house with it, someone asks me where its from. Even my best friend Erika is in love with it.

The Vendula lingerie bag.

Front back

This is the burgundy bag, however it also comes in black and lilac. All are equally as stunning. First thing I noticed when this bag arrived was just how well made it is. It just feels luxurious and like so much love went into it. It was love at first sight, I won’t lie.

Inside the bag has the same feel. The lining is beautiful and the three compartments mean everything has its place. It even has some pockets on the side for a diary, some makeup or even your phone. Meaning you spend so much less time rifling around trying to find something.

inside bag

With the two handle styles, one being the over the shoulder strap, you can really wear it how you need. Whether your just off into town or even on a night out, it will do for any occasion.

The Vendula Lingerie bag retails for around £75, a perfect price for this little bit of luxury. You can even get other accessories to match, I am thinking about getting the matching wallet. Its the right thing to do!