Our Fire Side Fiction Favourites

This is our entry into the #Currysfiresidefiction competition. Both ourselves and extended family love a bit of fiction. whether its in the form of a book or a TV show/film, so we thought we would tell you about a couple of our favourites found over the year.

We will start with books, and our book of choice is The Bone Season.

The Bone Season is a fantastic book that is the début novel for Samantha Shannon and it is incredible. A read like never before you follow the life of Paige Mahoney in the year 2059. The world is not as we know it now, there is a new order and people with gifts such as Clairvoyance and psychic abilities are hunted like criminals.

One day Paige is drugged and kidnaped. When she regain consciousness she is in Oxford, a captive, policed by Raphaites. Assigned to an individual Warden Paige slowly discovers the horrors that Oxford now holds.

A completely unique tale, Shannon has created a world that captivates and grips you from start to finish. A must read. 

Next is a little different, but a real corker, The 2014 Transformers movie, Age of Extinction.


Now this movie didn’t get the best ratings, compared to the others. However from a personal perspective, I loved it.

It was the first film Ben and I have been to see in the cinema together after five years of marriage (yes, madness) Although I felt the beginning of the film could have done with some changes with the story telling as far as how the new “creators” got there in the first place. Now the Autobots are being hunted for their metal to use to create a new breed of robots.

The type the humans can control.

But after melting down parts of Mega Tron, these new creations took on a life of their own and soon the Autobots were needed to save the day.

The graphics and soundtrack gave the movie a more emotional connection. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time worrying about Optimus and the gang.

This movie did do a fantastic job of setting up the scene for the next installment, which for me made me forget a little about the slightly odd start.

I cannot wait for the next movie, which I know will be full of more “edge of my seat” moments!

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October/November #netflixstreamteam

SO, its been a busy few weeks. With Christmas on the horizon and Halloween just gone, it probably wasn’t the best time to rebrand everything.

Anyhow, October with Netflix was brilliant. All the Halloween classics for the kids and super scaries for us oldies. From Hocus Pocus, which is a firm favourite of mine, to amazing series like American horror story, which I am always cowering behind a cushion whilst watching. Especially when we were sat in the dark after all our sweets had gone on Halloween night!

ameircan horror

Netflix have some great conversation starters for those cold winter mornings in the playground:

1.    Heard of a Jian Bing? It’s half way between a crepe and burrito! The soya milk pancake can be sprinkled with sweet or savoury. Try these for your Netflix night in, inspired by Walter’s pancakes from Breaking Bad.

2.    Tried Bokwa? It’s a new dance class craze based on drawing the alphabet with your feet, whilst burning calories! If it’s been a long day you could put onFootloose and freestyle (or relax and watch on the sofa).

3.  Board games are back! A recent survey by Britain’s biggest toy retailer revealed despite kids loving digital gadgets, games such as Monopoly will be big this Christmas. Get the kids playing early to polish their game playing skills and come out on top before Christmas hits or if your board game is buried in the attic you could always watch Robin William’s fight to save a toy factory in Toys

Now its November, long nights and dark mornings, but the selection on Netflix just keeps getting better.

With the Christmas season approaching, we are trying to find more ways of saving money, so staying in is the only option, but with Netflix we have plenty of films for the kids, whether its good old monsters inc or a good Christmas film. They have got it sorted.

monsters incsanta 1santa 2

So, get the duvets on the sofa and sign up to Netflix at only £5.99 a month, just in time for the festive season.


School Is Out For Summer, July With Netflix! #Streamteam


So school is out and that means one thing. Movies for the kids!

With rainy days indoors and the overwhelming heat, sometimes the best option is sitting inside with the fan and a good movie.

unnamed (4) unnamed (3)

The girls are at a similar stage now, so they tend to like the same movies (phew) This month they have been enjoying some bubble guppies and Dora the Explorer. Yes we know all the songs and the storylines off by heart, but we still love watching!


Netflix have a HUGE variety for the kids to watch, you would be hard pushed to find nothing to keep the little ones entertained.

However below are some crafty ideas and yummy lollies, of which I will be making. Lactofree of course!

 Get creative with our craft idea, and try out our healthy brain-boosting snack too!

Story Starter craft

Try out this neat, colourful craft that inspires the whole family to participate in the art of storytelling, keeping creativity sharp.


Strawberry-Yogurt lollies

Check out this brain-enhancing snack here

This month for me it has been about two things. Misfits, which was incredible and of course, Gossip girl. Both have kept me entertained through the world cup and beyond.

With Netflix faultless service, I have enjoyed hours of Bart Bass and Rudy. Perfect.


Remember, you can get netflix from £5.99 a month. Its well worth it.

Our April With NetFlix!

We are lucky enough to be a part of the Netflix stream team, so every month I will be bringing you some of our favourite titles for the month. From family nights into scary evenings on the couch, if its on Netflix, you can be sure to find it  here 🙂


So with the Easter holiday this month we had two small children to keep entertained. Netflix was the perfect way to have something different to watch. Not sure I would be alive had it just been CBeebies! So this month the girls have enjoyed Tangles, Peter pan, Winnie the poo and Carebears! Perfect!

















Both of the girls had a fabulous time movie wise, we had popcorn and duvet days a plenty! There really is so much on offer to children of all ages on Netflix at the moment, perfect for keeping them entertained on a rainy day!

I have had a rough month this month, So I have taken to the bed on more than one occasion. Usually I would watch several DVDs on repeat, however now I have NetFlix which has kept me entertained for hours. One film that was particularly good this month was The Big Wedding, I was a little dubious to start with but it was full of everything a true rom com needs, a real must see!


I also dared myself a little and watched a few scaires alone, Solstice, The Lazarus effect and Dark Skies! All amazing films which were just enough scary for little old me. I may have also watched the entire seasons of Modern Family. My new favourite TV series and a real must watch in my eyes. Cannot wait for more seasons to be added.

So that was our Easter with Netflix, roll on May for late nights and help with the early mornings!

Remember you can sign up to Netflix at any time by following this link. For as little as £5.99 a month.

Disney Teen Beach Movie

What girl doesn’t like a teen musical?! Well, every girl in this household was more than excited when we heard that Disney Teen Beach Movie was being released.

Even better we were sent some goodies so Pops and her cousin could enjoy it in style and even feel like one of the gang.

teen beach movie

When Mack and her boyfriend Brady going and catch that last wave before he gets shipped off to boarding school, they end up being transported into a very ‘west side story’ esque time.

Basically,its bikers vs surfers, throw in love, rivals and music and you have one very up to date west side story film! With plenty of catchy music (thanks for that Disney) and the fact they have to find a way to get back to the ‘real life’ made for two very excited and enthralled girls. Wrapped in in there Teen Beach towel and clutching a signed photo, this movie was the perfect Disney hit for the summer.





As we remembered to set Teen Beach movie to record when it aired on the Disney channel we have watched it until we are blue in the face, signing along to the fab tunes, I can see the soundtrack making its way to the Christmas list!

If you haven’t already seen this movie, then keep an eye out on the Disney channel for it, it got a massive thumbs up from us!