Are You Afraid Of Your Local Supermarket?

Yup, it is true, I am afraid of Supermarkets.

Not just one in-particular, just supermarkets in general.

It is such a crazy thing to be afraid of, its also getting incredibly annoying but they really do freak me out.

Its the whole speed of everything and everyone. There is so many people, so may things in such a small space, even the thought of it creeps me out. 

I guess its the whole sight thing, when I get hot my sight gets worse and supermarkets are not the most relaxing of places, so the two combined jut make the whole experience really unpleasant for me.

Both me and Hubs have worked in them, so its not like I am not used to it? My sister still works part-time in one herself, which for me is lucky because when I do venture in, I make sure I am with her.

So this fear is really irrational, however still real.

People are just so vile when they are food shopping, its like we all become the incredibly grumpy nation when we go supermarketing?

Yes I know that’s not a word!

But its true. Standing behind me and huffing because I am trying to see what I am buying is not nice, it even caused me to buy my Husband a ‘To My Wife’ Anniversary card last year, I kid you not!


It might be ‘The Season’ however this does not mean we should all be angry trolley wielding creatures.

Chill out…