Online Friends ARE NOT REAL

This is a post I have been thinking about for a while.

Having a blog online has opened up many things for my family and me. One of the biggest things is friendship. 

My facebook contains mainly people I know online, with only a handful of friends from school.

And I like it that way. Those people get me. I chose those people to see into our lives that little bit more.

A few months ago, some totally narrow-minded fool made the idiotic comment on how my online friends were not real.

They couldn’t possibly be my friends. They don’t care. They are not real. They are not who they say they are.

To that I say, BULLSh*t

Most of the “fake people” I talk to online I have met. I have spent real time with.

In fact, my best most closest friend in the world is someone I met online.

Her family have become a part of mine. We go on trips and visit each other. We talk all day long on facetime. We have the oddest in-jokes known to man. Yes we fight and we disagree but when push comes to shove, we’re family.

I am lucky enough to call some fabulous bloggers my friends. They are supportive, they listen, they care and they can take the world by storm if they need to.

They are people you feel honored to have on your side.  People who have your back when the poo hits the proverbial fan.

I have seen these “fake people” change lives.

Yes, there are some crazy people online who pretend to be someone else, but you can usually pick out those oddballs pretty fast.

I think these friendships formed online are becoming more and more prominent. The internet connects you with people who many not have otherwise known, and that is amazing.

So to anyone who doubts the connections made online are real or important. I feel for you. Being so cut off and cynical must be horrid.

Because me and my best friend do all sorts of awesome…

me and erika





Dear you, you’re a mess…

Dear 15/16 year old Chelsea.

If your reading this it will enforce just how amazing you are. We have created letter time travel, we are in-fact incredible.

I know where your sat and what your doing. On nanny eve’s pink chair, listening to Norah Jones on repeat, crying and singing. I know future you is amazing. But seriously get up, pull yourself together and dump that loser of a boyfriend. He is making you look like a total loon. It is doing you no favours, he will keep doing it, he is simply a vile creature.

You will find someone else and he will make you very happy, so stop pushing those girlys away, put on some slap and have a giggle. Being 16 is easy, trust me.

Stop eating so much fudge from the sweet shop your working at, it will make you go up 2 whole dress sizes, yes TWO!

Talk to your best friend, she does not hate you, she will fool around with your current boyfriend when your not together but he is a loser and she knows this! If you had taken my advice you would have been well shot of him anyway! 

Please know all your womanly instincts are true, yes all of them. He will however make you feel like you are the one going mad but in fact he is the mad one who enjoys messing people up. He is a good liar and he will convince your friends you are insane, but one day you will talk to them and they will see sense, just like you need to do.

You will make up with your best friend, she is young too, we all make mistakes.

You will meet Callie, try not to loose touch for those few years, she ends up being there for you alot. She will however try and push ‘him’ off a ladder, I know you will stop her. To be honest he does deserve it. 

One day you will meet Kevin, go with it if you like, but he is a massive fool, he will force you into one of the worst situations ever. You will want to turn around, you almost will, but don’t, you do get another chance and it turns out to be amazing.

When you are 20 you will have sight problems that you will ignore, you really should see someone. I know you won’t. You do however end up with MS, yes ultra sucky, no it is no fun, yes its hard, but I will do my best to make sure you are okay. I’m still working on it.

Well I will end my letter by saying, pluck your eyebrows, dump the lanky tosser, go out with your friends and GET A LIFE! Don’t waste school arguing with friends and the lanky bloke. Have fun. Life at 15/16 is one big party! Love life and find yourself.

Kind regards 25 year old you, the more shaved tattooed, badly wired up you.

P.s Don’t drink the champagne off the fat boy, it has something in it. Don’t mix you drinks, purple sick is not cool.

This is an entry into the Legal and General #youngerself competiton.

Just Steph

So, I went to London and had a great time, something which I will cover over a few blog posts, London is far too big to cover in one blog post, but firstly I wanted to talk about Steph.

Steph was my roomie, we took on London together, got lost a few times but still, we did it.

Now meeting someone online can be an odd thing, we have been friends for a while now and we talk most days, however talking to someone online and spending time with someone face to face are two completely different things.

To be honest, it didn’t occur to me until I was sat waiting in the posh hotel, that we could possibly be in for the most uncomfortable and silent 24 hours ever.

We might not click?

It would mean one of us would have to make some insane excuse as to why we cannot do the other over night events together that we have planned.


me and steph


Thank GOD that didn’t happen!!

We clicked and it was such a massive relief! 

In-fact we over shared and laughed far too much.

Me have MS is always a worry for me, in the way other people often don’t know what to say or how to ‘treat’ me. Some fuss far too much and that really grates on my nerves, but Steph was not that person.

She didn’t fuss once, but she always made sure I was okay, by a look or simply doing something without asking. She is one of those people who does all the fussing on the inside.

I had the “shut up” and “don’t be stupid” when I was assuring her I could hold the masses of stuff. She either just grabbed it and walked on or suggested an alternative.

It was lovely.

I didn’t need to ask to stop or for help when I was feeling it, because she knew.

Without being soppy, I know I have made a friend for life, thanks to this here blog 🙂


Far Away Friends

As you grow up, you don’t always carry all the friends you grew up with, usually its as simple as life getting in the way and time running away with you. Personally, I only have a few close friends, one of which is my sister and I am not sure she counts as she doesn’t really have a choice, but the rest? Well apart from one in town, the rest are scattered around the country, the world even.

I know online friendships are seen as something that couldn’t possibly ever be real, two years ago maybe even I thought this way, but now I have several people dotted around that I keep very close to my heart.

I met them through this here blog.

Granted a few I have yet to meet in ‘real’ life, but some I have met and I love them just as much in real life as I do in the online world. Turns out these people are real, they care and they are there at 1am when you are alone and cannot sleep, listening and being there to make you laugh.

Its nice to have someone to talk to that shares the same interest that is the odd world of blogging, they understand the need to overshare in such a public way 🙂

I didn’t really expect to make any real ‘friends’ through my blog, it really is an unexpected bonus. One I know loads of people be pretty skeptical about.

But each to their own I suppose.

I guess its the fact that we cannot get on with everyone, especially when you live in a small town, there isn’t always someone for everyone.

So blogging lets you cast a wider net, it lets you find the friends most suited to you.

So although I may not have many friends physically around me, I do have a fab bunch of them online, as crazy as they may be!



A Poem For Jennie And Matilda Mae….

So, for the lovely Jennie at Edspire  who lost her beautiful little girl Matilda Mae in February this year, each day is a journey, much like my own crazy life. From one day to the next, I really don’t quite know how she keeps going. I saw her Britmums and gave her a cuddle, her smile was so warming and if I am honest, before seeing her I was really unsure of what I would do or say. Nothing I say could ever help or change things, but she made me feel at ease and a simple hug was enough.

Lets face it, a hug can speak a thousand words.

So a few weeks back I wrote this for her and her family. In hopes in some strange way, it can help or at least bring a smile when the world is simply getting too much……