The Alternative Mothers Day Gift Guide

So, mothers day is a great excuse to spoil or be spoilt. Lets face it, we all love a treat and with so much out there on offer I thought I would do an alternative gift guide for Mothers day. Things you probably wouldn’t think of in the long run, but would make a really fab gift, so here we go!

First up we have Bonds confectionary. I don’t know about you but I love sweets!

bonds confec

Its the one thing you really can’t go wrong with no matter what you choose. Bonds confectionary do these really lovely jars, perfect for that little something, or even for adding to something bigger? These jars start at around £2.99, and there are so many different sweets to choose from, you really can’t go wrong.

The jars themselves are great for using afterwards to, so it kind of keeps on giving. Sweets don’t last too long in this house, and before you start pointing the finger, it’s Hubby not me! Nut these fit perfectly under my side of the bed and I am the only person that goes under there!

Bonds confectionary do a big variety of sweets and retro sweets, so maybe you could put together a sweet blast from the past? Now thats an idea.


Next is something both myself and my Mum like, Pukka Green teas.


These are fairtrade, carefully sourced teas, giving the best flavour you could ask for. Used for cleansing and as an alternative to normal tea, these would make the perfect gift.

Filled with antioxidants and all the good stuff we need, Pukka have created and really fantastic product. Both ethical and delicious!

Pukka green teas retail for around £1.99 an would make the perfect addition to a Mothers day hamper. They also come in mint, lemon and spiced, so something for everyone’s tastes.


phone case


Next is a phone case from Wrappz.

I decided to pop my blog logo on mine, but you could use a favorite photo or a funny phrase. Wrappz really do have something for everyone and have cases for a wide variety of phones. They also do these really great skins for phones, ipads, tablets and gaming consoles, you could even get a free skin using the code FREESKIN.

The case I ordered came in around 2-3 days and it fits my phone perfectly, its lasted some real wear and tear. Wrappz also do a host of other personalised products, from mugs to pillow cases, there is something for everyone.

Speaking or personalised, next we have Photobox and their personalised cookbook! 

This is such and amazing idea, especially if you have a mother like mine. She has her own cookbook which she has put together over many, many years. Its battered and covered in food, some is even illegible. So this would be the perfect keepsake.

Of course you would have to figure out some way to prize that book out of her hands, but thats nothing a good bottle of something nice couldn’t fix! This way it will also mean its easy to read AND can be kept for man, many more years to come! Fabulous.

My Blue Nose Friends Jan launch 2014

Something for cuteness up next, Tatty Teddies Blue Nose friends.

These are the latest addition to the infamous Tatty Teddy collection and they really are beautiful. I think Pops may have been more excited than myself, but these truly are the perfect teddy, as always they are beautifully made and the characters themselves are really fun.

If you’re looking for that perfect Mothers day gift, then Tatties Blue Nose friends really are a must have. Retailing at around £5 each they are great for that something extra special and a really beautiful keepsake (or toy if you have my children) A real classic and a perfect gift for any occasion really.

Next is some lovely Banoffee Coffee from Cherizena.

Banoffee Pie

I am a huge Cherizena fan, their coffee is second to none and the flavours are amazing. This new banoffee flavour did not disappoint. Its a filter coffee, but as they give such an amazing flavour, I don’t mind.  A packet this size is around £3.00, but it will make well over 6 cups of coffee.

When I heard about the new flavour I was a little unsure about how they would work together, but they really do come together really well. A little milk and sugar and it really is like a banoffee pie. Its perfect for that something different.

Cherizena do lots of different flavoured coffees, so something to suit every palate. They are affordable and the delivery is super fast. They are a really trusted brand in this house.

virtual bathrooms


Next we have something a little different, extreme maybe, but a fantastic idea nonetheless.

What Mother doesn’t want a new bathroom, or even something lovely to go in it? Well the lovely people over at Virtual Bathrooms have this great feature which lets you virtually design your new bathroom. You can put together a lovely new bathroom suite, complete with furniture. Personally something like that would make my day. What us Mothers wouldn’t give to have a lovely hot bath ALONE, child and ducky free!

Well, thats your lot. I hope you find something a little bit different for this mothers day.






Miracle Creams For Mothers Day…

One thing every woman loves is a good face cream. Whether its dry skin or eye bags, we all have our own gripes. The kind we want to cover in something that smells amazing in hopes it will make those little gripes feel a little less, well, gripey? 

I have an amazing selection to show you. All tried and tested and get the seal of approval from both me and my own Mother. And trust me, she knows her creams.

First we have the amazing Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum:


This is an amazing product. As soon as I had it out the box it really did just feel amazing.  It has been designed to Prevent and Protect skin from ageing. With this serum a little bit really does go along way, a pea size will cover the entire face, which for me has meant it has lasted ages. I still have plenty left, which is a relief.

“An exclusive complex of 10 active ingredients at full concentration, which makes this uniquely formulated serum an essential part of every skincare routine. Skin appears youthfully vibrant and radiant. Within a powerful moisturising gel-serum formula designed to protect and to repair, to soothe and to stimulate, to nourish and to defend… The Iconic Youth Serum™ is focused on using traditional ethnobotanical naturals together with the most recent high tech ingredients from cosmetic research, for maximum, sustained effect.

The serum contains echium oil (RevitElix™), which is a “repair- elixir” and natural source of omega 3-6-9 acids, and has been clinically tested to stimulate the production of dermal tissue proteins, soothe the skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. ” 

This iconic youth serum really does everything it claims too. And with two small children and a really unique yet stressful life, it has been an amazing  experience to give this product a try. This 30ml serum retails for around £34.50 and can be found the John lewis and Debenhams as well as direct from the Merumaya website.

Next is a fabulous new boutique range from Angela Langford. Angela has worked tirelessly to create this fabulous all natural new range. A range that would make any Mother happy this Mothers day.


Myself and my lovely Mother had the chance to try something each from her Natural face oil range. Firstly, the packaging is amazing, each comes in a small pink organza pouches with instructions on how to use the item. I think doing it this way can make it feel so much more personal. Each homemade face oil is made naturally, and this really comes across in the overall product.

Not only does it smell incredible, because its an oil, a little bit really does go a long way. The effects have been great. My skin feels so soft and I have been left with a real glow. Having slightly sensitive skin, can often mean it goes dry and dull at the worst times, but with this face oil, thats a thing of the post. Angela langford has a fantastic range to choose from. From serums and face oils to cleansers and exfoliators.

The face oils we tried, retail at around £22.55 and can be found on the boutique online shop. Angela Langford has created such an amazing range, I hope you will join me in supporting her boutique brand.

Next is another natural brand Tiana Raw.


I am a huge fan of anything with coconut oil, so the Organic beauty sensations range from Tiana Raw looked fabulous. These little tubs start from £7.99 and go up to £17.99. The hair treatment is a great buy. It contains Argan oil which is incredible for making your hair feel amazing. I put my hair through loads so this was great.

With something for the older skin and the younger, Tiana Raw really do have something for everyone. Plus coconut smells amazing, and the smells really does stay around all day.

Then we have Ginvera green tea skincare.

Mothers Day Gift Set

 Ginvera are a huge brand in Singapore and now they are coming to the UK.

“Ginvera was created and centred on formulas based on traditional Asian ingredients and beauty rituals making these products, unique, niche and innovative.”

I had the BB cream to try, its for all year round and offers great SPF protection. I am not a huge makeup wearer, but as the BB cream is to be used in place of other things like foundation and concealer, this was a huge bonus. Its super easy to apply and just seems to look right on my face? It gives a really great flawless look to my face. Something which I have never found before. I find foundation to be heavy on my skin, like I have a mask on. But with the BB cream, my face breath. I dont feel like its about to melt away!

Givera have a fabulous range and great collections for mothers day. I think they will bring something really different into the UK makeup market. Its simple to use and cares for the skin. What more do you need?!

Lastly is that tried and tested brand Simple.

simple illuminateSimple is my go to brand when out and about. This new Illuminating radiance cream is great. I used it in conjunction with the facial cleanser and I think they go together really well. Simple have created something which is affordable yet looks and feels expensive. Something which is not easily done.

The cream was great for a bit of a boost come morning time and gave my face that lift it needed. I always often look tired so it was lovely to have something which was easily applied and worked instantly, meaning I could quickly get on with my day.

The Illuminating radiance cream retails for around £7.99 making it perfect for any budget.

Well, these are my miracle creams for Mothers day. Something for every budget and every skin type. Go on then, get shopping 😛



Kidcampz are a great new brand who have really transformed the art of tent making into, well, an art?!

They are sets which come together to make a tent with a difference. We gave one of thees sets a run for its money. In the pack were; poles, the end attachments for joining the poles, a huge tent cover, clips, velcro straps, pegs and a nifty holdall bag. Oh and instructions of course, but after the first time they become obsolete! 

See this is a tent set with a difference. This tent can be any shape and size you wish providing you have the right amount of poles, however as it can be used with chairs, sofas and any other unsuspecting piece of furniture, the possibilities really are endless regardless! 

For the purpose of this review however we made a simple square tent, granted it was a larger than average square tent, so much so, we had to adventure into the conservatory to complete it. See the photos below:

Assembley time

See, so easy, everyone decided to help, even Beboo was able to have a go putting it together, she may not have been the most helpful toddler at the time, but she tried 😛

The basic structure was easy to complete and once the top was on, we soon found it even had doors, which Pops was very excited about, I think it made the whole thing more ‘real’ The tent covering if very large and basically a huge cube shape, which means it is really versatile as far as fitting the structures go.

finished tent

Now the day we did this, Pops was over excited and I quote “just wanted us to hurry up” but since doing this, we have made a house shaped one and my sister even had a try at using the dining table to made a really huge den for the girls.

Needless to say, the Kidcampz tent was a hit with everyone, even Nanny and Gramps came to have a look!

The fact it comes in a cool holdall bag also means it can be taken anywhere and transported between here and nannies with ease. I think come the summer it will be a great addition for the garden also, meaning its ultra versatile!

A Kidcampz tent would make the perfect gift this Christmas, so go on, you know you want to! 

Abney And Teal Toys

We where sent a bundle of Abney and Teal toys to have a play with.

Its about two friends, Abney and Teal, who live on an island in the middle of a lake We were sent a little bin a park surround by the fast moving big city. The friends discover and explore the island with other friends, neep, bop and poc-pocs. They all live happily together on the island.

Abey and Teal is designed to develop childrens imagination and discover new ways of looking at the world, all the time learning new skills.

24 Piece Puzzle:

IMG_0081 IMG_0085 IMG_0088

This giant puzzle is double sided, one side is a the usual puzzle picture and the other side can be coloured in, which is great for good creative fun.

The puzzle is fantastic quality, big and easy for the children to hold and piece together. Also the box is a great and will last the constant opening and climbing on. It would make a really great gift for 3+. The giant 24 piece puzzle retails at around £12.

Abney and Teal soft toys:

These two little characters are a great size for small hands, well made and very much like the characters on the TV. They are beanie toys, which make them cuddley, washable and great collectables.

IMG_0078 IMG_0080 IMG_0079

These lovely dolls retail at around £14.99 for the two, the girls will be having lovely adventures with these toys 🙂



Potter Crouch Candle Review



I love candles, they make the house smell amazing and give it a really homey feel and these candles from Potters Crouch really did come to the right home.

A lot of the time candles can be expensive, which really do put me off. They can also have terribly over-powering smells which is also a no-no in my books. But the lovely people at Potter Crouch have made some lovely, affordable candles, which not only smell amazing but also burn for up to 50 hours which is longer than most candles of its size.

Small but perfectly formed!

Each candle is handmade, this means not every candles will be identical. This includes the label which has an original handpainted watercolour picture (painted by the creator) printed as the label depicting each sent as a picture, which gives each candles a real personal touch.


Some candles have a little personal touch by having something inside, like a shell in the sea breeze. Also they have little crystals, which melt away as the candle burns. Making each one feel more personal.



Potter crouch also creates bespoke candles for special occasions, weddings and parties which makes these type of things more memorable as well as personal. They make over 70 different candles, all with amazing scents and also sell other accessories.

These Potter Crouch candles retail from £8.50 and comes in a variety of scents. They also make gift packs for that really unique gift.

I have really enjoyed the candles so far, I still have many hours left, but I will be buying more. Especially as they do different scents for the different times of the year, meaning the smell of my home can reflect the season as well as my mood.