The Great British Sewing Bee Sewing Studio

My oldest has been doing sewing club at school and is watching me while I’m using my sewing machines and desperately wants to have a go but I have always a little wary until now with  The Great British Sewing Bee Sewing Studio for ages 6 and over from around £43.00.

Now I am a fan of two things, number one sewing and number two, The Great British Sewing Bee, the show was and still is awesome and something that pushed me and Liv into the sewing world.

This is a fun and safe sewing machine for children to be able to get involved with sewing.

The machine comes with an easy to follow instructions in the form of a handy booklet. This machine is ideal for both a  beginner and someone who is more experienced. Everything your little one will need to start out is in the included in the box, including a first project kit for a clutch purse. There are a number of kits available from phones case to blankets.

There is a foot pedal so it is like a fully working grown-up machine, two spare needles, bobbins and a needle threader to help with that all-important task. There are patterns for the clutch bag and an assortment of fabrics.  Hours of fun can be had with this and is a great way to get your children involved with something else away from a screen. Sewing is a great hobby that could develop into something more. There are endless possibilities that can come from this sewing machine, clothes for dolls as well as people, bags and teddies. Liv loves being able to sew along with at me at home and I like knowing she has a safe machine to sew from, one that performs like a fully functioning machine that I would use. 

This is a great gift for Christmas and with the compact machine it will not take up much space and easy to store.

Here’s something made by Liv!

Mi-Mic Microphone

The Mi-Mic great Christmas present for any young girl or boy that likes to sing and perform either in front of the family or in their rooms, however, if they are anything like Eve, they will need a captive audience.

With different colors available to suit all tastes, you will find the perfect partner for your little one. 

With the Mi-Mic Bluetooth karaoke speaker you are able to sing along to any song direct from your device. You can add extra effects to the vocals by using the echo dial. The mic has 7 coloured lights that add to the performance!! And will flash along to the beat.

The Mi-Mic is Bluetooth compatible which is easy to pair with a device and with 2,5 hours of charging time via a usb connection with a lithium battery and up to 4 hours playing. You can be up to 10 meters away from device giving it a great range. It has full controls on the side within easy reach while singing you can pause, fast forward and rewind and of course the all-important volume control. The mic also has an sd card reader for music. The Mi-Mic will give you hours of fun as a great gift or even for some fun at a party.

Evie has had great fun with the freedom this Mic gives. I don’t think you can quite appreciate it until you have had on it on full run, on full blast, in the house, for several, long, loud hours. But let me promise you, this is the mic that can keep up the pace and have you all belting out tunes until the sun comes up. Or until mummy has heard its raining tacos for the 52nd time today and she just needs to hear something else.

The Mi-Mic is a love it hate it kind of toy. I love hearing the girls sing the sweet songs and belting out my own on the odd occasion, but I wish the girls didn’t know how to operate the volume!!!!!!


Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots

It is all in the name with these new dolls! Tinsy winsy weeny tots are small, tiny, little baby dolls that fit in the palm of your hand!

Our girls love to have something to collect and these dolls will not disappoint as there is 15 in total. They look very lifelike with great detail on their faces with lovely little expressions and of course, they have squashy soft bodies so they are great for hugging.

Another lovely touch is that each Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tot comes with his or hers own hospital wrist tag with its name and date of birth which is another feature that our girls loved.

The box the individual babies come in double up as a cardboard cot for them. They have lovely tiny outfits for them to wear and they come with a little toy, We had Baby Mia dress in a pink pajama outfit with a rattle and baby Logan dressed in a blue baby grow with his own ball. Some of the other outfits on the other babies are very cute with Millie on a rabbit snowsuit and India in a pink bedy bag and her hat has ears on.

Along with the 15 different Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots to collect there are 3 accessory sets complete with a doll too, we have a lovely out and about set with a pram with a moving handle nappy and nappy bag everything your little one will need to take their Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tot out and about. There is also a Bedtime set with a lovely crib and the collectors case is a compact carry case has different compartments to put your baby dolls in their cots, drawers and cupboards to keep all their clothes and accessories and a fold out nusery comes with another doll and a selection of accessories including a bath and both great to keep theTinsy Winsy Weeny Tot up together

The individual tots are £7.99 each and the sets start at £14.99 these are great for birthday or christmas gifts with an age range of 3 to 7 years old these are available to buy from smyths.


Pl-ug Build Your Own Den Kit

We love making tents and dens with the girls but it always involves a lot of books, pegging, tapping find a sheet that isn’t one of nannies best ones!!, it falling down, us having to come and rebuild it time after time and a lot of shouting is always involved and it seems that not much play happens.


Well look no further this build your own den kit PL-UG from LouBiLou is great, really easy to use and even easy for the kids to do for themselves. It comes with everything you need:

The Canopy to give you cover, so no more using nannies sheets.

4 Grips to easily fix the sheet (don’t forget to tie a knot in the end, this stops any pulling through)

2 clamps to secure to tables. Doors or shelves (ones fixed to a wall of course)

2 hooks which make it easy to fix to chairs (and double up as a great captain hook hand!!)

2 suckers to fix to windows  and 2 pegs to secure into the ground.

It also has a keep out sign so no unwanted visitors will be coming in.

Each fixing interlocks with grips on the canopy so that you can have different ways of attaching it to the furniture, trees or anything that is suitable this is very versatile and you will always be able to find something to attach the canopy too.

tent col

This is very simple be a great product that is great for imaginative and creative play, helps with teamwork and it can be used outside so good old back to nature and fresh air. From 5 to 12 years but I think with will be used beyond this in our house we all like a bit of den building!! With ideas on the box to help you get in the swing, the ideas are endless. From around £22. Great gift idea too. LouBiLou have loads of stunning gifts and toys to offer. 


My Little Pony Style & Groom Rainbow Dash

My little pony

My little pony has been around forever I used to be a big fan of them when I was little. Brushing their hair and creating adventures for them to have and they have made a come back today, my 2 love My Little Ponies there are so many different sorts to collect from blind bags and dolls to teddies and castles.

For anyone who is not ofay with My Little Ponies they are plastic ponies with a main and tail that can be brushed and plaited all the ponies have their own colours and cute marks with is a pattern related to their name on there behind names like Apple Jack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie to name but a few,

When we had the chance to review the Style & Groom Rainbow Dash, rainbow dash is a huge favorite in our house along with Fluttershy.  This is a large pony with rainbow hair on a plinth so that your little one is able to brush and style the ponies hair. On the plinth there is space for 30 accessories to be stored.

They can decorate Rainbow Dash with  her own hair brush, stickers, stick on jewels hair clips and accessories to make your pony look amazing. This can be done over and over again so there are many hours of fun to be had. It also includes a charm with Rainbow Dash’s cutie mark.  This is a great gift for ages 3+ and from around £24.99 you will make any little My Little Pony loves Christmas.