Shibajuku Girls

We had a great opportunity to review the new Shibajuku Girls Doll with the girls growing up they are are starting to get into dolls, dressing up and hair and these new dolls tick all those boxes.

shibajuku 2

There are 5 of these dolls to collect and each has her own personality and style. They are dressed in the latest fashion with great coloured hair.


We had Namika to review which was perfect for the biggest one as they both love doing the same things, reading and she loves science and they both loves to study the stars, trees plants and the sea. With 5 to collect you will be sure to find one that is similar to your little ones.


The dolls are fully poseable with a friendly looking face with glass eyes and real eyelashes with great sparkly eye shadow. Each of the dolls come with 4 hair accessories that can go in the doll’s hair or your little one’s own hair too. All the clothes and hair accessories can be changed from doll to doll so they can share with their friends.

Dolls are from around £33.99 and for ages 3 years and up.