It is no secret that in our house, we love all things small. From animals to dolls. But trying to find something a little bit different is getting harder and harder so when we got a chance to review  Glimmies we were we all very excited toys that are small but with a magical twist.

Glimmies are small woodland fairy-like animals that magically light up when it gets dark and then when the sun comes up they will stop. You can do this by simply putting them in your hands, these are great for helping your little one get used to the dark too.

There is a whole world available from the different magical dolls in different colours and designs, with their own homes from a lantern house which helps activate your Glimmies light-up function as do all the different house that are available to collect to Glimmie house there are 6 different ones to collect ranging from around  £8 with a house.

The Lantern house also has lights up has a shower and bedtime sounds for your Glimmies. Some of the Glimmies homes have little star pin on top of them so that your Glimmie can be hung anywhere, this is especially fun at bed time making your little ones room look like a fairy forest.

There are many different Glimmies and of course they all have their own magical names 23 to collect altogether. The Glimmies are cute forest animals that get up to endless adventures. They have their own unique symbol, colour and facial expression.

The Glimmies come in single form around £4 which is a great pocket money price.

There’s Glimmies will make any little girl happy and if they are like our two great for them to collect and save their money for. From ages 3 and upwards.

LEGO Friends and LEGO Elves, perfect sets for the LEGO loving girl.

We can all say that we have all played with lego at some time in our life (and stood on it too!!!).  First a quick history in lego just incase you were wondering. Lego began in 1939 by a danishes carpentry workshop making small toys  just after the second world war they purchased a molding machine which created the Lego that we know the first item made was a truck. Hours of fun can also be had creating something out of a pile of coloured and different sized bricks. From houses to cars and more. When we were younger it was more about creating something that you had thought of. Now there are loads of play sets complete with step by step instructions on how to build, so even the little ones can have a go and help out which the love.

They come from a price range of pocket money prices £5.00 right up to £200 plus. There are a huge range of sets available and for all ages too. With Lego Duplo for the younger ones as the pieces are bigger again a huge range available from Mickey Mouse to forest ducks. Then there is Lego again there are some may themes that have now been created in lego. From famous films like Star Wars and Back to the Future right back to a plan or a house.

Now when i was younger Lego was very for the boys but now there is a great range for girls, with almost everything covered. From the Frozen Castle with Elsa and Anna to Rapunzel and they have also created a range calledIMG_1851 Friends which are Lego playsets for girls from a Private Jet, a pop star stage show. they have even made a car and petrol station girly.

Our two love anything small so Lego is always a winner something they can have as a treat or as a big present for a birthday, and with such a great range there is always something for them. They love to help build and find the pieces using the instruction book. They use bright and girly colours and themes so that they are different for the boys.

There new range that we are collecting is from the Magical World of Elvendale, with flying horses to crystals exploding functions. All the Lego sets that we have get kept as they are so they can be played with time and again and as its Lego it stays together well and pieces don’t get lost (or sucked up the hoover).  The girls make small changes as everything is interchangeable. The little people figures are also a really winner and they all have different chapters too.

Zelfs Series 5


Yes, Zelfs are back with a fabulous new season!

We are massive Zelfs fans, we have been eagerly awaiting the release of season 5 and we were not disappointed, Zelfs have come back cuter than ever!

With muted, yet bright pastel colors and super cute characters, season 5 was well worth the wait. A sure hit with the girls this season as the colors are bang on trend.

These will be perfect for any little girls love of big girls fashion.

Both the girls were instantly drawn to their new additions and have become firm favorites in roll play. Evie especially loves anything little that she can carry around everywhere she goes, plus she loves the colour yellow, so the Zelf on the right was perfect her.

If you have yet to jump on the Zelfs craze, where have you been? These lovable little characters take me right back to my childhood with trolls. However Zelfs are far more stylish and sleek, perfect for kids nowadays.

With so many different characters to collect, kids will love building their own Zelfs collection, they even have smaller packs to suit any pocket money budget.

Kids will love brushing and styling their hair and making them look even more fabulous.

Prices start at £1.99, so go forth and collect 🙂


I’m On One!

It’s true. I am totally on one with moving house and having everything new.

We have saved hard and now I am on a tangent making sure everything we have is new, nice, ours.

Maybe it’s to start again?

I mean, can you start a fresh with old stuff reminding you of the past?

Or is it just the environment?

I don’t know, but I do know I am so desperate to have everything perfect, just so, so we can make new memories and forget the old, painful ones.

I have so much running around in my mind. So much I need to make sure I can do.

But our new home needs to be just that, new.

No more fighting with my surroundings, feeling uncomfortable in my own home. We finally have somewhere we can live happily.

We can enjoy the outdoors, indoors and everything in-between.

I am so thankful I have an amazing family. They are using their own time to make our home perfect, they are putting it first. I cannot really tell them how thankful we are. It just wouldn’t be enough.

So, this is really happening. We are going forward and starting fresh somewhere new.

I will leave you with a picture of the girls exploring the new garden…

the girls


Barbie Flippin Pup Pool Party

We are big Barbie fans in our house and even bigger fans of all things small, so when we were given the chance to have a play with the Barbie Flippin Pup Pool party, we were all very excited.


The lovely pink pool, which can be filled with water, comes with the Barbie Doll Chelsea and her three puppies, a great slide to attach to the pool and a diving board. There are lovely little touches all the over the pool and the slide with bows and hearts to give it that special  look. It’s all very easy to put together and holds together very well even when the water in the pink pool.


Chelsea comes with her costume, rubber ring and her dolphin toy which are both permanently attracted to Chelsea, this is a great feature, when you squeeze Chelsea’s inner tube the dolphin when sprays water out its month, water fights all round as two of the dogs that come with the Flippin Pup Pool also have water spray back feature so that they can get their own back on Chelsea when she starts the water fight.

Taffy the dog has a special skill, he does actual flips so when you put her at the top of the slide and let her go she will go down the slide and “flip” into the pool filled with water. All the dogs can jump off the diving board in the pool when you push the lever as well as using the slide. There is are dog bone-shaped water raft for the pups to take a rest in while the other pups are having fun.

fffp3 fppp2

This is a great toy for in or out of the bath and a great addition to any little girls Barbie collection it for ages 3 and over retails from  £16.71