Give Your Man That Perfect Gift This Christmas


Let’s kick off Christmas with gifts for the man in your life! Whether he is embracing his old age or a kid at heart, we have some perfect gifts this Christmas!

Wilkinson sword


Wilkinson sword is respected brand here in the UK, a true household name. So it’s no surprise they have a fabulous range of Christmas gifts for men and women. If you are looking for that perfect gift for colleagues or friends, they are affordable yet still the top quality we know and love. Sets range in price so there really is something to suit everyone. Readily available online and in all good supermarkets, Wilkinson sword are a great staple gift.

Tablet TV Portable Tuner

tablet tv

This is a great little product so that you can watch tv on your tablet for free! There is one that is mains powered or on for on the go that is battery powered. With these you can watch and record live Freeview and also able to receive radio too No cable, internet or satellite needed, you will need a freeview TV signal either from the supplied tv wand or your own roof aerial.  It will transmit wirelessly to your tablet using, iOS or Android apps and Google Play. You can also use this in your tent on holiday. This is great to keep the kids entertained on holiday so you can watch your own programs. Or in another room without a TV. It was easy to setup and use, and with the no buffering this makes it a great bit of kit. From around £64.99

Adnams Beers


Looking for a gift for that beer lover but wanting something different, then look no further than Adnams Beers. They are great products not just beer but wine and spirits too. Made by working with local farmers and producers to make great products without costing lot of money.

There products have won many different awards over the years. There are some great gift packs available on their website. We were lucky enough to have one of their products to review which was the Adnams Champion Beer Box 6 bottles for only £10. It came in a lovely replica old fashioned beer box which gave it that special touch. There are a great range of gift boxed products available.



I don’t know about you but Toblerone always reminds me of Christmas. They make great gifts or stocking fillers and even great at the end of a dinner party. Not the easiest present to disguise when wrapped. but always puts a smile on my face when I see that triangle shaped present. when it’s opened i also love to see the Christmas designed packaging makes Christmas, Christmas!!! Nowadays there are different sorts of Toblerones from dark to white and honeycomb crisp to fruit and nut, al using that distinctive Swiss chocolate.

Guinness World Records

guinness world records

This is a great book to be had a Christmas for everyone young though to old. Not just a list of new and amazing records but cool facts and some great pictures. You can find out records like how far a dog can ride a scooter!!! to the world’s smallest computer. There is something for everyone sporting events, animals, people to ballooning and pirates. This is great way to bring the family together on Christmas evening. and from around £9.99 it’s a great price.

The Real shaving company

Real shaving co

It is a bone but most have to do it, so why not do it with a little something special. Great gifts, stocking fillers or just something for yourself that’s a little extra special. The Real Shaving company has been around since the 1950’s. This range is inspired by barbers combining quality and style, The products give you a smooth shave leaving the skin feeling nourished and smooth. Everything a man could need from shaving balm and face scrub to anti ageing moisturiser, everything for a facial routine. From around £3.99.



Great reliable products to suit all people and all pockets. From a razor for dad to a hair dryer for nan. With Braun you know that the products you get will be great and do the job they are brought to do. No one would be disappointed with a present from Braun. This series 9 Shaver from Braun is amazing. With syncro-sonic technology, it gives the most precise and comfortable shave possible. No longer will the man in your life get irritation when shaving with this Braun Series 9, a must have this Christmas in men’s grooming. We had the new Braun Series 9 with Synchro Sonic Technology from £179.95 this wet and dry shaver is great for someone on the go . This can be used on 3 day beards. It will 40,000 cross cutting movements per minute, it will remove more hair in one movement than any other shaver.  It comes with 4 individual and specialised cutting elements to cover different types of hair and a flexible shaving system to adapt to any face. Its 100% waterproof wet and dry and can be used in the shower with foam or gel. Comes with plug and which keeps the battery charged.

The Old Barber

the old barber

Looking for some inspiration for the man in your life for Christmas. Whether they have a beard, mustache or not. The Old Street Barber has some great products. There make sure that all their products are of high quality and use only natural ingredients. There are some lovely old fashion products available in their online store, if they like to shave there is the old fashion shaving brush and soaps from around £6, Beard oils and combs from £3. There are also a range available for hair too. Love these products and makes great gifts.

Bulldog Skincare

the kennel

Looking for a little something special for a man in you life or something to treat yourself to. Bulldog Skincare range is great, it is geared towards men and using natural ingredients. These are made precisely for man and the types of skin and skin issues they have from Ph to dry or oily skin. They are certified Cruelty Free and they never use anything that contains ingredients from animal sources like beeswax or lanolin, this are great products for vegans and vegetarians too. Full range is available from anti-ageing to sensitive. With the Bulldog this has a manly feel about it for all those who are sceptical about using skin care products. From around £3 and gift sets are available.

Goodmans digital Radio


A great gift or something for you. This portable smartly designed radio gives good crisp sound all over the home. This has a battery life of 9 hours so you don’t always have to plug it in. The display is easy to read and provides the information on the station you’re listening too. There is a range of colours copper, ruby steel or slate so will fit into any home. Its slim and lightweight too From around £31.44 it’s a great price. You will need 4 x AA batteries. It also has Bluetooth so that you can connect your devices too and a headphones socket for personal listening.

Nytol snoring spray


I don’t know about you but my own husband snores. He snores real bad. There is nothing more annoying than slowly drifting off to sleep and suddenly hearing a big old snore! So this snoring spray from Nytol will make the perfect stocking filler. Nytol are a brand renown for putting people to sleep across the UK, so this snoring spray is perfect for silencing any of those loud ladies or guys in your life. From a cheeky stocking filler to an addition to a hamper, this snoring spray would be perfect. Plus, you will have a good nights sleep also. Perfect gift.



I know this will sound sad, but I love my ipad. I do. Its sad but true. This accessory from iBeanie is not only unique and awesome, but it is also perfect for those who like to kit out their ipad with the very best. Yes. A bean bag for your ipad, seems a little strange but it really works. Your Ipad will sit, safely where you put it and you can see the screen without any faffing. Ibeanie have a really cool range to choose from, something to suit any taste. So, if you know someone who loves their Ipad, the ibeanie is the perfect gift.


heat holders

Keeping your feet warm during the cold winter months is super important. Especially for circulation reasons. It’s easy to get cold out there. So these socks from heatholders would be perfect for the men in your life. Especially if they work outside a lot. These thermal socks will make all your other thermal socks look bad. Seriously, they are fabulous at keeping your feet warm and toasty without being overly bulky in your shoes. I know several men who would welcome Heatholders under their tree this year!

Gigaset G Tag


The Gigaset G tag will revolutionise the act of finding things. If you know someone like me, who are constantly loosing your keys (they get up and walk) the Gigaset G tag will be the perfect gift. For use with apple and android devices, all you have to do is download the app, set it up and attach the giga tag to the chosen item and boom, your done. You will now be able to use the app to track down your lost item with ease. Making those mornings or pulling the house apart looking for your keys or phone, a thing of the past. Perfect.

Green and Black’s Organic

green and blacks

There aren’t many people i know who doesn’t like chocolate and it is always a good present to give, but if you’re looking for something a bit special for a chocolate lover then look no further than Green and Black’s chocolate. There is a large range available from a single bar with over 20 different flavours to choose from like almond or blood orange to there own hot chocolate powder.  The chocolate is organic and made with 70% cocoa so it is great quality chocolate along with the bonus of Green and Blacks selling the britain’s first fair trade chocolate Maya Gold.  Looking for something for that chocoholic then Green and Blacks do a great gift range from hampers and beer and chocolate give a range of different chocolates available to give a good variety. something to suit all tastes ranges from £2.49 for a single bar and gift sets from £19.00

Mr & Mrs Family Edition

mr n mrs

Christmas always is time for a board game. This will get everyone joined in and having fun. It can be used at dinner parties with everyone and their partners, the great thing about this game is that it can you can also play it as a family or even friends so it’s great for any occasion. Over 1000 questions with a fun selection for young players too. It is based on the TV show. This game will bring fun, laughter blank looks and the odd blush I’m sure. For ages 10+ and from around £18

Maplin T4 transforming solar robot


We all have someone in our lives who loves the quirky and down right unique gifts. They are usually the hardest people to buy for. This T4 Transforming solar powered robot from Maplin is the perfect gift for this occasion. This set contains everything you need to build your own Transforming masterpiece, all powered by the sun, so no need to go searching for batteries on Christmas day! Easily transform between four whole different modes for endless hours of fun. I know this will be the biggest hit under our tree this Christmas.