Why My 6 Year Old Has A Mobile Phone

It might sound strange that I have chosen to give my daughter her own mobile phone, but I have some real reasons.

Kids these days grow up so fast. Whether we like it or not. I want my girls to be children for as long as they can. So it kind of sounds like a total contradiction that I let Liv have a mobile so young.

But our children will be the digital generation. They will create life-changing devices, one day a mobile phone will seem like nothing at all.

But for me, for Liv, it’s important.

She has made so many new friends and is always going on some sort of outing with them. I want her to know that she can talk to me, daddy or anyone she needs to whenever she needs to. If she is somewhere and is uncomfortable and wants me to come and get her, I can.

When she is feeling low she can message her auntie Cherry or Erika. She can have someone there, to listen, at any time.

She is such a clever and loving little girl. She worries about me when I have to go to appointments, so being able to message me when I’m at the hospital for however long, is important.

If I have to keep being away from the girls I still want to be there.

I still need them to know I am here, I am listening and I will always be there.

liv phine

Of course, there are restrictions. She doesn’t take it to school. She can only talk to the people we allow. We are always able to check her phone. She can only use apps we approve of.

She is very savvy. She knows the rules and her school have done a fantastic job of teaching them how to be safe online and the importance of being open about it. And being safe online is something we talk about as much as possible.

So far so good. Her spellings are improving, she is using real words and not text speak. She is also very good with using punctuation. Yes we get flooded with stickers and emojis and fart jokes, but she knows she can always connect with the people who love her the most when she needs to.

And for me as a parent, helping her feel safe and heard is paramount.

So, what do you think? I’d like to hear your thoughts.

She’s Still A Baby!

I forget, she’s still a baby so won’t magically start conversing with me or doing something just because I tell her to.

I think the reason I forget is that I was just so used to having Pop’s. She was beyond her years, and I had gotten used to the fact that she was becoming her own person. So I just expect Beboo to do more because of this, so often need to sit back and remind myself that she is still a baby.

She’s like 18 months old, give or take, so really hasn’t been on the planet that long.

I can’t be the only parent who forgets that they are still young?

I don’t mean to, it just happens. I wonder why she doesn’t talk more or stop eating the curtains when I tell her not to. I wonder why everything is still put into her mouth, remotes, my phone and usually the post.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want her to be older or grow up quickly, I simply forget that she is not the same as her sister. Plus to me it might feel like forever, but really its only been those few 18 months since she popped into the world.

Really makes you think and stoping wanting so much out of them. I mean Pop’s is four, acts so much older, yet still four. So she is also still so young, which means she still has so much more learning and exploring to do.

So, although she can walk….

beboo walking

Eat a whole apple….


AND steal the party food….

party food

She is still my baby and I just need to remember that!

I Am Not Ready…

Time Is going so fast, to be honest I never gave passed the baby stage a second thought. Because whilst I was pregnant everyone was going on about how I was “having a baby” I never realised that really, I was having an actual person. 

She sure as hell has not stayed a baby forever.

Now she will soon be starting school and I am not ready.

Five days out of seven she will be somewhere else, not there for me to cuddle or to help me when I need it most, I am not ready.

I will no longer be her best friend, I am not ready.

She will have secrets, things she won’t tell me simply because she doesn’t want to and I am not ready.

I won’t be able to keep her with me because I need her, I am not ready.

There will be homework and school stuff to face, I am not ready.

She will learn all those things I never wanted her to learn, she will no longer see the world as a lovely, friendly place and I am not ready.

She will feel all sorts of emotions, from fear to happiness and I will not be there to share in each of these things, I won’t always be able to come in and save the day. I am not ready.

She will be able to tell me when I am wrong, because some other bloody person ‘said so’ and I have have no other choice but to admit defeat! I am not ready.

Most of all, she will see I am different, her Mum is not like the others and maybe that will make her sad or angry or even confused? Maybe she won’t want  people to know Mummy is different, maybe she will hide it? For this, I am really not ready.

I never truly gave school a second thought whilst I was pregnant or pushing the little madam out, but now I can’t stop thinking about it. I don’t want her to go but I know she has to.

It’s just, I am not ready.


‘When’s The Right Time?’ The Mothers Rhyme.

When do I start weaning?

When should the be sleeping through?

When should they be crawling/walking?

When do I take the dummy away?

When do I stop using bottles?

When is the right time to potty train?

When should they be talking?

Blah, blah BLAH the list is literally is endless. However all these questions beg just one big question, why the hell do we put so much pressure on ourselves?! Its crazy and really creates pointless amounts of stress.

Doing it the second time round has opened my eyes up to the art of not giving a shit. Seriously, I get mad at myself when the questions run by in my head. This time around, I have been in no rush for Beboo to move onto the next stage, I have let her lead the way and she is such a happy girl, teething monster aside.

I think for me, the ballbag dropped when we were potty training Pop’s, I got books from the library, star charts and all that jazz and all I got from it was a huge bill for overdue books! 

Seriously, 95 whole pounds!!!!

So for me, the answer to all these questions is, whenever the hell they want too, yes it may be an obvious answer but its the only real one anyone has!

If your a first time mum and you have stumbled onto my blog looking for answers, then firstly google can’t answer everything and secondly just relax and let it be, before you know it they will be little know it alls talking your face off and driving you insane.

Just enjoy the peace!

*offers a jaffa cake*

Dear Play Group,

Dear Play Group,

Why are we waiting until next week before the kids go back? I mean I see no harm in starting early?

If anything, I feel the parents children would benefit from it. Yes, of course I will miss her incessant shouting and requests for things when I get comfy, however I am prepared to let you deal with this, generous I know.

Of course I am not desperate  these tears are simply due to hay-fever,  yes hay-fever in the winter is terribly common. 

I am aware it has just been Christmas and New Year, however, to be fair, it is no longer Christmas or New Year, granted its terribly close but all the same, its not still that season.

That season is over. 

No there is no tone to my voice, I am just terribly desperate excited at the fact she would be coming back to play school, with you, early, with you.


Okay! So you don’t take bribes, chill.

Why don’t you just go inside, get the toys out and watch the children as they play, scream, shout and fight?



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